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Information sheet of the Black Forest Horse Breeding Association e.v. output


1 information sheet of the Black Forest Horse Breeding Association e.v. Edition Dear friends of the Black Forest draft horses, an eventful breeding year lies behind us. In our fourth edition of 2015 we will focus on the performance tests in Marbach and St. Märgen as well as the cold blood days in St. Märgen. But also the 30th cold blood market in Laupheim is discussed in detail in words and pictures. At the end of the year there is always the time to critically examine the past breeding year. How was the quality of the horses presented at the events, how was the response from the interested visitors, were innovations discussed and implemented? In our opinion, we can all look back on a successful Black Forest breeding year. Overall, high-quality forests were presented at the various events, even if, as a saddened drop, the number of mares presented was lower than in previous years. Our events were always well attended from near and far. Due to the weather, the performance test in St. Märgen was an exception. Extremely pleasing that the cold blood days in October were again a crowd puller, especially the sold out show evening. Foal shows and cold blood days are and will remain the flagship of Black Forest breeding in the Ländle. In a meeting at the end of February, the Breed Advisory Board decided on an elite mare regulation for draft horses. Unfortunately one looks in vain for a publication of the new guidelines. In times of cross-association cooperation, workshops and project groups, we Black Forest breeders show that we are one big family that usually pulls together. Our Black Forest passion is not only evident as a whole as a large family, horse breeding within a single family has also led to an impressive sense of achievement this year. Birgit and Roland Finsterwald with their three girls Jana, Svenja and Linda from Salem-Buggensegel were proud that their two gold foals from Vogtsberg and Rotenberg were selected as stallion candidates of the main and state stud Marbach for the 2017 licensing. After her self-bred and reared stallion Rosenkavalier v. Rubiniero was also licensed and was even champion stallion, they are certainly the unofficial Black Forest Breeder of the Year Thomas Armbruster & Gerhard Schröder licensing winner 2015 JHP Rosenkavalier by Rubiniero with the whole Finsterwald family 1

2 Licensing 2015 The licensing of the draft horse stallions took place on Saturday as part of the draft horse days in St. Märgen. 9 young Black Forest stallions as well as the seven-year-old Noriker Fresach Elmar XIV, who was already licensed in Austria, and the nine-year-old Black Forest stallion Vulkan v. Vogtsberg. Four Black Forests were raised and presented by the main and state stud Marbach. The other stallion candidates come from private exhibitors. The judges were composed as follows: Breeding manager Manfred Weber, the deputy chairman of the Horse Breeding Association of Baden-Württemberg Karl Heinz Eckerlin, the veterinarian at the Horse Health Service Dr. Klaus Banzhaf, the breeder representative Erika Krämer and Helmut Faller, the representative of the cold blood breeders at the horse breeding association Ba-Wü. The following were licensed and awarded the young stallion premium: Rubinrot v. Ruby a.d. StPrSt Nele v. Mönchberg-Wido-Merkur (Z: Josef and Michael Schill, Elzach-Prechtal, B: Haupt- und Landgestüt Marbach) The licensing committee: Krämer, Weber, Eckerlin, Faller and Banzhaf In the mornings, after buoyancy, measuring and veterinary checks, the introduction took place in the open air on hard ground followed by a demonstration on a triangular track and in the open air in the white fir hall. After a final ring of all licensing candidates, the results were announced. Three young stallions were licensed and both stallion candidates who were brought up for recognition were also registered with the horse breeding association Ba-Wü. Assessment and comment of the breeding manager: This very well developed dark chestnut shows a lot of masculine expression with an excellent breed type. His body is well lined with good topline and well muscled croup. It has a strong, well-developed and dry foundation. In the trot he impresses with his energetic footing, always elastic and tactical with good self-posture and free 2

3 movement mechanics. The step is regulated, hard-working and sufficiently extensive. His confident demeanor during the licensing rounds off the overall impression, a worthy premium stallion. Champion Stallion Rosenkavalier by Rubiniero a.d. StPrSt. Donna v. Dachsberg-Moritz-Duden (Z, B: Roland and Birgit Finsterwald, Salem) dry foundation. The relaxed step is characterized by tact, diligence and good spatial grasp. At a trot he shows himself straight away with a well-used hindquarters, light-footed, tactful and supple. Due to its serenity and sociability and the noble dark chestnut color with the light long hair, it gives a lasting overall impression. As a reserve champion stallion and awarded the young stallion premium, he is also highly valued. Assessment and comment of the breeding manager: With Rosenkavalier, a harmonious, elegant, well-lined stallion with a beautiful rass nobility in a dark jacket and neat long hair is presented. Its side image pleases with a good body layout with a shapely neck and well-positioned shoulder. The back offers a good saddle position and merges into a harmonious croup, the foundation fits the body. In his parade gait trot he left nothing to be desired, showed himself to be energetic, tactful and always relaxed and lively with very good mechanics of movement and good shoulder freedom. The step is serene with good back work. With the title Champion Stallion and the young stallion premium, he is particularly valued. The stallion is now owned by the main and state stud Marbach. Markus v. Markward a.d. Hanna v. Respect Widukind dictator (B: Josef Allgaier, Hofstetten, B: Haupt- und Landgestüt Marbach) Assessment and comment of the breeding manager: This handsome young stallion presents himself with a very good breed type and an expressive, finely cut face with a good body division and very well muscled. He stands up. The following were recognized by the Baden-Württemberg Horse Breeding Association: Fresach Elmar XIV - Noriker - Mohrenkopf - v. Franz Elmar XIII a.d. Edda v. Star Vulkan XVI- Matthias Diamant XII-Mustang Vulkan XII (Z: Christian Steindl, A-9712 ​​Fresach, B: Georg Frick, Ingoldingen) Assessment and comment of the breeding director: Stallion with good breed type and expression, well set neck, well positioned shoulder in the back with a good ending, in the 3

