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Viber Free Download - 2021 Latest Version

Written by: Shauli ZacksLast updated: March 18, 2021

Viber overview

With the multitude of instant messaging and VoIP applications available, what makes Viber so special and which functions do you really need?

First of all there is over a billion people worldwidewho use it. This is important because text messages and calls are made on Viber are only free if it is a Viber-to-Viber communication.

Some other special features are:

  • High quality Video and audio calls
  • All calls and messages aresecurely encrypted
  • Creation of groups possible
  • Synchronization of mobile and desktop applications possible
  • Transfer calls from your smartphone to the desktop
  • Send emoji, GIFs and files

How to use Viber for the desktop

Viber features does not have a standalone desktop application. To use it you have to download it for your Android or iPhone as well. Fortunately, getting started is very easy.

  1. Click the DOWNLOAD button in the sidebar to visit the Viber homepage.
  2. Download the application for Windows or Mac.
  3. Install the program, then a pop-up window with a QR code will open on your screen.

In the meantime on your smartphone

  1. Tap the MORE icon in the lower right corner of the smartphone app.
  2. Tap the QR icon in the top right corner.
  3. Scan the QR code and the synchronization between the devices will be carried out quickly.

An all-in-one communication tool

When it comes to connecting people, Viber can literally do anything.

  • Free video and audio calls with other Viber users around the globe? No problem.
  • Insanely cheap Viber-to-phone international call prices? That is also possible.
  • Secret chat messageswho delete themselves after they have been read? Viber has this feature.
  • Set up a local phone number in the US, UK, and Canada, under which phone calls and SMS messages can be received at a low flat rate.

Send personalized Viber stickers

As with most other messenger apps, Viber also lets you use a Use a wide range of emoticons and GIFs to convey your emotions and feelings or just to make your counterpart laugh. But what sets Viber apart is the sticker function. You can let your creativity run free and scribble on an empty surface or on a picture, add icons or emoticons and use several editing functions to create the perfect sticker.

Add fun elements to your pictures

But is Viber really safe?

Viber uses a End-to-end encryption for all messages and calls. That means that Company has no way of reading your messagesregardless of whether they are sent to a single contact or in a group.

This It also protects you from receiving targeted advertising based on your conversationswhat happens when you use other messaging platforms like Facebook.

If you If you want to be particularly secure, you can send messages using the "Secret Chat" function. It allows you to set a timer to automatically delete the message and restrict the forwarding of messages. It also warns you when the recipient tries to take a screenshot of the message. Secret Messages are only available on iPhone and Android devices.

Alternatives to Viber

While Viber is one of the most popular messenger apps, if your contacts aren't using it, you might want to check out one of these alternatives.

  • Skype: It's so popular that “skype” has become a verb that is often used to refer to video calls. The program enables video and audio calls, conference calls, file transfers, group chats and can make inexpensive calls to non-Skype phone numbers.
  • Whatsapp: With well over a billion users, WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging application in the world. Unlike Viber and Skype, you can only send messages or call users within the WhatsApp network. Also, the company has decided to focus solely on messaging and calling, and to move away from all the extra features that can be found on the competition.
  • Telegram: There is (still) no possibility for video calls with Telegram. The program has encrypted voice calls and text messages, self-destructive messages and a desktop mode. Some of the standout features are the groups, channels, and supergroups that you can join.


🤑 Is Viber Really Free?

If you only have the If you plan to communicate with users on the Viber network, the app is 100% free. However, if you want to call contacts who cannot be reached via Viber, you have to book a minute-based long-distance call tariff. There are also a few other features that can also be purchased.

🤩 Is Viber available everywhere?

Viber is in Used in 193 countries and in Translated more than 40 languagesto meet its global user base.

😎 Does Viber work in China?

Unfortunately the answer is no. The "great firewall of China" blocks Viber, just like almost every other messenger app except the WeChat provided by China. However, there are some VPNs we tested in China that have shown Viber to work.

😁 Which is better: Viber or WhatsApp?

For many people, the answer depends on which apps the majority of their contacts are using. Both apps offer free audio and video calls with other contacts, groups, sent messages and can be synced across multiple platforms.

But that's where the similarities end.

Viber has more features than WhatsApp. I already mentioned that Secret chat, Viber Out (Viber-to-Phone) and the ability to get a local phone number. Another nice one Function is called "My Notes"that can be used to record reminders, a to-do list, or just something that you don't want to forget. The note is encrypted, just like a message, and is backed up on all connected devices.

🤓 Who is the owner of Viber?

Viber was bought by Rakuten, a Japanese internet service provider, in 2014 for $ 900 million. At that point there were about 11 million users. Since then, the number of users has grown exponentially and is now over 1 billion.

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