What are explicit objects in JSP

Web applications with Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages


- Basics: The web and dynamic content, comparison of CGI, ASP and JSP, peculiarities and problems in the development of web applications
- JSPs: Comments, templates, error messages, expressions, implicit objects, integration of beans, scopes of validity, declarations and explicit objects, scriptlets, conditions, error handling within JSP, translation of JSP, session management
- Servlets: Commercial and free servlet engines, architecture and APIs of servlets, writing, installing and testing servlets, request and response objects, reading and responding to forms, HTTP sessions, URL rewriting, troubleshooting and debugging of servlets
- Jarkata Tomcat Server: installation and configuration, standalone operation, integration into the Apache server, installation of web applications under Tomcat: integration of servlets and server pages, performance and tuning measures

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40 units of 50 minutes each


Individual coaching: on request
Small groups (max. 4 participants): on request
Group (5 - 12 participants): 40 units - € 958.-


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