4 Croup long and well developed. Shows himself to be hardworking at the trot, tactful and with good drive, the step is hasty and moderately striding. Vulkan v.vogtsberg a.d. StPrSt. Fricka v. Poacher-Moritz-Militär (B: Harald Schuler, St. Peter, B: Werner Schultheiss, Pfullendorf) Assessment and comment of the breeding manager: Shapely, compact and harmonious stallion with good Black Forest type and strong feet and legs. In the walk he was regulated but a little restrained in the diligence, the trot is diligent and a little firm in the back. Sociable stallion with a cute color. The stallion Vulkan v. Vogtsberg will be available to interested breeders from the 2016 breeding season at the Schlutheiss breeding station in Aach-Linz. The stallion assessments were literally based on the notification of the breeding manager for draft horses / small horses Manfred Weber: Approved young stallions at the draft horse approval in St. Märgen: Three new Marbach state stud stallions. Cold Blood Days St. Märgen Future Prize of the Two-Year-olds As part of the Association Horse Show Black Forest Cold Blood mares were registered on Sunday, 19 two-year-old mares, of which 17 joined the judges with breeding manager Manfred Weber, former deputy head of the main and state stud Marbach Dr. Thomas Raue and the deputy chairman of the Baden-Württemberg Horse Breeding Association, Karl Heinz Eckerlin. The mares were ranked in three rings. A first association award was given 14 times, three mares received a second association award. The winner (Ia) in the first ring was Heide v. Markward from the StPrSt Helena v. Vogtsberg (Z, B: Thomas Rombach, Titisee-Neustadt). This beautiful, harmonious, compact mare (height 149 cm) with rasseadel convinced the judges with her regular stride and elastic trot. The Wanda v. Ib followed. Auditor from the Romana v. Federsee (Z, B: ZG Löffler-Hügle, Glottertal). In the second ring, the fine Lioba v. Lamri from the StPrSt Feine Rosalie v. Riemer (Z, B: ZG Schmidt / Schröder, Offenburg). This mare (height 148) with a lot of Black Forest type and nobility as well as outstanding movement mechanics in step and trot comes from the Welsh-Cob breeding experiment, which goes back to the third generation of the Welsh-Cob D stallion Unicorn Lancelot. Emy v. Rubin from the StPrSt Eliane v. Vogtsberg (Z: Heinrich Neumaier, Hofstetten, B: Werner Hesse, Timmenrode). In the third ring, a mare also won (Ia), the third generation from the Welsh-Cob breeding trial. The harmoniously built Rhea v. Let from the StPrSt Ria v. Federweisser (Z, B: Werner Blattert, Dillendorf) with a height of 151 cm impressed the judges with his good Black Forest type and regular movements. Ib followed by Leni v. Badger from the Lena v. Moritz (Z: Hermann Klingele, Stegen, B: Hubert Disch and Svenja Kuri, Elzach-Yach). In the final ring of the Ia mares, the fine Lioba v. As the outstanding winner of the Future Prize, Lamri was rewarded with the winner's sash and an association award. The 4th place followed on the reserve winner's place

5 Heide v. Markward and as the second reserve winner the Rhea v. Let. Natascha v. Feldbach from the Nensi v. Dachsberg (Z, B: Werner Schultheiss, Pfullendorf). Romy v. Donnergroll from the StPrSt Romina v. Moritz (Z, B: Bernhard Wanke, Tonbach). Winner of the Future Prize: Feine Lioba v. Lamri winner of the three-year-olds and new StPrSt Elisa v. Federsee reserve winner place: Heide v. Markward Second place in the three year olds and new StPrSt Natascha v. Feldbach Second reserve winner: Rhea v. Lasse three-year-old mares Only five mares were registered, of which only four entered for evaluation. Elisa v. Federsee from the StPrSt Eliane v. Vogtsberg (Z: Heinrich Neumaier, Hofstetten, B: Werner Hesse, Timmenrode). The mare impressed with her dry Black Forest type, body harmony and two straight and productive gaits. She was awarded the state premium. Second best in this age group was the Neue StPrSt in the three-year-olds: Romy v. Donnergroll Four- to five-year-old mares Out of seven mares presented in this class, the StPrSt Fiona v. Modem from the StPrSt Franzi v. Poacher (B: Karlheinz Reichmann, 5

