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The greatest aircraft myths and exciting facts

Are there secret passages on the plane? How long is the longest non-stop flight connection? And why does tomato juice taste so delicious on board an airplane? We made ourselves smart for you. So that you get on the plane well informed on the next flight.

The Biggest Airplane Myths: True Or False?

Cell phones interfere with the on-board electronics
People used to think so. But today we know that cell phones, smartphones & Co. have no influence on the on-board electronics. Therefore, the use of electronic devices on board has been permitted since mid-2014. Many airlines now also offer WLAN in the aircraft. Telephoning is still forbidden, however.

The air conditioning system spreads germs in the air
That's not true. Several air filters are used in the aircraft filter. Some of them are the same as those used in operating theaters in hospitals. So they work particularly well against germs. If you catch a cold on board an airplane, it is at most from the person sitting next to you who has a cold. Even the best air filter won't do anything against it.

The cabin doors can be opened during the flight
It sure won't happen. The cabin door is locked airtight and guaranteed not to open during the flight. If so, you probably have superhuman strength 😉

The tomato juice phenomenon
Tomato juice tastes better on the plane than on the ground. At least it seems so. But why? The air pressure on board an aircraft is lower. It ensures that you perceive the taste of food and drinks differently. Tomato juice feels fruity. And many passengers find that really delicious.

The pilot and co-pilot eat different dishes
There is no official regulation for this. However, many airlines recommend a different menu choice for pilot and co-pilot. This is to avoid that both of them eat something that could possibly be spoiled.

There are secret passages in airplanes
There are no real secret passages. However, large machines have areas that are reserved for the crew. Here, for example, they have their sleeping cabins on long-haul flights.

The toilet content is diverted to the outside
Of course not. Everything is collected in a tank that is emptied after landing. However, what is disposed of outside is the water from the sink. Finely atomized to prevent lumps of ice from forming.

Overweight passengers need two plane tickets
You need to be able to sit on the plane so that you can fold down both armrests and buckle up. If that is not possible, you actually have to book a second seat. Or switch to an airline with wide seats.

Exciting facts about aircraft:
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All on-board toilets have ashtrays
This is a requirement according to the European Aviation Safety Agency. Should someone smoke illegally in the on-board toilet, he must be able to put his cigarette out in the ashtray and dispose of it.

The longest flight route in the world
So far, the route between Sydney and Dallas served by Qantas Airlines is the longest flight route in the world at 13,804 kilometers. You sit on the plane for almost 15 hours for this route. But the record will soon be surpassed. From Qatar Airways, which wants to offer a non-stop flight between the Qatar capital Dohar and Auckland City in New Zealand. The 14,538 kilometers should be covered in 18:35 hours. That would be the new record track.

The largest airports in the world
The largest airport in the world is in the USA. In Atlanta. More than 96 million passengers flew off or landed here from the international hub in 2014. Beijing is in second place on the top 10 list and London Heathrow in third place.

The largest airport in Germany
Germany's mega airport is called Frankfurt Airport. In 2015 it had a volume of 61 million passengers. Places two and three in the ranking are occupied by Munich and Düsseldorf.

Do planes fly over the Bermuda Triangle?
The Bermuda Triangle is located in the northern Caribbean. It became famous because of the myth that a particularly large number of ships and planes disappear here. And since it is a myth, of course no pilot makes a wide berth around this area, but simply flies over it.