What is bruschetta


Bruschetta gratinated with cheese
Bruschetta, classic (on Elba / Tuscany)

The Bruschetta is a simple starter or snack that has produced many different regional variations. However, it is only vegetarian if animal products (ham, fish, etc.) are omitted from the alternative preparations.

Name and origin [edit]

Bruschetta will brusketta pronounced. The name is from Italian abbrustolimento derived what "roasted" means. The toasted (piece of bread) is made bruscato called, Bruschetta is a diminutive of it. The bruschetta is a typical starter of Tuscany and Campania. In Tuscany, however, they are called fettunta, elsewhere panunto. In Piedmont there is a type of bruschetta called soma d'aj. Calabria knows the bruschetta by the name fedda ruscia (fetta abbrustolita = "browned slice of bread").


Basic preparation [edit]

Alternative preparations [edit]

Cookware [edit]


Basic preparation [edit]

Alternative preparations [edit]

  • Tomatoes, herbs
    • From the tomatoes the stalk and the core (otherwise it will be too runny) remove and dice.
    • Roughly chop the herbs
    • Arrange everything lovingly on the prepared slices of bread
  • cheese
    • Cut the cheese into fine slices and cover the bread with it, then tomatoes etc. as described above
  • marinade
  • fish
    • Place the tinned tuna with the chopped onion on the bread
  • Vegetables & Co.
    • Grill the vegetables, chop them roughly and place them on the bread

Side dishes [edit]

Variants [edit]