6 Weilheim, B: Klaus Simon, Gütenbach). The five-year-old convinced with her breed type, charisma, body harmony and movement potential. Last year's Acting Winner StPrSt Donna Clara v. Dachs out of the StPrSt Mira v. Montan (Z, B: Hermann Klingele, Stegen). Very good breed type and body harmony as well as hardworking movements were praised by the breeding director. With the title StPrSt, Gundi v. Wilder Retter from the Fränzi v. Riegel (Z, B: Sabine Rosenfelder, Furtwangen) honored. Winner of the four to five year old mares: StPrSt Fiona v. Modem Six-year-old and older mares The six-year-old Maya v. Modem from the Mia-Nora v. Auditor (Z, B: Maria Harter, Gengenbach), who was also awarded the title of StPrSt. The breeding manager attested this beautiful mare good breed type, a relaxed, light-footed trot and hard-working walk. The nine-year-old StPrSt Imme v. Mönchberg from the StPrSt I-Dunja v. Feldsee (Z, B: Friedrich Buderer, Freiamt). The typey, caliber and well muscled mare showed a sure-footed step and an energetic trot. Also honored with the title of StPrSt were: Alicé v. Riemer from Anette v. Moritz (Z, B: Werner Blattert, Bonndorf); the black-brown Armada v. Leonhard out of the black mare Atlanta S by. Modus (B: Alfons Georg & Olga Sieber, Bonndorf, B: Werner Blattert, Bonndorf); Ramona v. Modus from Rabienne v. Feldsee (Z, B: Nikolaus & Markus Becherer, Elzach-Prechtal); Hanna v. Respect from the Helena v. Widukind (Z, B: Josef Allgaier, Hofstetten); Bella v. Respect from the Bellinda v. Feldsee (Z: Hermann Singler, Schuttertal, B: ZG Singler, Schuttertal). Reserve champion of the four to five year old mares: StPrSt Donna Clara v. Dachs winner of the six-year-old and older mares: StPrSt Maya v. Modem Neue StPrSt Gundi v. Wilder Retter reserve champion in the six-year-old and older mares: StPrSt Imme v. Mönchberg 6

7 New StPrSt Alicé v. Riemer Neue StPrSt Armada v. Leonhard 30. Laupheim Cold Blood Market In mid-October the 30th Cold Blood Market took place in Laupheim. In addition to the association horse show and the municipal horse awards, there was also a four-paddock award for the 30th anniversary of the IG Kaltblut. In the association horse show, the breeding manager Manfred Weber, the representative of the cold blood breeders at the horse breeding association Ba-Wü Helmut Faller and the agricultural director a.d. Dr. Thomas Raue as a team of judges. The overall winner of the Association Horse Show was a four-year-old Rhenish-German draft horse v. Hurrican bred and owned by Dr. Helmut Feussner from Ingoldingen. At the VPS, the team of judges awarded 28 mares (21 SWK, 4 SDK and 3 Rh-Dt) the coveted title "State Premium Mare" ten times and a first State Prize 28 times. In addition to the winning mare of the Rhenish-German breed, nine Black Forest mares received the state premium mare title. In the final ring, five-year-old StPrSt Fiona by Klaus Simon, Gütenbach prevailed as the overall winner of the show. Karl Heinz Eckerlin presented the winner's sash and the silver FN plaque. Reserve winner was the four-year-old StPrSt Donna Clara from Hermann Klingele, Stegen. A mare family award did not take place on the occasion of the Cold Blood Days in St. Märgen. Ten new state premium mares were awarded. The winner of the Black Forests of the VPS and class winner of the three-year-olds was StPrSt Fürst s Franzi v. Falkenstein From left to right: Overall winner StPrSt Fiona v. Modem from the StPrSt Franzi v. Poacher, Reserve Champion StPrSt Donna Clara v. Dachs out of the StPrSt Mira v. Montan, winner of the Future Prize: Feine Lioba v. Lamri from the StPrSt Feine Rosalie v. Riemer In the Black Forests, the three-year-old StPrSt Fürst s Franzi v. Falkenstein from Hartmut Fürst's breeding stable from Aalen took the lead, she was also the winner of the class of three-year-old Black Forest mares. In the four- and five-year-old SWK, the new StPrSt Nadja v. Montan from the breed and owned by Adalbert Jegler from Deggenhausertal. The Riemer 7th won the older mares

