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Sophie Marceau: "Love is worth every effort"

In her private life, she has just separated - in her new film, Sophie Marceau gets involved with a married man. Two good occasions to talk to France's most erotic actress about the power of emotions

Even if you look closely, you can't tell from this woman that she is processing a breakup. In mid-July, Sophie Marceau, 47, and her husband, "Highlander" actor Christopher Lambert, 57, announced their love-out. After seven years of relationship, including two years of marriage. "In all friendship" they parted, according to the official statement. During the interview with "Gala" in Paris, Sophie Marceau's eyes light up. Your smile looks absolutely real. The dimples that appear on her cheeks make her look even more girlish. So let's talk about love without prejudice! About understanding and tolerance, about partnership and the charm of an amour fou.

In your current film, two people fall in love, even though each of the two already has a love life. How can something like that happen?

It happens. Relationships are probably not made to last forever. For me, Elsa, who I play in "A Moment of Love", is a kind of fantasy into which Pierre takes refuge in order to escape routine. And actually also to rethink his relationship with his wife. Seen in this way, he even stabilizes the marriage with his behavior. Pursuing fantasies doesn't hurt anyone. That is more of a healthy "inner balance".

Many people believe that extramarital adventures are always tolerated in France ...

Personally, I would comply with a man like Pierre's wish and keep an affair a secret.

You and your husband Christopher Lambert have just split up. How does it feel to be alone?

For me this is a completely new feeling. I've always lived with someone so far, so I'm not sure what it's like to be single. I find love relationships fascinating. They are like a journey. You get to know another person's story and become a new part of their life. It's not always easy, but it is well worth the effort. My relationships have varied in length, but I've always learned something from them.

Do you still think marriage is timely?

Naturally! In a marriage you have to talk to each other, question things, get in tune with each other. It's good that we don't know all the answers beforehand. I find this relationship process exciting. To shape the daily togetherness and to see how I change because I live with someone.

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Do you know many couples who are still together after 20 years - and who can still laugh together?

Some couples I know have been together even longer. I think that in a partnership you should be flexible and ready for dialogue, take care of this relationship. Nowadays a lot of people are always looking for something new! What also makes relationships difficult for some is that the rules of our society have changed significantly over the past 50 years. Women now have a different status than they used to be.

Is the young lover of the woman over forty a sign of our times? The new typical shape of the Amour fou?

Not yet, but soon. (laughs) For a long time the cliché was the other way around: the older man has a younger woman by his side. In general, an older partner can provide security for a younger person, enriching them with experience and self-confidence. So I can very well understand that a young person prefers an older partner for his or her personal development. In this way, it takes a shortcut in its maturation process.

Every younger man's heart should beat faster at the sight of you. What's the secret of your youthful appearance?

No secret! Of course, with age, there are aches and pains, but I want to postpone that for as long as possible. I just live in such a way that I don't risk my health. I pay close attention to my diet, do sports and avoid getting caught up in things. I always need time for myself. I meditate, enjoy the silence. And I consciously forego too much information. I have made up my mind to get as old as possible while staying fit.

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You were 13 when you made "La Boum" and became famous for it. Her daughter Juliette is twelve. If she wanted to become an actress now - would you allow it?

In the moment not. She is still a child and should experience her childhood first. Later she'll do what she wants anyway. But now I would even prevent her from biting into anything too much.

In France you cannot go shopping unrecognized. Do you sometimes long for normalcy?

Oh, my life is not that different from that of other women. Incidentally, that's why it was easy for me to put myself in Elsa’s shoes. She is a free spirit, honest skin. A person who is wondering if he wants to spend the rest of his life alone. And she believes in love. Like me.

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