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Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga

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Himiko Toga (ト ガ ヒ ミ コ,Toga Himiko?)
Yakuza Toga (ゴ ク ド ー 者 の ト ガ,Gokudō-sha no toga?)[1]

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Himiko Toga (,Toga Himiko?)[3] is a villain and a member of the League of Evil. She is also part of the raiding party.


Himiko is a relatively petite girl and is considered pretty by many. She has yellow eyes, the pupils of which are slightly reminiscent of those of a cat. It has a large mouth and looks like a cat in that its upper and lower canines are more pointed than the rest of its teeth. She has blonde and tousled hair with numerous strands that stick out in all directions.

Her civil outfit consists of a simple seifuku with a Kansai collar, a skirt and a white shirt with a red bow. Over it she wears a cardigan with a fairly long hem and cuffs and pockets on both sides. In the right pocket there are a number of pieces of jewelry that are attached to a keychain or something similar.[4] She wears black knee socks and dark brown shoes with slightly raised heels, as is traditionally worn in schools in Japan.

If she wears her villain costume, then she wears the same outfit, but with a few extra items added. This includes her black mask, the knife holders that are strapped around her thighs and the blue belt that is strapped around her waist, to which small green boxes are also attached. The most noticeable change is her black mask, which she wears around her neck, which is damaged with an evil grin. 6 large silver canisters are attached to this mask and there are nails sticking out of the mask. In addition, her syringes are connected to the canisters via the mask, which she needs to suck out people's blood so that she can use her Macke transformation.


Himiko is a very happy girl. That takes on almost frightening proportions, however, since she also laughs when she has killed someone. In addition, she shows very sadistic behavior.[5] She is also not particularly impressed by dangers - on the contrary, she continues to be herself and perceives the situation as funny rather than dangerous.[6] But this behavior stops when she is bored or upset. But she has also been shown to be easily embarrassed when people walk up to her or when she transforms into a person out of clothes.[7][8]

Himiko has a very peculiar perception of love and friendship. Although she wants to kill the two girls Ochako Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui in a fight, she tries to befriend them during the fight as well. She said to Ochako that it was completely normal to want to be the way you love yourself, which goes as far as to be that person. She later explained that it is normal for "normal" people to kiss the people she loves, and she sucks up people's blood because that is "normal" for her. This is supposed to justify stinging people, since guys who are ragged and smell of blood are exactly their type. That underscores their twisted idea of ​​love.[9] But their interest is not just superficial. When she asked Izuku Midoriya what his values ​​and beliefs are, it showed that she also wanted to know more about the people she loves.

Himiko is quite brave, or at least very optimistic, when she uses her quirk. She even pretends to be an aspiring hero and takes an exam in which many hero students and pro heroes take part. Sometimes she also behaves a little childish when faced with different situations. For example when she was at Twice or trying to insult Mimic.

Like most of her allies, Himiko feels that life is difficult in today's world and she has therefore set herself the goal of making the world a place where it is easier to live. Her great role model is the hero-slayer Stain and she wants to be like him.[6] But she has also shown completely opposing character traits when she comforted Twice because he felt responsible for Magne's death.

In the past, Himiko was referred to as a "happy and sensible" girl by her family and former classmates. The fact that she became a villain surprised her circle of friends enormously. However, her own memories suggest that she only did so in order to adapt to society, to be what she considered "normal". She believes the way she is currently acting is her own normal.[10]


Himiko is the eldest daughter of the Toga family. When she was a young child, she showed a serious interest in blood. Once she brought home a dead and blood-smeared bird to show her parents and ask if they didn't think it was beautiful, which frightened and worried her parents. From then on, her parents tried to get her to be "normal" and put her under immense pressure. So she started suppressing her "abnormal" behaviors. She hid this side of herself so thoroughly that Himiko was known by her classmates as a happy and good girl and became a normal student with many friends.[10]

However, that all changed when she graduated from middle school. First she fell in love with her classmate Saito, whom she later attacked with a carpet knife and sucked out his blood with a straw. During the entire time she looked like she was in a frenzy and deeply shocked her teachers and classmates. Shortly afterwards she disappeared and was on the run from the police and professional heroes. She managed to escape them successfully for a long time, but she nonetheless became a suspect in a series of murders in which the victims lost large amounts of blood.[11]


