What if Lyanna Stark was never born

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HistoryGeneral / P12 / Gen
Cersei Lannister / BaratheonJoffrey BaratheonMargaery TyrellOC (Own Character)
Joffrey Baratheon has a sister, Eleanora Baratheon, who is two years older, and they both despised each other deeply. A momentous event comes from which Eleanora began to hate her brother Joffrey profoundly. At the celebration of the royal wedding there is another argument between Joffrey, his sister Eleanora and his uncle Tyrion. When Eleanora hands him a goblet of wine, King Joffrey collapses minutes later, poisoned, and people fear for the young king's life.
HistoryFantasy / P18 / Gen
Daenerys "Dany" TargaryenOC (Own Character)
My fan fiction how it goes after season eight.
HistoryPain / Consolation / P16 / Het
Ellaria SandOberyn Martell
This little story is about Oberyn Martell, who is determined to avenge his sister Elia Martell, who died a cruel death with her children years earlier. The thought of revenge filled him the same moment he found out that they are no longer alive. When the opportunity for the long-awaited revenge arises and he does not yet know that he is just ending his last day, in some places he almost allows doubts about his plan ...
Crossover Adventure, Fantasy / P16 / Het
Eddard "Ned" StarkRobb StarkSansa StarkStannis BaratheonTheon Greyjoy
With the help of Elessar Telcontar, the king from the other world, Stannis Baratheon has conquered the Iron Throne. But the game for thrones continues, because not all seven kingdoms want to recognize the new ruler. New tasks await the loyal followers of the kings and "brotherly" friends Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Faramir, Prince of Ithilien. Meanwhile, the attack of the Others who threaten life in Westeros and Middle-earth has begun beyond the wall ... Continuation of the Tolkien / Martin crossover
HistoryGeneral / P16 / Gen
Daenerys "Dany" TargaryenJon SchneeOC (Own Character) Ramsay BoltonRoose BoltonTheon Greyjoy
What if Danerys isn't the last dragon after all? What if one of the Targary children was secretly taken away by Ned Stark at the time? And raised them like his own child, together with his children. The years passed and after all the events that had happened. I found out more and more about myself and even found love. I met a young man who other people were only afraid of. I hid long enough, hid behind a fake name. But now! Now is the time for the Targaryens to return. Contains sex and brutal content.
HistoryAdventure, Fantasy / P16 / Div
Daenerys "Dany" TargaryenDoran MartellJeyne PooleOC (Own Character) Stannis BaratheonTywin Lannister
This story takes place in an alternate timeline: Daenerys never meets Miri Maz Durr and Drogo survives. From then on, the War of the Five Kings developed a whole new direction.
HistoryPain / Comfort, Sci-Fi / P12 / Gen
Hey, Game of Crowns is supposed to be a sequel to the famous Game of Thrones series. Where the children of the main characters play the big role. So if you read through this you should have seen the series or read the book beforehand. I made up the kids so there probably won't be any kids on the show.
StoryLove Story / P16 / Gen
Lyanna StarkRhaegar Targaryen
Lyanna Stark / Rhaegar Targaryen Love doesn't stick to rules. Love cannot be forbidden. She is as untamable as a silver dragon and as freedom-loving as a winter rose.
StoryLove Story / P16 / Gen
Brienne by TarthJaime LannisterPodrick PayneSansa StarkTyrion Lannister
The battle for Winterfell is over. The dead have been defeated and Podrick has achieved what he always dreamed of - he is knighted. That only makes him more popular with women. But no one seems to love him so much that it feels real and sincere. Idis, on the other hand, seems to enchant him more and more with her warm-hearted manner and she too soon has to admit that he would be the perfect man for her. But Winterfell is no place for easy trails.
OneshotDrama, Fantasy / P18 / Gen
~ It's about a girl. To a girl who has been abandoned by everyone, forgotten by the world itself. And yet this girl has to find out that it is not as alone as it should initially believe. That even gods sometimes have pity. ~
StoryLove Story / P16 / Gen
Brienne by TarthJaime LannisterTormund Giant Death
Play after the long night. Jaime and Brienne didn’t have a break after the big victory celebration. While Daenerys Targaryen sets off with her entourage to conquer King's Landing, Jaime stays in Winterfell as a guest. But Tormund is still a long way from going back to the wall ...
