Is Piers Morgan a racist

Piers Morgan calls out for the next verbal attack

The next verbal attack against Duchess Meghan: Star presenter Piers Morgan once again let go of his frustration in a TV interview. This time Prince Harry was not spared either.

It's not even a month since Piers Morgan (56) quit his job at "Good Morning Britain" after making critical statements against Duchess Meghan (39). Now the star presenter is again railing against the previous royals - this time also against Prince Harry (36). "What happened to this guy?" Asked Morgan recently on the US talk show "today" by Tucker Carlson (51). "That in his mid-30s he turned into that tearful brat who complains that his father no longer wants to finance everything for him?"

17 false statements from Harry and Meghan?

He accuses Meghan of "dropping everyone and everything" "when she sees no more use". She would ruthlessly exploit Harry's royal title of "hundreds of millions of dollars". Morgan also claims that 17 different statements by the couple were "completely wrong, massively exaggerated or not verifiable", including Meghan's accusations of racism and her suicidal thoughts, which were discussed in an interview with talk icon Oprah Winfrey (67).

"She accuses two people of being incredibly cruel. If that's true, tell us names of those people so we can ask them if that's true. So we can ask: Do you have a suicidal woman who is contemplating suicide? said she couldn't get any help? "said Morgan. In his opinion, it is impossible to believe.

The moderator is still standing by his statements, which he let loose after the Oprah interview on "Good Morning Britain" against Harry and Meghan. He denies the accusations of numerous viewers that he is racist: "I'm not a racist, I just don't believe her."

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