Americans beat their children

Upbringing: Corporal punishment common in the United States

Almost 80 percent of American parents beat their children. That's what a study says. Corporal punishment is therefore common all over the world.

Researchers from the Injury Prevention Center at the University of North Carolina have published three studies on violence against children. The result: corporal punishment of children is widespread around the world - although the UN Convention on the Rights of Children makes spanking a criminal offense. The US media report.

Most American parents beat their children. The proportion has decreased by 18 percent since 1975. Nevertheless, 79 percent of the three to eleven year olds are still physically punished, almost half of the children between eight and nine years even with a rod or something similar.

Corporal punishment has not decreased as much in the US as in other industrialized countries. Overall, however, the country is not alone with the problem: In all of the countries examined - in addition to the USA, Egypt, India, Chile, Brazil and the Philippines - the brutal treatment of children was common practice.

Hardly any reactions to the UN Convention

A third study looked at the legal situation: According to this, only a small number of states responded to the prohibition of physical violence against children in the UN Convention on the Rights of Children. Only 24 of 193 countries, 19 of them in Europe, have ratified the convention, which criminalizes all physical violence.