Aging cats usually lose weight Why

Cat diseases in old age

An essential prerequisite for the cat's good health in old age is the food. Cats of any breed need high-quality, species-appropriate food that provides them with all the nutrients. Does your cat love fish, duck or beef? Which cat food you choose also depends on your cat's individual preferences.

Diseases for which you should feed a special feed

Some diseases can be age-related and are more common in some breeds. In order to relieve the organs, it is recommended that you give your cat food that is precisely adapted to this situation.

Kidney problems are a common disease in aging cats

Kidney problems are one of the most common diseases in cats, especially in old age. Kidney problems are usually caused by infections or high blood pressure; a genetic predisposition also plays a role. It is a serious condition and should be treated by a veterinarian. We recommend a special food for cats with kidney problems that contains a reduced amount of high-quality proteins (especially in relation to the fat content) and at the same time is low in sodium and phosphorus. A low-protein food is very important for cats with kidney disease to relieve discomfort and pain.

Cat food that supports the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract

Older cats have increased digestive problems. Easily digestible food or a special food that is tailored to the stomach and intestines is then recommended. In the case of acute diarrhea, you should feed it for one to two weeks so that the digestive tract calms down again. If your cat has a sensitive stomach and vomits often, for example, it can be helpful to use cat food for sensitive cats.

Food for older cats with diabetes

Diabetes means your cat has high blood sugar levels. The disease manifests itself in various symptoms that are easy to miss: fatigue, frequent drinking, dull coat, and weight loss. A food that has been specially developed for the needs of cats with diabetes takes the strain off the cat significantly by reducing fluctuations in blood sugar levels.