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Skin care: the right order for serum, cream, oil and co.

When it comes to skin care, the correct sequence is crucial so that the active ingredients in our care products can develop effectively. Here is our step-by-step guide

Toner, eye cream, serum, and more: anyone who uses a complete range of cosmetics knows how confusing their application can be. The correct order in skin care is crucial so that the active ingredients of our expensive products can develop optimally. We reveal step by step in which order the skin care should be applied correctly ...

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1. Cleaning

Cleansing the skin is always the prelude to the skin care program: Remove make-up, dirt, excess sebum and other residues with a cleaning product tailored to your skin type. A mild cleansing gel is recommended for oily skin, while cleansing cream is more appropriate for dry skin. A gentle cleansing foam is usually sufficient for normal skin. If you use a separate make-up remover, you should make sure that it is not too aggressive and that the skin's natural protective acid mantle is preserved.

2. Toner

Whether toner, tonic, tonic or facial toner - the lotions all have the same function: They cleanse the skin again thoroughly, restore the natural pH value of the skin and provide moisture. Most toners also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients and have a clarifying effect. All in all, a toner brings the skin back into its natural balance - and prepares it perfectly for the next skin care step ...

3. Serum

Next, the skin should be prepared for regeneration with a serum. Serums contain highly concentrated ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or retinol, and are therefore real anti-aging boosters. Due to their light texture and liquid consistency, they are particularly well absorbed by the skin and can penetrate into the deeper layers.

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4. Eye cream

After the serum, the skin care area is followed by the eye area. And this is how it works: apply eye cream from the inside out and then pat in gently. Then put something under the brow arch, done. In the next steps, the sensitive area under the eyes is left out.

5. Gel & Lotion

Gels and lotions are mostly water-based and give the skin an extra dose of moisture. They can either be applied in addition to the cream or as a light alternative. Especially in summer, many prefer light gel textures as skin care - they are quickly absorbed and have a mattifying effect.

6. Cream

The day and night cream supplies the skin with fat, forms a kind of protective barrier and ensures that the moisture remains stored in the skin. The day cream is primarily used for hydration and should also contain a sun protection factor to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Night creams, on the other hand, with their rich ingredients specifically stimulate the regeneration of the skin and thus slow down skin aging.

7. Face oil

If necessary, a nourishing facial oil completes the skin care program. However, many women shy away from including this product in their care routine because they are afraid of oily skin or blemishes. Completely unfounded, because facial oils not only have a greasy effect, but can even help prevent skin blemishes. As the? If you supply the skin with sufficient oil from the outside, it stops producing excess sebum itself. The result: the pores are refined and the skin appears cleaner. In addition, face oils give our skin a great glow!

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