How can I control the world by myself

Corona pandemic leads to more surveillance

An estimated one billion people use tracing and tracking apps in China and India alone. The governments have access to location data, movement profiles and in the case of the Indian app Aarogya Setu also on the address books of the users. There is no information on the use of the data, deletion periods and the assurance that the data will be evaluated while maintaining anonymity.

Officially, the use of the apps is considered voluntary, but in practice it is enforced. In India, administrative employees and train travelers, among others, have had to use the app since the beginning of May Aarogya Setu to use. Anyone who wants to go to the park in China, to shops, restaurants or the hospital, must have a health app installed and activated. The same applies to local public transport. China in particular uses health app monitoring to further intimidate critical people. The regime is also expanding other repressive measures such as video surveillance with face recognition, arrests and state censorship on the Covid-19 issue. This censorship does not only take place in the state media, it affects publications in all channels, whether Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

Apps for monitoring quarantine regulations are also problematic and already compulsory in countries like Turkey, Hong Kong and Ecuador. In several Russian cities, a digital pass is necessary to move around in public space. The highest court in Israel, on the other hand, banned the Shin Bet secret service from monitoring sick people through cell phone data at the end of April because the legal basis was lacking. Should the legislature create them, it would have to allow exceptions for journalists who are sick so that their sources remain protected.