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MIR method

The MIR method is a do-it-yourself method, which means that you can do it all by yourself. You stroke your hands and give your subconscious certain instructions through the 9 steps. You don't need anyone else to do this for you. You do it all by yourself. The funny thing, though, is that you can't be alone have to. There is a second possibility; You let someone else do the MIR-Method on you. This works best during a massage. You are pleasantly relaxed and at some point during this massage you will receive the MIR-Method. All you have to do is lie down and relax.

A profound effect

A massage is not only relaxing, but also healing! You feel a connection with someone else through them. Your basic need for touch is also filled. The massage therapist touches you in a respectful way that enables you to let go of many old emotions. When you relax deeply, your subconscious is more open. Your inner “walls” are suddenly no longer that high and you are more ready to receive something. You can also rely on the MIR-Method to have an effect!
Many people feel tired after a massage because they have worked their way through all sorts of emotional layers. And that's good! Surrender to this tiredness. In the following days, most people notice that they are much better and have new energy. A massage? I think you should always treat yourself to one! Preferably every month, if that is possible for you!

Lots of different massages

Massages can be very different from one another. One swears by a hard sports massage, while the other prefers to be caressed lovingly. I believe there are more than 20 different types of massage. Shiatsu, metamorphosis, atlas massages, mindfulness massages and haptonomic or Ayurvedic massages up to sports massages and certainly many more that I have not mentioned now. However, that doesn't matter. After all, people know how to find the type of massage that suits them best. The only question is, how can you try the different species to find out which species is best for you? Do you like the massage therapist? Can you really give yourself completely to her hands? And ... if you have already found a massage therapist, ask her if she could do the MIR-Method with you!

How do you do the MIR-Method during a massage?

It is important that the person being massaged knows beforehand that the MIR-Method is being used! You have to prepare your customers and explain to them what the MIR-Method is about. Perhaps you should wait until the next appointment so that the customer can look at the website at home and understand what the MIR-Method actually is.
If your customer agrees, you do your normal massage. Halfway through the time or when you have the feeling that the moment is just right, you, as a masseur, speak the 9 steps out loud, all 3 times. You do it very calmly and at the same time follow your hands. You will intuitively know which type of massage is needed on which part of the body at the moment.

Can you do that even if you are not a masseuse?

Yes! If you want to give someone a massage, you can do that too. Arrange beforehand that you will do the MIR-Method and say the steps three times during the massage. Take enough time to do this and feel where your hands should go as you speak out each step. Always follow your hands, even if this makes the movements very small. If you give your massage with the intention that the person being massaged should feel nothing but good, it will work great!

And how about you? Would you like to experience the MIR-Method during a massage? Or have you even tried it before? Are you a massage therapist and would you like to give it a try? I would love to hear from you! Write me a little about it below!
However, you should always ask personal questionsMIR method coach put!

I wish you that your massage is good for you and gives your self-healing a boost!
Mireille Mettes

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