Should Canada take back Jihadi Jack

"Jihadi Jack" loses British passport - Canada is raging

Great Britain has revoked the citizenship of the British-Canadian ISIS fighter Jack Letts. Canada's government is seething with anger.
IS fighter Jack Letts, also known as "Jihadi Jack", sparked a diplomatic dispute between Great Britain and Canada. According to "Mail on Sunday" the British government has revoked the British citizenship of the 24-year-old British-Canadian citizen.

This move sparked anger among the Canadian government, according to a diplomatic source: after all, Letts has very little connection with Canada (see below). It is feared that the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the G-7 summit next weekend could get into a quarrel over the "problem that has been deported".

Stateless people banned

The reason: Since 2016, more than 120 dual citizens have had their British passports withdrawn. Since international law forbids stateless people, revoked citizenships are only allowed in the case of dual citizenship. A spokesman for the UK Home Office justifies the withdrawal of the passport on the grounds of maintaining security in the country.

Comment now For Canada this means that if the worst comes to the worst, Letts will have to be brought back to North America. His Canadian citizenship can no longer be revoked.

Parents of "Jihadi Jack" in court

Letts left his home in Oxfordshire in 2014 and joined ISIS in Syria. The then 18-year-old declared himself an "enemy of Great Britain". However, after he was caught by Kurdish authorities in 2017, Letts pleaded for his return to the UK. He stressed that he had no intention of "blowing up the British".

Because of his trip to jihad, the parents of the no longer British were dragged to court. John Letts, 58, and Sally Lane, 57, were found guilty of financing terrorism in June this year and sentenced to 15 months in prison. They had sent their son the equivalent of 243 euros to the IS caliphate.

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