Which Halloween costume have you regretted?

17 people who weren't really lucky when shopping online

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Yeah, well, who can wear it.

1. That person who is still looking for the other half of their dress.

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2. This person who received a failed DIY project:

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3. That person who definitely doesn't feel like a champion right now.

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4. The person who discovered DHL existed in space:

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5. This person who, to be honest, received a pretty blatant hat:

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6. This person who at least has their next Halloween costume:

7. That person who found a sweatshirt that shows off every single abdominal muscle:

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8. This person who received a pillowcase instead of a nightgown:

9. This person who now has twice the left shoe in case they should lose one because they are wearing two left shoes:

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10. That person who bought cool sunglasses ... for a doll:

11. This person, whose dress is wonderfully suitable as a wound healing bandage:

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12. This person, for whom an umbrella was made into a neat two-piece in short:

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13. This person whose killer koalas turned out to be tamer than expected:

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14. This person who apparently got a very cozy blanket sweater:

15. This person who now has leggings with which they no longer have to wear a top:

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16. This person who just got the latest Yeezys:

17. Finally, this person who got the prom dress of their nightmares:

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