Is the term reason why correct?

(1) Each property is given a special place in the land register (land register sheet). The land register sheet is to be regarded as the land register for the property in the sense of the German Civil Code.

(2) The properties of the federal government, the states, the municipalities and other municipal associations, the churches, monasteries and schools, the watercourses, the public roads, as well as the properties which are dedicated to a railway company serving public transport, receive a land register sheet only Request from the owner or an authorized person.

(3) At the request of the owner, a piece of land shall be removed from the land register if the owner is exempt from the obligation to register in accordance with paragraph 2 and there is no entry that affects the rights of the owner.

(4) Provided this does not cause confusion or a significant impediment to legal transactions or the land registry, the land registry may refrain from keeping a land register sheet for a piece of land if the piece of land is intended to serve the economic purposes of several other pieces of land, for these is in a spatial relationship corresponding to this provision and is jointly owned by the owner of this property (serving property).

(5) In this case, instead of the entire property, the individual co-ownership shares to which the owners are entitled in the serving property must be entered on the land register sheet of the property belonging to the individual owner. This entry is considered to be the land register for the individual co-ownership share.

(6) The booking according to paragraphs 4 and 5 is also permissible if the land involved still belongs to an owner, but the latter has declared to the land registry that ownership of the serving land has been divided into co-ownership shares and their assignment to the dominant land; the division becomes effective with the booking according to paragraph 5.

(7) If the co-ownership shares in the serving property are newly formed, the land registry should generally proceed in accordance with the above provisions if the requirements of paragraph 4 are met.

(8) If the shares in the serving property no longer belong to the owners of the ruling property, a land register sheet must be created.

(9) If the serving property is encumbered as a whole, then, unless a special land register sheet is created or Section 48 is applicable, it must be made clear in all land register sheets involved that the serving property is encumbered as a whole; reference is to be made to the other entries in each case.