One decimal place can be an exponent

Convert exponential representation to decimal representation

Input in exponential notation

Enter the exponential number you have. Use the computer notation for this, where × 10Exponent by E.Exponent is replaced. The emphasis of the previous sentence is only for better readability. You can enter a lowercase e or a capital E, as well as a period or a comma to separate the decimal places. The exponent, also known as the exponent, i.e. the number after the E, can but does not have to be specified with leading zeros. Clicking on "Calculate" converts the number into decimal notation.

Meaning of the signs of the numbers

If the exponent has a minus sign, you must enter it, a plus sign is not necessary. If the number before the E has only one place before the decimal point and is also positive, you can expect the following results, depending on the sign of the number after the E.

With a positive exponent, a calculated decimal number greater than one is to be expected. With a negative exponent (i.e. EminusExponent) is the decimal number between zero and one. The sign of the exponent (i.e. whether the number after the E is positive or negative) never influences whether the total number is positive or negative. This is given solely by the sign at the beginning of the number.

Help with very large or very small numbers

The exponential notation is often used for very small and very large numbers. If such numbers are converted to decimal notation with this calculator, the result often has many zeros. For numbers between zero and one or between zero and minus one, the decimal places are read as individual digits. With larger numbers, you could be embarrassed not to know how to pronounce the number. With our calculator you can write out numbers in words or use our table to refresh your knowledge of numerals with high powers of ten.

Information in the decimal system

This calculator assumes that these are numbers in the tens system. This will usually be the case because this system, also known as the decimal system, is the common number system. All other cases are special mathematical cases that are not discussed here. However, if you would like to find out more about place value systems or convert numbers from different number systems into one another, we also recommend our other number system calculators.

Additional information

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