What are your tricks to life

10 tricks that will make your life easier

A positive attitude towards solvable problems is already half the success.

The Austrian teacher, poet and aphorist Ernst Ferstl (* 1955) knew how to appreciate the elixir of life “positive thinking”. Spicing up life with a pinch of optimism has turned out to be a successful approach to problems that arise to this day.

On the occasion of yesterday's day of positive thinking, today we would like to give you a few tips and tricks for everyday life that will make your life a lot easier.
Not every day gets off to a great start ... who doesn't know that? Sometimes everything just goes wrong that could go wrong and even more and sometimes you just get up on the wrong foot.

Do not despair on such days! Try to think positively and change your attitude or perspective. For example like this:
Don't be frustrated because you've already drunk your glass of cola half empty, but be in good spirits because it is still half full of your favorite drink!

Great, your thinking has already changed, let's start with the 10 tricks for your everyday life, with which all your tasks only appear half as bad ... uh ... half as great!

# 1: Oil replaces shaving cream

For women: use oil instead of shaving foam when shaving your legs. The legs are then soft to the touch.
For men: rub oil on your beard instead of shaving cream before you start shaving. Then your girlfriend / wife will no longer be able to keep her hands off you.

# 2: bursting wardrobe

It is not uncommon to find no more space in your closet for the newly purchased stuff. But do you shop less for this reason? Nope.
Better to grab a few cans of Coke, remove the cap and hang the hook on your occupied coat hanger in the closet. You can hang a new coat hanger on the second ring of the fastener and place two of your smart clothes at once.

# 3: Newsprint instead of cleaning utensils

Cleaning car or window panes with newspaper and a bucket of water and vinegar is the latest craze. Now moisten the newspaper in it and carry out the cleaning process as usual.
Watch and be amazed at the sparkling clean result!

# 4: To all connoisseurs

Create a menu for the entire week, just like the canteen used to do in your school or university. Then go shopping once a week, preferably with a suitcase, and save yourself a lot of nerves, time and money! enjoy the meal!

# 5: All good things come in five ...

... at least with this trick. At the end of a busy day, try to remember 5 good things that happened to you. This can be the friendly "hello" from your neighbor, an invitation to eat cake from your grandma, the cute kitten you petted today or just a nice thought that you had today. You will see how well you sleep and how motivated you are to start the next day!

# 6: straightening irons for men

Not only women benefit from the straightening iron. If the shirt collar is not ironed correctly, the entire board including the iron does not have to be dragged out of the chamber. Your loved one’s straightening iron will do the same.
Just briefly smooth it over the wrinkled area - but please don't stay on it too long! Voilà, your shirt is like new again!

# 7: stop crying

Tears always come when you cut an onion. You think twice about doing the tearful effort for the dish. Since the invention of chewing gum, the good onion no longer has to be left out for reasons of tears. Just chew the gum while you cut and your face will stay dry!

# 8: alcohol for hygiene

It is best to use 70% alcohol for this, but the homemade schnapps also helps!
Put a few drops of it on a piece of cotton wool and quickly remove annoying perfume and lipstick stains or even blood from your clothes.

# 9: make scratches disappear

Oops! The wooden table you just bought already has a scratch? No problem, the nut makes up for it. Take a walnut, cut the kernel in half and rub the scratch with the break. He's already invisible! You can hide light scratches on the floor with a candle.

# 10: think pink!

And last but not least: always think positively!
Believe in yourself and your goals! Never tell yourself that you can't do something, even if someone else said so. You can do anything if you believe in it and are motivated to achieve your goal!

Finally, a motivating saying from Marc Twain for you, which should sweeten your day!

Do you have a few motivating sayings or everyday tricks for us?

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