Hero-slayer Stain

Three days after the hero killer was arrested, Himiko jumps through a dark alley. She has headphones on and listens to the report of Stain's capture. Later, before approaching the League of Evil Base, Himiko blushes in front of a man who is bleeding in an alley.[12]

The semester final exams

Giran brings Himiko and Dabi into the league of evil. Himiko is looking forward to meeting the "hand guy" and asks him to include her in the group.[4]Tomura Shigaraki wants them both kicked out, but Kurogiri convinces him to give them a chance. Giran introduces Himiko as a cute high school girl who was the suspect in a series of murders from blood loss and whose appearance and name were withheld from the media. Himiko introduces herself and says that life is too hard and she wants to make it easier. She goes on to say that she wants to be like Stain, she wants to kill Stain, and she really wants to join Tomura's group.

Tomura asks Giran if she's crazy. Giran replies that she is competent enough to be of use, and then introduces Dabi. Dabi questions the league's obligations to the Hero's Slayer mission because he can't believe they'd let someone as crazy as Himiko in if he were. She is brought back from his comment and Tomura defends her by saying that she at least had the decency to introduce herself.

After fighting with Dabi, Tomura accepts the recruits' loyalty to Stain and attacks them. Himiko pulls her knife and counterattacks, but Kurogiri uses Warp Gate to stop the fight. Tomura storms out and Kurogiri asks the new recruits to be patient as an answer will come for them soon. Himiko mentions that she thought Tomura was going to kill her.[13]


General skills: Himiko is a master of disguise and a very talented fighter who is able to stand up against professional heroes in hand-to-hand combat. She also passed the first stage of the provisional license exam, although that wasn't her priority.[14] One of Himiko's most standout skills is her ability to spy. If she holds her breath and clears her mind, Himiko can escape the field of vision of her opponents. This ability is not limited to ambushes, but can also be used in combat if your opponent takes their attention away from you for a moment. When Himiko transformed into Camie Utsushimi, she was able to fight Izuku Midoriya with this ability.[15]

Although Himiko doesn't have a quirk that enhances her physical abilities, she is still a very capable fighter who is incredibly agile, has great reflexes and is also very acrobatic. She's also good at getting her opponents to dodge so she can hide.[15] Himiko's speed was shown when she fought Eraser Head and he used his weapons against her by rolling over in her and stabbing him as she got closer.[1]

Tantōjutsu: Himiko masters fighting with knives, which she uses with her increased mobility. She either stabs her enemies at close range or throws the knives precisely at her opponents from a great distance. With the help of Twice, she was able to disable Rock Lock before stabbing him.


transformation (,Henshin?): Himikos Macke allows her to look like another individual by taking in their blood and voice. She can also copy and change the clothes by undressing beforehand, otherwise her normal clothes would cover her disguise. She can switch between multiple disguises when she has absorbed the blood of several people.

Himoko has been described as the perfect impersonator who was never caught because she always pretended to be someone else. She could also pretend to be Camie Utsushimi well enough and so invade Shiketsu High School for several days and take the preliminary hero's license exam without Shiketsu students noticing until she was gone.[16] She could even fool Izuku into believing that she is Ochako Uraraka. Izuku found out the hoax because Himiko was unable to use the Ochaco quirk.

If Himiko's camouflage is deactivated or switched to a different one, it will melt into a gray liquid. The duration of their transformation depends on the amount of blood used. Himikos Macke turns the ingested blood into energy, so the amount it ingests affects how long it is able to remain transformed. About a cup full of blood equals a full day in which to transform.[8] When Himiko has strong emotions and a strong desire to become the person who has transformed into, she can recreate the person's quirk as well. When she felt the intense desire to become Ochako, she could also use her quirk Zero Gavity.[17]

Relationships with other characters

She is generally very close to all members of the Rogue League, but had an even closer bond with Twice and Magne before the two died. In some places it is even suggested that she had a love affair with Twice, which is not made 100 percent clear.

Toga generally has a very peculiar view of friendship, namely that she sees Tsuyu Asui and Ochaco Uraraka as friends, although they tend to disgust her.


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