How can I aggregate cloud storage

The agony of choice: cloud storage for companies

Cloud storage for archiving

All users who need to retain data for a longer period of time in order to meet legal requirements can benefit from archiving with cloud storage solutions for companies. When considering cloud storage for archives, consider how the enterprise cloud solutions comply with the relevant rules, laws, and retention standards. For example, it is important that the solution includes protection and encryption of the data both in the idle state and during transmission.

Archived cloud storage is also important for companies that manage large files such as digital media holdings or tape libraries. These large file types and the variety of data storage methods typically add cost and challenge to data movement. A cloud storage solution for archives is one way to reduce these costs while making files more accessible.

Comparing Cloud Storage for Business

Depending on the purpose of your cloud storage solution, you can get value for money without breaking the bank.

Compare needs

When you start comparing cloud storage solutions, you might be stunned by the sheer number of providers and solutions available. Businesses large and small often have different needs but share many concerns. The first step in choosing the best cloud storage provider for your business is realizing that not all options are created equal, regardless of business size.

Sync what you want

Most sync and share options seem perfect at first glance. Everyone can work together, no matter where they are. However, these options have one important limitation - once a person makes a change, the earlier versions are gone.

Also, if you save a file in a location other than the synced folder, those changes will not be saved as part of the backup.

If you want to ensure full organizational consistency, you need to make sure that you set guidelines for file changes and then make sure that they also comply with the guidelines.

Keep the keys to your locks

Most cloud storage business offerings encrypt data in transit and at rest - the information is encrypted so that no one else can do anything with the data, even if it is stolen.

However, if the cloud storage provider has the codes for decryption, the data can be at risk if a bad actor or dissatisfied employee gains access to it.

The better solution is to use custom passwords for encryption. So-called zero-access encryption (also known as zero-knowledge encryption) is particularly reliable because someone who only has the file does not yet have access to the information stored in it, unless the code for decryption is known. This method therefore offers a two instead of one data protection level.

Recovery from errors

Everybody makes mistakes. Whether it is about forgetting the milk when shopping or accidentally deleting a file. With cloud storage options limited to syncing and sharing backups, a person's mistake can turn into an organizational nightmare.

When looking for a cloud storage and backup solution, you should consider whether and how you can recover accidentally deleted files and data. This is the only way to ensure that important information can be restored - no matter how it was deleted.

Don't be a hostage

With the increase in ransomware attacks, more and more companies are trying to protect their data from being held hostage. Some entrepreneurs believe that their company is too small to be targeted by hackers. The opposite is the case. Hackers assume that small businesses often lack the financial and human resources to adequately protect every device and system from ransomware.

A single ransomware attack can result in costly business interruptions, reputational damage, and legal fees. To protect yourself, you need to look for a cloud storage solution that will protect your business from the online threats as well.

Bigger inside

Large companies store and upload more information. The difference in data can lead to different storage and bandwidth requirements. At the same time, however, many large companies are looking for object storage to compress the data they leave behind in the cloud.

Small businesses, on the other hand, have to ensure that their storage space is scalable. What they are storing today may be significantly less than what they will need in two or five years. If hierarchical file structures are used, the space requirements and the bandwidth requirements can increase.

the price is hot

All companies pay attention to their budget. However, small companies often lack financial resources, which means that they do not make decisions based on the functionality offered, but rather on the price. In addition, many cloud service providers only offer two or three pricing options, which makes it difficult to decide which option is best.

Best cloud storage for business

Acronis Backup offers the best cloud storage for small business owners, midsize businesses, large businesses, and professional service providers. With the additional data protection solutions offered, you can choose the cloud storage services that meet your requirements and have the flexibility to add these later if necessary.

With Acronis cloud backup solutions, you can access files wherever you have an internet connection. If your systems are restored, you can expect less downtime. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can remotely manage backup plans and set them to automatic backup or manual backup. You determine the destination according to your preferences. Any number of file versions can be stored with Acronis Cloud. Use the storage space for archiving purposes and save the data as long as you want or need. Last but not least, Acronis' commitment to data protection includes AES-256 military encryption store in SSAE-18 certified data centers. The built-in AI-powered ransomware defense technology is the first of its kind.