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What is your experience with prenatal tests?

The medical progress of the last decades has political and social consequences that go far beyond the hospitals, medical practices and laboratories. Today it is possible to examine embryos for a whole range of genetically determined characteristics, for the risk of diseases and physical complaints, but increasingly also for other characteristics. The report “The last children with Down syndrome” by Sarah Zhang shows this impressively and in detail.

These many connections, the contradictions and the problems that cannot be easily solved. Law and rights, wishes and dignity, ignorance and fears, morality and philosophy, the individual and society - everything collides here, mixes up - must be negotiated.

It is about existential questions that affect us all in some way. And that is why it is important that we deal with it.

But how?

The report addresses people in Denmark and the USA who are directly affected by the changing practice of prenatal tests, as parents, as children, as relatives, as caregivers. It is their personal stories that give us an understanding of the complexity of the subject.

If you want a philosophical - and specifically Switzerland-related - discussion of the topic in addition to the personal level: Here is an essay on it by Barbara Bleisch and Andrea Büchler.

What is your experience with prenatal tests?

Do you have acquaintances, relatives or friends who have had a specific examination carried out? Or were you, as parents-to-be, faced with a decision yourself? Why did you choose for it or against it? What triggered the test result for you?

Perhaps you are also professionally involved in prenatal diagnostics? As a doctor, researcher, midwife, lawyer? How do you deal with your specialist knowledge? What challenges do you face in your everyday life?

We look forward to hearing about your experiences and learning more about the topic together with you.