Who is George Bailey

No Christmas without TV classics : The life is wonderful, is not it?

You have to be a program planner on television. The template for the Christmas holidays apparently consists of: "Three hazelnuts for Cinderella", Helene Fischer, "Kevin - Alone at home", "Dream ship", optionally Loriot, circus festivals, "One heart and one soul" and again Loriot in the third Programs.

Not too much has changed in this in 2020 either. Because of the pandemic-related small family celebrations between roast goose, giving presents and the next day roasting, even more television is likely to be watched than already, due to the lack of conversation partners - and the question is whether it is not on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Joyn or Sky after all is a bit more varied and exciting than ARD, ZDF & Co.

Or shouldn't there be any surprises in terms of television at Christmas? The ultimate feelgood film “Isn't life beautiful?” From 1946 has been refining the festival program for what felt like 40 years. We know it by heart. No gift unwrapping without afterwards James Stewart as deeply indebted George Bailey, who thinks his life is pointless and wishes he was never born until the powers of heaven in the person of the angel Clarence save him and show him what would have become of his hometown and residents, if George had never lived.

Christmas eve on TV this time there is nothing to be said for rescue. We could have used it so well this year. The ZDF refers to the lack of license rights. Arte is still bringing the Frank Capra classic on December 29th. Do the “Three Hazelnuts…” (including: ARD, 12:15 p.m. or RBB, 11:15 p.m.), “Kevin - Alone at Home” (Sat1, 8:15 p.m.), the good, old “ Feuerzangenbowle "(ARD, 9:45 pm) or for night owls" Bridget Jones "(ZDF, 1:40 am).

It will be more interesting - and newer - on Christmas Day with Tobias Moretti as the aging “Louis van Beethoven” (ARD, 8:15 pm). If you like it musically more contemporary: The ZDF has kept Helene Fischer's Primetimeplatz free despite the Corona-related cancellation of the Christmas show. There is just a best-of, “My most beautiful moments”. At the same time on Sat1 (8:15 pm), "Kevin" has now landed "Alone in New York", Pro7 brings Sandra Bullock in the rogue comedy "Ocean’s 8".

As if cruise ship captains had nothing else to do

They are not really blockbusters. The television blockbuster is sailing on Second Christmas Day undaunted across the oceans. The "dream ship". Where it was believed that the cruise industry is on the ground with Corona, ZDF has actually managed to maintain the illusion of safe travel and to shoot two new episodes: one in Cape Town and, on New Year's Day, in the Seychelles. Contents are traditionally not that important here, just this much: It didn't go completely without scratches during production.

Because of the Corona crisis, Harald Schmidt could not be flown in for the shooting, which takes away a dash of irony from the holiday festivities. The loyal ship's doctor, Doctor Sander (Nick Wilder), arrived on time, but threatens to disembark, of course because of love. The next prominent departure of the ZDF ratings hit. That leaves Florian Silbereisen, who as the almighty captain Max Parger in Cape Town effortlessly finds lost passengers like his predecessor Sascha Hehn at the best of times. As if cruise ship captains had nothing else to do than ride a motorcycle through the city at their destination.

Well, beautiful illusions, to which perhaps the Ulrike Folkerts “Tatort: ​​Unter Wölfen” about a murder of a club operator in the first (8:15 pm) is preferable. Or, in binge watching, streaming series that have been missed over the year.

The fourth season of the Royals story “The Crown”, “Unorthodox” about the breakout of a young Jewish woman from a Hasidic community, the chess prodigy story “Das Damengambit” (all Netflix), “Germany 89”, the Completion of the trilogy (Amazon Prime Video), the married drama “The Undoing” with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant (Sky), new “Jerks” episodes with Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardim on Joyn or the comedy “One does not die among friends” Iris Berben and Heiner Lauterbach (TV Now).

But if you don't miss out on George Bailey's rescue at Christmas and until 29.12. want to wait for the TV classic: "Isn't life beautiful?" is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

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