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Craigslist is an american Online marketplace for classified ads, which was founded in 1995 by the founder Craig Newmark was developed and put online. Craigslist specializes in the local interaction of people, which is why its services are limited to a few major cities in each country. The platform provides several sections on a wide variety of topics. Registered users can post and provide assistance or do business there. In Germany, the advertisement page is among other things with Ebay classifieds and Shpock in competition. The Facebook Marketplace is also an alternative to Craigslist.

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Craigslist was founded in 1995 by Craig Newmark in San Francisco and was only for the until 2000 San Francisco Bay Area (California metropolitan area) available. After that, the ad platform was expanded to other cities in the US and other countries.
Craigslist is based on user networks such as Usenetas they reflected the behavior of people in social communities and groups on the Internet.

The incentive for the creation of the Craigslist was the one created by Craig Newmark Email distribution listwhich was named after his name. It should inform friends and acquaintances in San Francisco about events and happenings. The email list gained popularity and grew through the use of other subject areas, which made it today's Craigslist.

Since 1998 the company Craigslist, Inc. is private "For-profit company" registered.

Newmark is currently leading along with his former chief programmer and has been appointed managing director since 2000 Jim Buckmaster the enterprise.

In 2004 Craigslist was owned by Shares in the internet auction house Ebaywhich, however, were bought back from him. After a long legal battle due to unfair competition and infringement of copyrights, Ebay sold the shares back to Craigslist Inc. in 2015, which now has a 25 percent stake in the online marketplace.

A statistics of the year 2017 shows the average number of monthly visitors to selected online marketplaces. Craigslist popped up, alongside Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba and Co., with a number of 668 million visitors a month there on.

In the same year donated Craig Newmark more than $ 85 million of his assets in universities, startups, non-profit organizations and foundations. The purpose of this was to restore confidence in journalism. The reason for this was the increasingly declining income of newspaper publishers, since the installation of classified ads is an important one for them Source of revenue is. With the introduction of the online marketplace, advertisements are now largely free offered to the detriment of newspaper publishers.

For 2019, Newmark announced the donation of a total of $ 15 million at two journalistic training institutes in the USA and the Poynter Institute in Florida. With this, the Craigslist founder wants to create the Craig Newmark Center for Journalistic Ethics and Safety at Columbia University enable and additional Training for journalists at the Poynter Institute in Florida.

Structure & functions of Craigslist

The Craigslist website includes ads for homes, jobs, cars, concert tickets, and partners. These are in the headings Community, Real Estate, Jobs (Temporary Jobs, Resumes), Services, For Sale and Discussion forums searchable.

There are also links on the website one Event calendar, which informs about local events and events. The respective events are displayed within a month. If the user is looking for special events, they can use the left sidebar to restrict them by categories or by factors such as how up-to-date they are, etc.

In the top section of the website, in addition to events in available cities, content on all Craigslist categories can be queried.

On the right on the website you can find the language selection (in German, English, EspaƱol etc.). The Location for the local / regional advertisement or event search, worldwide selections can be made for Africa, America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the region of Oceania. Within the above-mentioned areas, the user can then choose according to country and city.

Privacy & Terms of Use

The Terms of Use Craigslist's (Terms of Use) include:

License: Consent to a license agreement. The agreement is valid if the user:

  • reached a certain age
  • he has the required capacity to use Craigslist or
  • Uses Craigslist for business purposes

Consent means for the user not to display any derivative works (revised works that are protected by copyright), to publish, distribute, license or sell content.
In return, the contractual partner Craigslist receives rights to use, copy, display, distribute and create derivative works from the content posted by the user.

Use: Use of content and account according to Craigslist's legal provisions:

  • do not collect CL user information
  • no provision (via software outside of CL) functions such as downloading, uploading, creating / accessing / using an account, posting, tagging, e-mailing, searching or mobile use
  • Do not copy / collect CL content via robots, spiders, scripts, scrapers, crawlers, etc.
  • Misleading, unsolicited and / or illegal bookings / communications / accounts, as well as buying or selling accounts, are against the CL guidelines

By Craigslist's privacy policy (Data protection guidelines), the following user data is collected:

  • Data published on CL or sent via CL and / or sent to CL directly or via other websites
  • Credit card detailsthat are transmitted to payment processors via a security protocol (e.g. SSL)
  • Data that the user transmits or makes available (e.g. name, address, email address, telephone, fax, photos, tax number)
  • Web log data (e.g. websites viewed, access times, IP address, HTTP header)
  • about cookies collected data (e.g. search data and "favorites" lists)
  • Device data (e.g. screen size, local DOM storage, plugins)
  • Third party data (e.g. phone type, geo-location via IP address)