Who sang the song Mr Brownstone in 1987

Guns N ‘Roses are back - almost with the full original line-up. Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan are three of the five founding members who last stood together on a stage in 1993.

In 2018 there will be five appearances in Germany and Austria - all information here.

Reason enough to choose the band's 20 best songs. All pieces on which the three musicians worked together were taken into account. So the best of "Appetite for Destruction", "GN’R Lies" and "Use Your Illusion I" and "Use Your Illusion II". Songs from the cover album "The Spaghetti Incident?" Did not make it into the selection. “Chinese Democracy” was created without slash and duff, so it will not be recorded.

Selected and commented by Birgit Fuß (BF) and Sassan Niasseri (SN).

20. Double Talkin ‘Jive (from" Use Your Illusion I ")

No wonder that this song was not played live by Axl Rose for 23 years until the current reunion. Apart from Izzy Stradlin's vocals, “Double Talkin‘ Jive ”was also Slash's song. He shaped the arrangement, extending the 3-minute studio version on stage with his flamenco style to ten minutes. The piece begins as a very simple rock song about violence in the streets (“Found a head and an arm in a garbage can”) and then becomes a psychedelic journey - which Slash let lead to live in Hendrix ‘“ Voodoo Chile ”. Rose's announcements for the song were sometimes death threats (for example to Warren Beatty, who is said to have tackled Stephanie Seymour), or simply greetings to losers like you and me. (SN)

19. Mr. Brownstone (from "Appetite for Destruction")

“A typical day in the life of Slash and Izzy,” says Slash, “Mr. Brownstone “once described this nasty settlement with heroin and addiction. First a little, then a little more and even more, and already… The nervous Bo-Diddley beat and Axl's tortured vocals make it clear how fun can become deadly serious. The lines "Now I get up around whenever / I used to get up on time" sound a bit funny, because arriving late: Axl Rose was always good at that even without heroin. (BF)

18. Out Ta Get Me (from "Appetite For Destruction")

"They're out ta get me / They won’t catch me / I'm innocent / They won’t break me" - it is quite possible that Rose is telling the story of a criminal on the run. Or maybe it's just about the singer taking the right to do whatever he wants, the others can do it. The 1987 track “Out Ta Get Me” had little chance in the later live era of “Use Your Illusion” (1991) and hardly appeared in the set lists. Already on the “Appetite For Destruction” album it had a difficult time, was sandwiched in fourth position between the single “Nightrain” and the quasi-party song “Mr. Brownstone ". In its effect - it's a classic 1,2,3,4, let's go! Rock song - it is in no way inferior to the other pieces. (SN)

17. The Garden (from "Use Your Illusion I")

Axl had already written the psychedelic paranoia piece with his friends West Arkeen and Del James before the GN’R debut was released, but the band only dug it up for "Use Your Illusion". It would be spooky enough if Alice Cooper didn't show up too. The two voices complement each other beautifully to form a duet about madness, the precise meaning of which hardly anyone has understood until today. (BF)

16. Estranged (from "Use Your Illusion II")

As the eighth - and last - single from the double hit “Use Your Illusion I” and “II”, “Estranged” was finally released. The title already gives it away, the song is about seeing your partner with different eyes at some point (Rose wrote the song with a view of Erin Everly). At just under ten minutes, it has also become their second longest song, and the band illustrates the emotional ups and downs of a love affair with music that almost sounds like waves crashing; a soft piano here, a few bass notes there. And again and again Slash with his solos between the verses - great. (SN)

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