8 daughter StPrSt Lady S (B: Fritz Milchraum, Mühlacker, B: Dietmar Soulier, Ölbronn-Dürrn) won the title. Two Black Forest families were presented at the VPS. The twenty-year-old Dora v Direkt, Z: Nikolaus Winterer, Elzach, B: ZG Margarete and Clemens Häfele, Bad Wurzach, with her daughter StPrSt Espe v. Poacher and granddaughter StPrSt Edda v. Dachsberg won in front of the family of the 13-year-old Retter daughter Ronja, bred by Hans Bäurle, Essingen and owned by Gertrud Bäurle, Essingen. The winner of the four and five year olds in the Black Forest was StPrSt Nadja v. Montan winner of the older Black Forest class was StPrSt Lady S v. Riemer All eight presented two-year-olds (seven SWK and one Freiberg mare) received 1st association prizes. The winner was Fürst s Fina v. Falkenstein from Hartmut Fürst's breeding stable from Aalen before Hella v. Modigliani bred and owned by Roland Bäuerle from Neuler. The best Black Forest family was the twenty-year-old Dora v. Direct and their offspring. The 13-year-old StPrSt Hanna v. Ravel from the breed and owned by Werner Schultheiss from Aach-Linz to the top. In the end, a six-year-old Rhenish-German mare by. Gildo, bred and owned by Rudi Geromiller from Aitrach, was chosen as the overall winner of the 30th draft horse market. The new Black Forest state premium toes in Laupheim StPrSt Fürst s Franzi v. Falkenstein, B: Hartmut Fürst, Aalen; StPrSt Edda v. Dachsberg, B: ZG Häfele, Bad Wurzach; StPrSt Maxi v. Maximus, B: Werner Elsässer, Steinenbronn; StPrSt Evi v. Ravelsberg, B: ZG Bauer, Bad Urach; StPrSt Nadja v. Montan, B: Adalbert Jegler, Deggenhausertal; StPrSt Fürst s Ronja v. Ravel, B: Hartmut Fürst, Aalen; StPrSt Mona S v. Vogt, B: Georg Schweig-hart, Kisslegg; StPrSt Lea v. Respekt, B: Carmen Keck, Herbrechtingen; StPrSt Luna v. Vogtsberg, B: Gertrud Bäurle, Essingen. The winner of the two-year-olds was the Black Forest mare Fürst s Fina v. Falkenstein 8

9 Performance test Marbach On the 14th and 15thSeptember the performance tests for cold-blooded mares and stallions took place on the grounds of the main and state stud Marbach. 17 Black Forest mares and one South German and one Rhenish German took part successfully. The average overall grade was 7.74. The sub-areas interior, driving and pulling averaged 8.45, 7.33 and 7.41. Third best mare in Marbach was the three-year-old Romy v. Thunder rage a. d. StPrSt Romina v. Moritz bred and owned by Bernhard Wanke, Baiersbronn. Total 8.49 Interior 8.46 Driving 8.63 Pulling 8.30 The winner was the five-year-old South German Bella v. Nasall / Donator (B: Wolfgang Geyer, Hermaringen) Total 8.60 Interior 8.75 Driving 9.25 Pulling 7.35 Gina, born 2007, v. Montan a. d. Gabi v. Respekt reached fourth place (C: Maximilian Ried, Mindelheim, B: Arnd and Andrea Hahn, Gerstetten) Total 8.35 Interior 9.07 Driving 7.75 Pulling 8.30 In second place was the bay Black Forest mare Alice, Born in 2009, by Leonhard a. d. StPrSt Alin v. Donnergroll (Z: Helmut Faller, St. Märgen, B: Marina Tizzano, Ostfildern) Total 8.56 Interior 9.25 Driving 7.75 Pulling 8.90 The three-year-old Dachsberg daughter Edda a. d. StPrSt Espe v. Poacher (Z, B: ZG Margarete and Clemens Häfele, Bad Wurzach-Haidgau) Total 8.31 Interior 9.07 Driving 7.63 Pulling 8.35 9

