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Wednesday and its meaning

Why Wednesday is called Wednesday

Compared to the other days of the week, Wednesday does not make a big secret of the meaning of its name: In the Christian calendar, the week begins with Sunday, so Wednesday is simply the middle of the week. The day also falls exactly in the middle of a normal work week, which usually lasts from Monday to Friday.

But the story behind it is more interesting than you might think. Originally, the names of the days of the week are derived from ancient Babylonian, Roman or Germanic deities. Example English: The Wednesday was originally dedicated to the planet and god Mercury, its Germanic counterpart Wodan is. Over the years “Wodan's day” or “Woden’s day” became the Wednesday.

However, since the names of the days of the week were derived from pagan roots, the Church tried to change them in their favor. This Christianization was only successful on Wednesday and Saturday.

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Cultural significance

In the Orthodox Church, Wednesday is considered a day of fasting on which the betrayal of Jesus is to be commemorated. In the USA it is popularly known as “hump day” - the day on which you overcome the “hump” of the week and slowly move towards the weekend.

Wednesday of the week

In many cultures, including all German-speaking countries, Wednesday is the third day of the week. The international standard ISO 8601 also defines Wednesday as the third day of the week. In countries like the USA, Canada and Japan, the week starts on Sunday, so Wednesday is the fourth day.

How was the order of the days of the week determined?

Wednesday Holidays

Carnival traditionally ends on Ash Wednesday. For Christians, the pre-Easter Lent begins. In Germany, Ash Wednesday is considered to be Quiet day.

The day of penance and prayer on the Wednesday before November 23rd is a day of prayer and quiet reflection for evangelical Christians.

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