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Security is an important, but not the only, benefit of an access control system. By offering a PropTech solution including mobile access, landlords can reduce the need for staff at reception to manage the arrival of guests. Here you can find out more about how we worked with SKEPP, the largest Office as a Service provider in Europe. Joey Veurink, CFO, explains how our technology was integrated into their own platform and why he would keep choosing Tapkey.

Hi Joey, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Please give us a brief introduction to SKEPP and your role in the company.

SKEPP is the largest office as a service provider in Europe. Think of it as an Airbnb for office space. In addition to renting and renting office space, we also offer furniture and intelligent building solutions. I have been CFO at SKEPP for two years and am responsible for all financial and legal issues. Due to my background in innovation management, I spend half of my time on business development and strategic innovation topics. This is a good mix of tasks that suit a young and rapidly growing company.

“Office as a Service” - What does that mean for you?

Society is changing rapidly. The younger generation in particular expects greater market transparency and wants quick and complete access to information. This also applies to the real estate market. Companies are more dynamic, offices are growing or shrinking. We see an increased need for flexibility. Office as a Service means that you choose exactly that and only pay for what you need for your office environment. Our offers must be able to deal with this flexibility and the rapidly changing environment. And if you can do this as a provider, it really means Office as a Service.

SKEPP offers three products: Officelisting, Officeplanner and Officekit. Can you tell us a little bit about it and tell us where access control comes in?

Officelisting is the online platform for supply and demand, i.e. tenants and lessors of office space. We do this in eight European countries with over 1,000 rental companies. Officeplanner is the central point of contact for setting up your existing or new office. We offer telephone booths and flexible solutions such as meeting boxes. It is even possible to set up the office virtually.

Our third product is the office kit, an intelligent building solution. We are expanding office buildings with technical components and upgrading office buildings to new service levels. In this way you can save costs for new employees. Instead of manned reception, we offer digital reception. Similar level of service, but better suited to efficient landlords. Access control is offered as part of our office kit. We can integrate our various service solutions in one app. You can book an office unit entirely online on our platform. The reservation is assigned to the corresponding lock and the invoice is issued fully automatically. The combination of these products with the access system creates a unique product offering on the market.

SKEPP has seamlessly integrated our technology into its own app to enable keyless access to customers. How was Tapkey (technically) implemented and what was the main reason why you chose Tapkey

We looked at different solutions, both on a technical and a strategic level. Tapkey clearly outperformed the others.

It is very important for us to offer our services on a white label basis. Landlords always have their own branding and concept. This also means that all solutions that we integrate into our app must also be white-labeled. Tapkey fitted in with the overall offer and the way in which we were able to integrate. It was just a perfect fit.

How is it used in daily operations?

In general there are three user interfaces: the app, a portal for landlords and a portal for tenants. Anyone can use the app for day-to-day administration of the office. You open the lock with the app and reserve with the app.

You can add administrators in the portal for landlords. By appointing one person as an administrator, a landlord no longer has to keep track of all the individual keys per tenant and their employees. Once you have a new tenant in a building, all you have to do is add them as an administrator. In this way, he can grant unlimited and time-limited access rights. At the beginning you decide which locks he can manage. Usually it is the front door and one or two offices, but not the whole building. At the end, all tenants can enter the building with the SKEPP app.

What are the advantages of seamless integration?

Thanks to the Tapkey API and the Mobile SDK, we were able to easily integrate the technology into our app, but also integrate it into other functions. Not every other provider goes that far and allows this.

The implementation enables us to create a product offering that is unique in the market.

Why is it so important for PropTech companies to integrate keyless entry around the clock?

Simply put, keyless entry means efficiency. Everyone uses their smartphone these days. The likelihood of forgetting your keychain is much higher than the likelihood of forgetting your mobile phone. Now that we are also paying with the smartphone, it will not be long before identification also takes place via smartphone. Tenants want flexibility and mobile access control is the next logical step. We have developers who work at night rather than during the day. These changes are increasing. Tenants want to spontaneously decide not to work from home but from the office. You want it to be arranged within an hour and a digital access system makes it possible. A physical key or card handover usually takes much longer.

How would you describe the collaboration between SKEPP and Tapkey in general?

Of course, the integration is a process that takes some time. When we started working together, we were more or less in the same state as companies and learned from similar challenges. That made it easy to discuss technical issues and needs. Thanks to your detailed documentation, our developers were able to integrate Tapkey without any problems. All topics were discussed openly. Tapkey support made sure problems were resolved quickly. Together we managed to bring the product to a higher level overall.

What is the feedback from customers?

On the one hand, landlords love the efficiency it brings. It's not just about access. With a combination of different functions. Landlords can delegate any effort they have made to tenants. On the other hand, tenants only need to use one app. There are many competitive solutions out there, but they are all individual solution providers. Nobody wants to open five different apps in their daily life. Tenants like the responsibility they are given. They can manage their own environment instead of calling the landlord. The app supports you because it is very functional and focuses on the main functions of a building.

Even so, we always try to add features, but only based on customer feedback and real needs. In the area of ​​access control, our options for parking spaces are expanding. At the moment you can reserve a physical parking space in the app. Then we combine that with the access system and a barrier in the parking lot. When someone arrives, they'll get the email in advance and when they hit the button, the barrier actually opens.

Interview with Joey Veurink, CFO | SKEPP

Joey is CFO at SKEPP, the largest office as a service provider in Europe. With a background in venture capital and innovation management, Joey is responsible for the rapid and disruptive innovations that SKEPP brings to the market that result in triple digital growth year over year.