10 10th place Fiona, born 2011, by Domingo a. d. StPrSt Fenja v. Moritz (Z: Bernhard Tritschler, Titisee-Neustadt, B: Dietmar Soulier, Ölbronn-Dürrn) Total 7.90 Interior 8.79 Driving 6.88 Pulling 8, Platz Hera, born 2012, v. Ravel a. d. Helena v. Donnergroll (Z, B: Roland Bäuerle, Neuler) Total 7.68 Interior 8.36 Driving 7.13 Pulling 7, Platz Fiona, born in 2012, v. Weissgerber a. d. Ronja v. Auditor (Z, B: Roland Bäuerle, Neuler) Total 7.68 Interior 8.43 Driving 6.63 Pulling 8.30 6th place Maxi, born 2012, v. Maximus a. d. Manu s Willow v. Poacher (B: Manuela and Thomas Lörcher, Calw-Speßhardt, B: Werner Elsässer, Steinenbronn) Total 8.14 Interior 8.86 Driving 7.75 Pulling 7, Platz Luna, born in 2009, by Vogtsberg a. d. Ronja v. Rescuer (Z, B: Gertrud Bäurle, Essingen) Total 7.66 Interior 8.54 Driving 7.25 Pulling 7, Platz Ilexa, born in 2012, v. Badger a. d. StPrSt Iris- Waldfee v. Poacher (Z, B: Ute Kaltenbach, St. Märgen) Total 7.48 Interior 7.86 Driving 7.38 Pulling 7, Platz La Fee, born 2012, v. Ravel a. d. Mendy v. Moritz (Z, B: Hans-Ulrich Götz, Bitz) Total 7.40 Interior 8.61 Driving 7.13 Pulling 6, Place Rivanna S, born 2012, v. Dachsberg a. d. Flora v. Poacher (Z, B: Georg Schweighart, Kisslegg) Total 7.40 Interior 8.61 Driving 7.13 Pulling 6.15 7th place Nadja, born in 2011, by. Montan a. d. StPrSt Nelli- Diana v. Dirk (Z, B: Adalbert Jegler, Deggenhausertal) Total 8.05 Interior 8.50 Driving 8.63 Pulling 6, Platz Dira, born 2011, v. Vogtsberg a. d. Dina v. Direct (Z: Hans Schneiderhan, Gundelsheim, B: Katja Both, Hardthausen) Total 6.90 Interior 7.71 Driving 6.50 Pulling 6, Platz P-Mona, year 2005, v. Thunder rage a. d. Marina v. Merkur (Z: Gerhard Lamparth, Altensteig, B: Markus Rebholz, Irndorf) Total 6.75 Interior 7.57 Driving 6.00 Pulling 6, Platz Farina, year 2005, v. Poacher a. d. Flora v. Poacher (Z, B: Klaus Dietrich, Himmelstadt) Total 5.98 Interior 6.82 Driving 5.38 Pulling 5.75 Four Black Forest stallions successfully passed their tests and now carry the title "performance stallion" for life. The average overall grade was 8.16. The sub-areas interior, driving and pulling averaged 8.35, 8.06 and 8, place Rheinisch-German mare Marri, born in 2011, v. Hurrican / Nerlinger (Z, B: Dr. Helmut Feussner, Ingoldingen) Total 8.00 Interior 8.39 Driving 7.75 Pulling 7.75 9th place Evi, born 2012, v. Ravelsberg a. d. Exotic v. Vogt (Z: Richard Wöhr, Güglingen, B: ZG Wolfgang and Ellen Bauer, Bad Urach) Total 7.98 Interior 8.64 Driving 7.88 Pulling 7.20 10

11 The best participant was the three year old Darius v. Badger a. d. StPrSt H Roxy M v. Poacher (Z, B: Ursula Runkel, Feldberg) Total 8.54 Interior 8.64 Driving 8.50 Pulling 8.45 Dachsbub, born in 2012, followed in fourth place. Badger a. d. StPrSt Fanny v. Riegel (Z: Helmut Faller, St. Märgen, B: Haupt- u. Landgestüt Marbach) Total 7.75 Interior 7.68 Driving 7.88 Pulling 7.65 Performance test St. Märgen In second place followed Finn RN year. 2012, v. Feldsee a. d. StPrSt Rieke v. Riemer (Z, B: Werner Schnerring, Christel and Anne Erz, Beuren) Total 8.24 Interior 9.11 Driving 7.00 Pulling 9.00 Two days later the test took place in St. Märgen in rainy weather. Ten Black Forest mares successfully took part. The average overall grade was 7.57. The sub-areas interior, driving and pulling averaged 7.95, 7.20 and 7.63. The third best test was completed by the three-year-old Red Milan v. Ruby a. d. StPrSt Escada v. Vogtsberg (Z: ZG Tanya Schmidt and Gerhard Schröder, Offenburg, B: Hauptu. Landgestüt Marbach) Total 8.10 Interior 7.96 Driving 8.88 Pulling 7.05 The winner was the three-year-old Natascha v. Feldbach a. d. Nensi v. Dachsberg (Z, B: Werner Schultheiss, Aach-Linz) Total 8.40 Interior 8.25 Driving 8.63 Pulling 8.25 11

