How do you register an insurance claim

This is how insurance claims are reported correctly

  • The Damage report to the insurer should as early as possible respectively.
  • Important specifications are i.a. Name of the person who caused the damage and the injured party, insurance number, time and place of the damage and a precise description of the course of the damage.
  • The deadlines as well as the other necessary information can be depending on the insurance line vary.
  • Photos are especially important in the event of insurance damage Household items, building or at Motor vehicle accidents important. Receipts, documents and certificates, on the other hand, are particularly important for the Liability or Disability insurance.

This must include the damage report to the insurer

Regardless of the specific insurance, there is certain information that you have to provide in your claim report to the insurer always should indicate:

Information for reporting damage
  • Name of the policyholder and the person who caused the damage
  • Your full address
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Insurance number
  • short, precise description of the type of damage and the cause of the damage
  • Time of the damage
  • List of the items to be replaced or the required service
  • Attach evidence, photos / videos, witness statements
  • if necessary, invoices for the items to be replaced
  • in the event of an accident as the cause: report the damage to the accident insurance company

Explained in 2 minutes: This is the correct way to report a claim to the insurer

When and how does the claim have to be reported?

Report the damage as soon as possible

The first and most important rule when reporting a claim to the insurance company is: react as quickly as possible. The period within which you must report damage is stipulated in the contract for your insurance. As a rule, you will be given specific guidelines 3 days Time to report a claim.

On the other hand, it is in the contract of one "Immediate" report the speech, your communication to the insurer is expected for the working day following the claim. The time window can, however, cover up to a week. If in doubt, ask your insurer if no clear deadline has been agreed in the policy.

The fastest way to report is online or by telephone hotline

The quickest way to report a claim to the insurer is through the latter Website do. If your insurer offers an app, this will also have the function of claim reporting. As a rule, it takes so little time for the process to be received by the insurer and processed by him there. Online forms from the insurer ask for the most important information about the claim. This avoids inquiries, which again reduces the time it takes to process your report.

Many insurance companies offer one 24-hour claims hotline at. This is e.g. B. very helpful if you have to report fire damage to your building. But even without a 24-hour service, most insurers have a telephone hotline specifically for claims processing. By stating your insurance number, you can describe the case to the clerk and discuss how to proceed.

Damage reports by post should in principle be sent by Registered mail with return slip in order to have receipt of your letter confirmed.

Report damage to the household insurance

Customize photos of the damage that you want to report to your home insurance. With the clearest possible images, the insurance company can understand the damage more easily. If you want to have damaged inventory replaced, you must have the Receipts Enclose with your damage report. You should keep the damaged items until the damage has been settled.

A claim report is not always worthwhile
Some household damage is low cost. You should therefore increase the amount of your Deductible know. You can save yourself the hassle of filing a full damage report to the household insurance if a rejection is foreseeable because the amount of damage is too low.

Here you will find examples of typical cases of damage in household insurance:

Typical cases of damage: household insurance

Report damage to the liability insurance

In the case of liability insurance, as with household contents insurance, meticulous documentation of the damage is necessary. Photos, receipts and receipts you should enclose the damage report. Even if you are not the person who caused the damage, you should inform the insurer. In any case, keep the contractual Reporting deadlines a. Otherwise you have to expect a rejection.

┬╗It is important that you do not immediately pay yourself for claims by third parties. Instead, let your insurer do that Review case. Going it alone in the event of damage can easily lead to you accepting a debt on your part by paying the damage. "

Find out here what typical damage cases in liability insurance are:

Typical cases of damage: Liability

Report damage to the motor vehicle insurance company

A car accident is often about a lot of money. But that's not the only reason why you should report the damage to your car insurance company as soon as possible. Also the Reminder of the course of the accident fades over time and important details may be forgotten.

However, you are forced to wait until the Police accident report received by your insurer. If the damage was caused by another driver, you should coordinate the damage report to his vehicle insurance company with your own.

New accident reporting service for cars
Since April 2016 it has been possible to use an emergency call system in German cars that automatically sends the Emergency call center communicated. Acceleration sensors in the cigarette lighter even detect the strength of the impact. The accident is then reported to an emergency call center via an app. The exact location of the car is also transmitted. Inquire with your insurer about the accident plug and the app.

Examples of typical damage cases in motor insurance can be found here:

Typical cases of damage: car insurance

Report damage to the accident insurance

If you have a disability suffer. There may be different reporting deadlines depending on the provider, but often a disability has to be at the latest 12 to 15 months to be reported after the accident.

The reporting deadline for statutory accident insurance is significantly shorter

Maximum 3 days remain with the statutory accident insurance to report your accident. Work and commuting accidents should therefore right away be reported. Make sure that your employer is informed as soon as possible and that the claim can be reported.

Those who miss the report are no longer entitled to past benefits, but they are entitled to future benefits. This was decided by a judgment of the Augsburg Social Court in 2013 (Az. S 8 U 147/13).

You can read about typical claims in accident insurance here:

Typical cases of damage: accident insurance

Report damage to the disability insurance

Your occupational disability insurance pays out from the moment you become disabled. This is also true retrospectivelyif you do not report the case immediately after it is discovered. However, so that you do not have to wait too long for the benefits to begin, you should inform your insurer as early as possible. When reporting a claim in the BU, one speaks of a claim for an occupational disability pension.

Fill out the application correctly and completely
When reporting, it is important that all of the information you provide is correct. Include all the necessary documents, such as medical certificates, diagnoses, prognoses and certificates at. A doctor must confirm that you can no longer pursue your current job. The insurer will check your entitlement as an annex to all the declarations and evidence in the application for benefits and may or may not grant you the disability pension.

You can find out how the benefit application works in the BU and tips on how to make it correctly here:

Application for benefits in the BU

Report of death to the life insurance company

Deaths are covered by life insurance or accident insurance within 24 to 72 hours Report to. You must therefore be in a hurry so that the sum insured can be paid out smoothly.

Your life insurance must have that Death certificate and the testimony about the cause of death. Because there are exclusion criteria in the insurance conditions. On the basis of the official documents, your insurer will check whether the reported death obliges him to pay.

You can find all information about the payment of a life insurance here:

Life insurance payout


Regardless of the insurance concerned, you should report a claim as early as possible. Sometimes you only have a few days to fully claim benefits. Nevertheless, all immediate sources of danger must first be eliminated. Therefore, make sure that the damage does not increase further. Then you can contact your insurer.