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Pretty spooky, this Henry Rollins: For many years there has hardly been a photo of him in which he does not look as if some drill instructor was rocking him while he was being examined.

An insider tip in the 80s, with Black Flag he belongs to the more aggressive group of post-punks. With his name one also thinks of spoken word appearances or acting. And: A Rollins does not shy away from expressing his own opinion on explosive topics publicly or getting involved, whether as a human rights activist or as an advocate for US veterans and their families.

1961 in Washington D.C. Born as Henry Lawrence Garfield, he immersed himself in the flaming Washington punk, hardcore and straight edge scene in the late 1970s and also worked as a roadie. As a child of divorce, he struggled with depressive moods and was treated for ADHD. He founded his first band - State Of Alert - in 1980. A year later, Henry - now as Henry Rollins - joined Black Flag. After the legendary band broke up in 1986, a multifaceted solo career began.

In 1987 he released his first solo album ("Hot Animal Machine"), and in the same year he launched his Rollins Band. Even in the Black Flag days, Henry let his fists fly on stage, and quite a few fans want exactly that too. Later he prefers to discharge his batteries in the gym.

Since 1984 the American has also been running his own publishing house called 2.13.61 (his date of birth), through which he not only sells his own books and spoken word albums but also other authors. In 1992 the major debut "The End Of Silence" comes back, a highly praised record. "The toughest jazz album", he praises Rolling Stone's first chart success Rollins'. His most successful track is likely to be the 1994 single" Liar ".

Rollins can also be heard and seen regularly on radio and TV, for example as a VJ on MTV, with his own programs or as a voice actor. He is also cast in supporting roles in cinema and television. Remember the scene in "Heat" when Al Pacino stirs up our tattooed anabolic. The Hollywood debut takes place in the film "The Chase" (1994).

Energetic poems and books, which the now Los Angeles-based Härtner brings to the stage in readings, remain a main concern - he was touring as a spoken word artist even during the Black Flag era. "Think tank"is the name of the scream, rock and shout tank.

And so the Rollins Band officially still exists in 2014 - albeit with a partly different line-up and with longer breaks, most recently since 2006. Henry has already announced that he will probably give up the music. It's a shame, because in the end one set has burned itself into the brain: a muscular, tattooed, highly emotional and sweat-drenched Henry in black shorts!