12 Second place went to Ricarda, born in 2011, v. Federsee a. d. Rieka v. Poacher (Z, B: ZG Löffler + Hügle, Glottertal) Total 8.25 Interior 8.86 Driving 7.25 Pulling 9.00 5th place Gundi, born 2011, by Wild Savior a. d. Fränzi v. Riegel (Z, B: Sabine Rosenfelder, Furtwangen) Total 7.83 Interior 8.14 Driving 7.13 Pulling 8.50 Third best mare was the three-year-old Elisa v. Federsee a. d. StPrSt Eliane v. Vogtsberg (Z: Heinrich Neunmaier, Hofstetten, B: Werner Hesse, Timmenrode) Total 7.93 Interior 7.68 Driving 8.38 Pulling 7.55 6th place Ally, born 2011, v. Wild Savior a. d. Alin v. Donnergroll (Z: Helmut Faller, St. Märgen, B: Theo Neininger, Villingen-Schwenningen) Total 7.73 Interior 8.64 Driving 7.13 Pulling 7.40 4th place Fiona, born 2011, v. Mode a. d. StPrSt Feli v. Respekt (Z, B: Hubert Winterhalter, Mühlenbach) Total 7.88 Interior 8.75 Driving 6.63 Pulling 8.65 7th place Hiera, born 2010, v. Wild Savior a. d. StPrSt Hana v. Federweisser (Z, B: Thomas Rombach, Titisee-Neustadt) Total 7.34 Interior 8.14 Driving 6.75 Pulling 7.15 12

13 impressions LP in St. Märgen 8th place Frieda, born 2010, v. Vento a. d. StPrSt Frenzi v. Poacher (Z, B: Karlheinz Reichmann, Weilheim) Total 7.26 Interior 7.96 Driving 6.88 Pulling 6.90 9th place Lucianna, born 2011, by Badger a. d. StPrSt Lea v. Poacher (Z, B: Gerlinde and Alexander Dettling, Niedereschach) Total 7.04 Interior 7.25 Driving 7.13 Pulling 6, Platz Meggy, born in 2009, v. Monsoon a. d. P-Mona v. Donnergroll (Z: Markus Rebholz, Irndorf, B: Werner Schultheiss, Aach-Linz) Total 6.05 Interior 5.79 Driving 6.13 Pulling 6.30 13

14 Gala evening in St. Märgen The golden late autumn Saturday of the cold blood days was rounded off by the gala show in the well-filled white fir hall. As in previous years, a firework of graphs was put together in St. Märgen under the motto The versatile use of Black Forest draft horses to create an entertaining program. The audience was put in the mood by the marching in of the traditional costume band St. Märgen-Glashütte under the direction of Klaus Simon. Helmut Faller, the chairman of the Black Forest Horse Breeding Cooperative, and Karl Heinz Eckerlin honored Nikolaus Becherer with his wife (Elzach-Prechtal), Edgar Meßmer (Engen) and Hugo Gantert with his wife (Ühlingen). All received the association pin and certificate for their breeding achievements and services in the preservation of the Black Forest draft horse. Breeding manager Manfred Weber then commented on the three newly licensed Black Forest draft stallions (see separate report licensing 2015), which were skillfully presented by hand. The deputy chairman of the horse breeding association Ba-Wü, Karl Heinz Eckerlin, presented the successful stallion owners and breeders with honorary prizes. The strong moving and extremely typey Champion Stallion Rosenkavalier v. This time Rubiniero was raised privately, for which Roland and Birgit Finsterwald received, among other things, the Bonndorf Cup. It would be unfair to highlight outstanding graphs in this gala show. All contributions were of a high standard and everyone gave their best within the entertaining entertainment program. 13 children and young people of the vaulting group Upper Elztal were lined up according to size and showed their skills on the horse. We all suffered when the smallest of the reliably striding Black Forest mare slipped down and tears flowed. Riding without a bridle, only with the neck ring, was demonstrated by Christine Rombach and Katrin Mäder with their Black Forest mares as a trusting interplay between man and horse. 14th

15 disability and offers them the opportunity to deal with horses. For the show evening, Heinz-Dieter Ludwig, head of the riding therapy there, rehearsed a Black Forest romance with handicapped people, supervisors, two horses, the Baden flag and a lot of imagination. Connoisseurs of the matter identified the stoic Black Forest gelding, with whom one can do almost anything, than the licensing candidate Wirbel v. Wildfuchs, who took on a new challenge as a gelding in Stetten in 2013 for the benefit of the disabled. The Black Forest quartet from the Middle Black Forest consisted of two driven and two ridden Black Forest mares, who performed a breathtaking dance in the swing of the background melodies. The professional clown, theater pedagogue and actress Anja Faller, who lives in St. Märgen, hides behind the clown and 1-horsepower dancer Thusnelda, who wanted to teach St. Märgens Mayor Manfred Kreutz to saddle a pony from the ladder with fun and games. The program for the young breeders was divided into two parts. First, Karina Schütz skillfully commented on the tasks of the young breeders when presenting a horse for assessment by the commission. This was followed by a ridden quadrille with 8 Black Forest horses, in which the youngsters also demonstrated skills in the saddle. The Diakonie Stetten from the greater Stuttgart area is particularly committed to people with The St. Märgen Riding and Driving Association had come up with a surprise that was kept secret until the last minute: a strapped black forest plush showed more urge to move than stubborn ponies on the leashes. This entertaining chart prepared April 15

