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Do you want a blockchain developer? 3 tips for finding the right blockchain provider for ICO

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More and more companies are emerging in the field of financial technology (Fintech). New and modern technologies will change our payment traffic in the coming years. Transactions can be completed without delay, transparently and cheaply. This is already possible using the blockchain.

What do they have Fintech innovations and blockchain programmers together?

The blockchain at Fintech is already widely used today. The blockchain database is generally a decentralized organizational unit in which transactions and conditions are recorded. The database is stored on several clients. This means that every transaction is documented transparently and forgery-proof. The applications include, for example:

  • Digital currencies
  • Contracts for the purchase of real estate
  • Contracts in the advertising industry
  • Contracts of any kind
  • Insurance benefits

Smart contracts allow all types of contracts to be transparently documented and programmed into the blockchain. As soon as one party has fulfilled its part, the part of the other party can be fulfilled immediately, as all the conditions are clearly defined and known to everyone. Due to the wide range of applications, z. B. Smart contracts help insurance companies to always choose the best tariff for their customers.

The blockchain in the energy industry can be cited as a further example of this. The contractual performance of the delivery of a certain amount of energy means that the payment is released directly.

Bitcoin price predictions for 2020 from the blockchain developer

According to a forecast by Jeremy Liew, Bitcoin should be worth $ 500,000 by 2030.

It should also be noted that along with the rise in cryptocurrencies, the number of smartphone users and e-banking applications is also growing. According to Statista, the number of smartphone users will amount to around 2.9 billion in 2020. In this regard, almost everyone on earth will have an e-bank and Bitcoin wallet in their pocket. This will spur the use of cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin is predicted to be used in half of all non-cash transactions.

According to the concept of “Seamless Economy”, the people of the future will use cryptocurrency in their daily life together with cash, and the Bitcoin developers are responsible for this. Even today there are more than 100 acceptance points in Germany: Hotels, online platforms, car repairs, restaurants, VPN networks, airlines, etc.

The future is now: In Japan, people are now paying electricity bills with Bitcoin. In the near future, it will be common practice worldwide to pay the ancillary costs, insurance premiums and account top-ups. Economists and crypto visionaries predict that in 10 years the list of areas in which digital money will be introduced instead of paper money will expand significantly. Therefore, one could easily get the idea that Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies have all the trumps in hand to become the world currency instead of euros and dollars. All of these things are already stimulating the demand for blockchain developers, or creating blockchain-based platforms and applications, developing Bitcoin wallets, which is what makes many IT companies convert and implement new technologies and hire dedicated blockchain developers.

According to Eugene, our dedicated blockchain software developer, Bitcoin will reach $ 20,000 at most by 2020:

“It is still difficult to make reliable forecasts for the cryptocurrency exchange rate. I don't believe Bitcoin will exceed $ 500,000 by 2030. But it could certainly rise to $ 20,000 by the end of 2020. "

Eugene is a blockchain programmer and he is currently working on a Swiss-Hong Kong blockchain project.

Blockchain development

The development of blockchain technology continues to advance. More and more blockchain providers are being founded to integrate this technology into many applications. That is why more and more blockchain programmers are hiring. There is a great need for blockchain developers, especially at startups in financial technology. Because one way of collecting money for upcoming projects and business ideas from investors is the so-called ICO (eng .: Initial Coin Offering). Fintech companies whose business model is based on cryptocurrencies can use it to receive money from investors, similar to an IPO, without falling under strict regulations. This is another reason why blockchain programmers are in demand.

Ethereum developers in particular are in demand, because they can be used to buy the newly generated cryptocurrencies and document them in a contract. Ethereum programming not only includes the digital currency ether, but also represents a comprehensive platform for the management of smart contracts. For this, the programmers must have the appropriate knowledge. Blockchain programmers should be able to answer the following questions.

Do Ethereum developers need JavaScript or how is Node JS related to Ethereum?

There is a well-documented JavaScript API for Ethereum, which is why knowledge of JavaScript programming is useful. The smart contracts are also programmed with Node.js, which is why Ethereum developers should also be fit here.

Blockchain provider at an advantage

Offering a new cryptocurrency as an ICO has clear advantages over the conventional way of acquiring investor money. Investors have something in hand that they can then use. At the same time, this variant is inexpensive for the startups, as there are no material values ​​and no regulations have to be taken into account. All that is needed is the relevant blockchain programmers such as B. Bitcoin developers are hired.

  • Local IT specialists. To find the right programmer for your ICO, you can hire local IT experts, for example. This has the advantage that they speak their language and are very close, which greatly simplifies meetings. However, the selection of local Ethereum developers is very limited. This specialization is not widespread and if you can find someone in your area who has blockchain experience, it is usually very expensive.
  • Freelancer. Freelancers are a better way of saving costs and at the same time gaining a programmer with a lot of know-how for your project. You can find a large selection of programmers all over the world on various platforms. With this wide selection, you can find the perfect developer at a low cost. Unfortunately, the number of programmers who do not have the necessary skills is much higher than real experts. This makes the search time-consuming and costly, and in the end a consistently high quality cannot be guaranteed, as these programmers often work for several employers at the same time.
  • Remote developer. Remote blockchain programmers offer you the best price-performance ratio. A remote nearshore team in Ukraine that works only for you and under your direct management is not only cheap, but also reliable, uncomplicated and provides you with the best results for your ICO. We put together a remote team for you that only consists of tested and experienced blockchain programmers.

You can contact or meet your personal team at any time, because Ukraine is only an hour's flight from any European airport. Thanks to the flexible structure, you can quickly and easily expand the team, or reduce it as soon as sections have been completed. This saves you direct costs and administrative effort. So you not only get the best blockchain developers for your project, but also the full flexibility of an external team. The costs are a little higher than if you were looking for suitable candidates yourself, but the creation with us is much easier and faster. You can read about the nearshoring advantages in Ukraine on our blog.

A remote blockchain team from Mobilunity

As an IT personnel consultancy, we at Mobilunity specialize in putting together the perfect programmers for you as a remote development team. Thanks to our extensive skills, our experienced recruiters and optimized processes, we can organize the search for personnel very effectively. That saves costs, which we pass on directly to you.

  • With a remote blockchain team from us, you can always keep your personnel costs low. You only pay for the services you really need and can still take advantage of countries that have significantly lower wages than Western Europe.
  • For startups in particular, low personnel costs are an important criterion so that new technologies can be developed cost-effectively and, at the same time, completed quickly.
  • With a remote team from us, you are always one step ahead of your competition, as you have access to the best programmers, but you can still keep your personnel costs low.

Our developers create the perfect conditions for your company's ICO. This allows you to collect investor money at an early stage and establish your technology on the market in order to reach profitability as quickly as possible. The use of expert knowledge also creates trust among investors.

A highly specialized development team from an external IT consultancy has a particularly positive effect on risky business ideas. That is why we are very popular as a partner with investors, because you can expect consistently high quality at all times.

Send us your request right away and after 2-4 weeks at the latest you will receive an initial compilation of your personal remote nearshore team from Ukraine with the guaranteed best specialists for your ICO.

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