HistoryAdventure, Action / P18 / Het
Daenerys "Dany" TargaryenJon SchneeOC (Own Character) Tyrion Lannister
Jon Schnee would like to join the Night Watch. Despite the warning from his uncle Benjen, Jon accompanies him to the Black Fortress. When he gets there, the seventeen-year-old realizes that this is a hodgepodge of criminals and useless. Encouraged by Tyrion Lannister, Jon leaves the Black Fortress again to seek his fortune in the south of Westeros. On the way he experiences many adventures and also falls in love for the first time. But in the course of time he ended up in Essos, where he met a certain Daenerys Targaryen ... Alternative Universe
HistoryAdventure, love story / P16 / Het
Jon SnowMelisandreOC (Own Character)
The ways of their Lord are unfathomable! The battle of the bastards is won, Winterfell is retaken. Now it is time to prepare the north for the long night. And that's exactly what Jon Snow wants to do. But his fate, which Melisandre saw in its flames, the path that has been mapped out for him, is unchangeable. “The Lord of Light has other plans for him and his life. Plans that have nothing to do with wars. Nothing with kings or an iron throne. Ned Stark's son is supposed to study. Should find out whether a different, a better world is possible! A world that they can all create together after the war of all wars is over. ”With these words and the help of a magical god, Jon Schnee is sent into our time. Language barriers, shocking cultural differences, a world in which everything seems strangely foreign - the burden could not be greater for a man who has only known combat his whole life. Modern AU, Jon Snow x OC
HistoryErotik / P18 / MaleSlash
This will not fully follow the content of the series. In this story, Margaery and Joffrey are already married, and Joffrey is never poisoned. Sansa's marriage to Tyrion has not yet materialized. The red wedding has not yet taken place. This is not my story, I'm just spreading it as it comes from English. It is a collection of OS in which Joffrey has sex with different people. If you can't cope with it, you shouldn't read it.
Oneshot friendship / P12 / Gen
Brienne by TarthJaime Lannister
Like everyone else, Brienne expected an army from the south. When Jaime, of all people, shows up alone in Winterfell, she doesn't know what to think. One thing is certain: his trial in front of Daenerys ensures that she becomes very nervous herself. | Jaime × Brienne | S08E02
Hands-on storyAdventure, Fantasy / P16 / Gen
MMFF registration open! The house Serrett von Silberhügel is a noble house in the Westlands and is thus a vassal of the Lannisters of Casterlystein. Lord Serrett is in the favor of Lord Tywin and is a sought-after advisor by his side. It should be clear that this is useful to him, but it also opens up extensive opportunities for his family and his entourage ... but who was that again? Oh yes, right. YOU!
HistoryFamily, Fantasy / P12 / Gen
Daenerys "Dany" TargaryenJon SchneeOC (Own Character) Rhaegar TargaryenViserys Targaryen
What if Aerys' second son hadn't died as a baby? What if he had dreamed of dragons and strange, distant lands all his childhood? What if the young prince had left Westeros before the rebellion to find his true destiny? This is the story of a prince (whose palace before his birth a fire fell victim) who managed to rise from a feared warrior to a notorious general to become "ruler" of the most powerful empire in history at the height of his life
HistoryDrama / P18 / Gen
OC (Own Character) Ramsay BoltonRoose Bolton
[Female! Reader x ??] (Note: Partly OOC) (Follows the series only very roughly; changed content and storylines) Excerpt: His monotonous tone of voice does not give an idea of ​​what he is really thinking, but if he did, Ramsay could not have denied that you had a pleasing figure. A pleasant face. But your biggest flaw cannot be overlooked. But what does he care?
HistoryDrama, Romance / P18 / MaleSlash
Catelyn "Cat" StarkCersei Lannister / BaratheonDaenerys "Dany" TargaryenJon SchneeOC (Own Character) Robb Stark
"Marriage doesn't always have something to do with love!" His eyes were icy. "But she should ..." it came only softly from my lips. "Be silent! You will marry him! Even without love!" He turned his back on me and disappeared into the dark castle. He has never spoken to me like this before. - In addition to all the intrigues, secrets and fights in the world around Westeros and Essos, a young lady has to secure the future of her house and slowly learn what it actually means to be a lady and to take on responsibilities are. (WARNING !! Could possibly contain spoilers !! I only use the series as a guide.)
HistoryAdventure, Sci-Fi / P18 / Gen
Fear belongs to the Long Night, when the sun hides for years and children are born, live and die in total darkness. This is the time of fear when the White Walkers roam the woods ... Who would believe in such fairy tales more than 2000 years after defeating the Night King? It was hard to believe even the old legends were true. How could the gods say otherwise when they chose 5 youths to lead the renewed war over the dawn? What shadows lurked out there in the night, just waiting to shed blood ...
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