16 obviously great fun for everyone involved. The Reitquadrille Middle Black Forest spared no effort. Their Black Forest horses wore fluorescent bandages and ribbons that glowed in the black light and thus focused the audience solely on the horses' movement mechanics. As a novelty in the show program, the main and state stud Marbach participated with the presentation of the young stallions Roter Milan and Dachsbub under the saddle as well as the already advanced state stud stallions Ramstein and Falkenstein. The riding lessons were moderated by the deputy head of the stud farm, Dr. Carolin Eiberger. In the interests of all viewers, our unanimous wish: please again next year, or even better, a constant participation of the main and state stud. The Witches' Sabbath rehearsed by Ute Kaltenbach offered a special kind of spectacle. Four Black Forest witches danced and rode in the twilight around a boiling cauldron, from which a green monster could not frighten the horses either. At the invitation of the Horse Breeding Association of Baden-Württemberg, the show gymnastics group Crazy-Turnados from Wiggensbach in the Allgäu showed their spectacular skills coupled with humor and a wink. From the highest bar in the world to the acrobatics on the painter's ladder to the Baywatch parody, they gave an insight into their diverse program, which was rewarded with long-lasting applause. As a grand finale, the Black Forest horse breeding cooperative demonstrated a dizzying one and two-horse quadrille in the white fir hall, which is very narrow due to the VIP seating, under the motto Bluesbrothers on Tour. Many thanks to Bettina Saier for the planning and organization of this evening, which was successful in every respect and which was sensitively moderated by the breeding manager Manfred Weber. If you wanted, you could end the cold blood evening 2015 in a cozy get-together among friends and colleagues with folk hits in the Schwarzwaldhalle. If you got in line at the counter early enough, you could even get something to eat. Unfortunately we weren't lucky: everything was sold out! Request from the organizers of the show evening Also this year we have tried to offer the breeders and friends of the Black Forest draft horse an entertaining show evening in St. Märgen in the Weißtannenhalle. Many committed, horse-loving people have come up with something to entertain a large audience for over 90 minutes. 16

17 There were some mishaps beforehand and some bad dress rehearsals. It has to be like this! But everyone had the courage to perform in the white fir hall under the difficult conditions (strange hall, large audience / cramped conditions). The next Roßfest (2016) is just around the corner. This should be an incentive to everyone who feels like performing in St. Märgen during the show program and to take part. It would be great if more groups or people could be found to take part in a show program at the festivals around the Black Forest Cold Blood. If you feel like it and just want to be contacted in the coming year, you should contact the editors of the information sheet. Thinking outside the box: LPs with SWK horses outside Ba-Wü LP Moritzburg LP Moritzburg Total interior Driving Pulling Average 9.25 9.89 8.29 9.88 Fürst s Franzi 9.25 9.68 8.63 9.65 Fürst s Ronja 8.90 10.0 7.25 10.0 LP Adelheidsdorf LP Adelheidsdorf Total Interior Driving Pulling Average 7.81 8.02 7.67 7.75 Florina 8.36 8.71 8.25 8.05 Nebelfee 7.28 7.71 6.88 7.30 LP Warendorf LP Warendorf Total Interior Drive Pulling Average 7.94 8.18 7.83 7.78 Remy 8.08 8.25 7.88 7.85 Wito 8.00 8.54 7.63 8.15 LP Warendorf Total Interior Driving Pulling Average 7.85 8.26 7.50 7.85 Hedy 7.49 7.18 7.50 7.90 Frieda 7.35 7.54 7. 13 7.45 LP Dillenburg LP Warendorf Total Interior Driving Pulling Average 7.67 7.89 7.27 8.00 Mimiteh 8.08 8.25 7.88 7.85 Fabienne 7.90 8.29 7.38 8. 20 Lea Maria 7.69 7.93 7.00 8.45 Merlin 7.10 7.57 6.63 7.20 Approvals outside of Ba-Wü Krumke Wälderprinz v. Gamekeeper / Donnergroll (B: M. and T. Lörcher, Calw-Speßhardt, B: M. Buchmann, Mansfeld) Photo: Peter Tendler Wickrath Douglas v. Dachs / Riegel (Z: E. Granacher, Gutenberg, B: Schwanecke and Joussen, Waldbröl) Photo: H. J. Joussen Münster Majano v. Milan / Feldsee (Z, B: D. Autschbach, Bad Laasphe) Photo: Martina Kolkmann 17

