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These stocks could withdraw directly again

The bulls are still raging undisturbed, the stock markets are in a solid upward trend. For this reason, the focus in today's column is - once again - on trading opportunities on the long side. Today we're looking at six European stocks that are showing constructive setups and appearing to be preparing for a new bullish move. The trading setups are precisely named and potential and hedging options are shown.

In my weekly column, I present attractive technical chart setups in order to trade short-term movements in selected individual stocks.In principle, many of the trading ideas from the last Rainman trading columns are intact and can be pursued further.

The prices given for breakouts or stops relate to the closing price in the frequency shown (daily chart = breakout or stop loss on a daily closing price basis). The stops only become valid after the trading setups have been activated. In a diversified portfolio, the risk should always be spread over long and short trades in order to benefit from market movements in both directions.

Deutsche Telekom

Category: Fish a pullback counter-cyclically

Set up: In March, the Deutsche Telekom share broke dynamically from the highs since last summer and shot upwards. Now it comes to the price setback, which could offer the first entry opportunities on the EMA50 today. Further long chances would arise with the "touchdown" at the breakout level at 15.50 - 15.58 EUR. Another rally move should follow soon.

Trading target: 16.74 and 17.40 and 18.14 EUR

Protection options: 15.30 EUR


Category: Acting procyclical a breakout

Set up: The steel trader's share attacked the high for the year today and initially failed because of it. The technical chart setup is highly bullish here. A sustained upward breakout would offer entry opportunities to trade another upward wave.

Trading target: 31.51 and 35.77 / 37.10 EUR

Protection options: 25.60 EUR


Category: Acting procyclical a breakout

Set up: In a brisk upward trend, the share climbed to the 2018 high, where a downward correction started in February. After a test of the EMA50, the share pushed up again, ever higher intermediate lows reveal the contours of a rising triangle. If there is a sustained breakout above the highs from 2018 and 2021, a continuation of the rally would be the most likely scenario.

Trading target: 22.30 and 25.23 and 34 EUR

Protection options: 18.70 or 17.70 EUR

Elmos Semiconductor

Category: Trade a breakout pro-cyclically / fish a pullback counter-cyclically

Set up: After a new all-time high of EUR 37.85, a consolidation started in February, which brought Elmos Semiconductor shares into the EMA50 range several times. This moving average line has now also been successfully tested; countercyclical long entries would be attractive here. The idea behind it: Starting from the EMA50, a new upward wave starts to the high and even further.

Trading target: 37.85 and 43.50 and long-term EUR 55

Protection options: 33.15 EUR


Category: Trade a breakout pro-cyclically / fish a pullback counter-cyclically

Set up: The small cap share impresses with a solid upward trend and pressure build-up in the form of several weeks of sideways consolidation. This week the bulls are trying to break out upwards, direct entries would be possible here, a rally continuation at the all-time high is then the ideal scenario.

Trading target: 26.18 and 28.06 and 31 EUR

Protection options: 22.25 EUR


Category: Acting procyclical a breakout

Set up: Nokia was one of the handful of stocks that were also selected as a candidate for a short squeeze in the course of the GameStop hype and shot up massively. The hangover followed immediately and all of the profits were given back.

A stabilization can now be observed, below the resistance at EUR 3.50 a rising triangle is forming. Today the stock is trying to break higher. If this succeeds, a new price recovery could be initiated. The stock is the weakest, and therefore the most speculative, on this list.

Trading target: 3.70 and 4.27 / 4.38 and possibly 4.84 EUR

Protection options: 3.40 EUR

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