18 Hessian state cold blood show in Usingen Almost 20 mares, 15 foals and a mare family entered the breeding competition on September 13th. The Black Forest colt Wynn v. Weißherbst from the StPrSt Fiona v. Federweißer was the overall winner foal (B, B: Frank Schmidt, Schmitten). Awarded a mark of 8.1, Wynn was selected as a potential stallion candidate. The Mauritius daughter Fabienne (B, B: Werner Wagner, Lollar) was the overall champion mare as in 2014, followed by the eleven-year-old Mara v. Merlin (Z, B: Burkhard Wagner, Breidenbach). Foals Black Forest draft / premium foals 1a Wynn v. Weißherbst a. d. Fiona StPrSt v. Federweißer, F. Schmidt, Schmitten 8.1 1b Venga v. Vocus a. d. Thunder cloud v. Darius, Michaela Maul, Breuberg 8.0 1c Dolce Vita v. Darius a. d. Whitni v. Host boy, Michaela Maul, Breuberg 7.9 1d Wira v. Weißherbst a. d. Melinda v. Melchior, Frank Schmidt, Schmitten 7,7 1st Mariella v. Melchior a. d. Felina v. Favorite, Frank Schmidt, Schmitten 7.6 1f Mikosh v. Melos a. d. Mona-Liesa v. Morgan, Karl-Heinz Rohmann, Schaafheim 7.6 1g Jantara-Venus v. Vogtsberg a. d. Spruce v. Floris, Christine Damm, Rabenau 7.5 Two year old SWK mares 1a Maima by. Melchior a. d. Felina StPrSt v. Favorite, SW, Frank Schmidt, Schmitten 1b Fee von Altenberg v. Darius a. d. Fabienne v. Mauritius, SW, Werner Wagner, Lollar Four and five year old SWK mares 1a Mimiteh by. Melchior a. d. Fiona StPrSt v. Federweißer, SW, Frank Schmidt, Schmitten Six and seven year old SWK mares 1a Fabienne by. Mauritius a. d. Fricka StPrSt v. Poacher, SW, Werner Wagner, Lollar 1b Melinda v. Melchior a. d. Fiona StPrSt v. Federweißer, SW, Frank Schmidt, Schmitten 1c Romana v. Federsee a. d. Winnie v. Widukind, SW, ZG Strathenke & Lomnitz, Wehrheim 1st spruce v. Floris a. d. Marlene v. Merlin, SW, Christine Damm, Rabenau Eight- and nine-year-old SWK mares 1a Wolke v. Weißherbst a. d. Mirabell v. Moritz, SW, Burkhard Wagner, Breidenbach 1c Mette v. Merlin a. d. Romy v. Retter, SW, Ulrich Wick, Neu-Anspach 1d Lulu W v. Gamekeeper a. d. Laika v. Mergel, SW, ZG Strathenke & Lomnitz, Wehrheim Ten to twelve year old SWK mares 1a Mara v. Merlin a. d. Mirabell v. Moritz, SW, Burkhard Wagner, Breidenbach 1b Felina v. Favorite a. d. Mallow v. Mauritius, SW, Frank Schmidt, Schmitten 1c Fiona StPrSt v. Federweißer a. d. Mira v. Montan, SW, Klingele, Stegen and Frank Schmidt Mare families 1a Fiona StPrSt (SW) family: Fiona StPrSt, Mimiteh, Melinda; Frank Schmidt, Schmitten. A picture and his story Florian Solle The deputy head of the stud, Dr. Carolin Eiberger during the 2015 breeding season in St. Märgen. Together with Karl-Heinz Bleher, she harnessed the four state stud stallions Donner, Maitanz, Roter Milan and Wildbach and together they drove through the picturesque landscape around St. Märgen. Miss Dr. Eiberger took the lines into his own hands! Alfred Schwär kindly made the picture available to us. 18th

19 Versatility of the Black Forest draft horse The Riding and Driving Association Upper Elztal e.v. organized on Sunday the annual riding and driving festival. The fact that the Black Forest cold-blooded horses are by no means lazy, they were able to prove in bright sunshine on a green meadow. The program was almost exclusively carried out with the Black Forest foxes. The audience was able to marvel at the versatility and good character of this horse breed. Above all, having fun with the horses and good camaraderie were in the foreground. Horse friend The fact that our lovable Black Forest foxes are real friends was something 15 children could experience during the holiday program at the Brosihof in Biederbach. Trust in and fun with our four-legged friends were the focus of grooming, leading, riding and playing games. In the end there were beaming faces and styled horses. The photogenic Black Forest chief Winnetou captured the heart of a pretty Black Forest squaw by storm. In the sledge race and the fun course, speed and, at the same time, serenity of the horse and driver or rider were required. The highlight of the afternoon was the club's own riding quadrille, ridden on a total of 16 Black Forest foxes. Text and photos: Birgit Motteler Of course, the drivers didn’t miss out too soon after they successfully presented the two-horse quadrille with eight teams, and it went straight to the annual club championships in skill driving. This year Markus Becherer emerged as the winner with his team. An all-round successful festival with a lot of positive advertising for our Black Forest foxes as an absolute family horse. Manuela Winterhalter The Black Forest Horse Breeding Cooperative congratulates its members on a milestone birthday in November: Alfred Kammerer (Dunningen) on his 60th birthday. 19th