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Voice actor

Brenda Crichlow (English)
Ella Pyhaltö (Finnish)
Arianne Borbach (German)
Martina Thovez (Italian)
Nao Fujita (Japanese)
Kim Sang-hyeon (Korean)
Anna Gajewska (Polish)
Adriana Pissardini (Brazilian Portuguese, Season 2)
Ana Vieira (European Portuguese)
Corina Cernea (Romanian)
Larisa Brokhman (Russian)
Rebeca Manríquez (Latin American Spanish, Seasons 1 and 3)
Gabriela Guzmán (Latin American Spanish, Season 2 and Season 4)

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Zecora is a zebra and shaman from The strange zebra.

Personal [edit | Edit source]

Zecora holds many secrets. The little that is known is ...

That she came to Equestria from a distant land and settled in the forest of eternal magic. She brought the furnishings of her hut with her from her old home.

Zecora is a nice shaman, she is very familiar with plants and can make a wide variety of mixtures, including various magic potions. In addition, she was distinguished by great wisdom.

Zecora has a habit of speaking in riddles and rhymes. Which is why it is not always easy to understand what she means.

History [edit | Edit source]

TV [edit | Edit source]

Season 1 Edit source]

In The strange zebra all of Ponyville is afraid of Zecora, who suddenly showed up in the area because they couldn't classify them. On the one hand because of her appearance and on the other because she lives in the forest of eternal magic. There are rumors that she is a witch. Only Apple Bloom dares to follow her. She is already in the forest when the Mane 6 overtakes them. They get into a poisonous crawl field before which Zecora warns them. But since the ponies do not understand their way of speaking, they come into contact with the sneaks.

That night, Twilight has a nightmare that includes Zecora. The next day, anyone who they think Zecora has had bad effects. When Apple Bloom and Applejack have disappeared, the remaining ponies make their way to Zecora. She is busy brewing something when the friends arrive. When Zecora speaks of Apple Bloom, the ponies think that the little one has become a soup ingredient and storm the hut, while Applejack, which has been found to be the size of a mouse, tries to wrestle Zecora's ear down. When the ponies confront the zebra that she cursed them, Zecora almost explodes.

Apple Bloom is in the door and the misunderstanding clears up. The disfigurements come from the poison sneak and that in the cauldron was an antidote. When Twilight asks which book the recipe is in, Zecora shows her a book that she also has and only ignored because of the title. Twilight apologizes again and the Mane 6 help Ponyville to take away the fear of Zecora. Finally, the ponies are cured with Zecora's remedy.

In Terribly cute little animals When Ponyvillle is devoured by Parasprites, in desperation, Twilight turns to Zecora, but she can't help. Fortunately, Pinkie can lure the Parasprites out of town with her Polka one-pony.

Season 2 Edit source]

In Luna's transformation Zecora tells the children the legend of Nightmare Moon on the scary night. To spice up her story, she makes a nightmare out of green fog. After Princess Luna banned the night of horrors in a fit of rage, Zecora and the mayor try to cheer up the children with the sweets offering. Luna understands what has been going on all evening and allows the scary night again.

In Far too many beauty marks Apple Bloom is so frustrated at the last failed attempt to get a beauty spot that it went to Everfree Forest. There she stumbles over a root and falls down a slope where she meets Zecora. Apple Bloom broke a tooth when she fell. But Zecora has a remedy in her hut for that. After the tooth is straightened, Apple Bloom notices how many remedies Zecora has and is already speculating, but there are no remedies for beauty spots. Apple Bloom lets it stay for the time being and wonders what Zecora is mixing now. It is a remedy that is said to strengthen a rooster, for which Zecora uses a plant called Heart's Desire. Now Zecora realizes that she still has to get an ingredient and she leaves Apple Bloom alone. Then the little one comes up with an idea.

Two days later, Apple Bloom caught smallpox with her idea. To help her, Twilight and Applejack want to take her to Zecora. On the way, the other residents of Ponyville learn about it and barricade themselves. Then Zecora appears and she has something like the seeds of truth, but for this germination the truth must be spoken. It takes them to overcome, but then unpacks Apple Bloom in front of the whole city that the stains are fake. The plant of truth blooms and Aplle Bloom swallows it in one swallow. It works and the spots disappear. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle come to their friend who apologizes to them again. especially at Zecora. Apple Bloom sees that they shouldn't have lied. Zecora forgives her.

In Spike gets greedy Spike inexplicably started to grow. To find out what's going on, Twilight takes him to Zecora, who finds out he's growing up. She explains to Twilight that the more things he gets together, the bigger he'll get until he's a full-blown monster. To avert this, Twilight has to prevent him from hoarding any more things. In the meantime Spike Zecora has cleared the booth and is over and over again. But the ponies manage to control the kite.

In A very special friend congratulates Pinkie Pie Zecora on her post-birthday.

Season 3 Edit source]

In The unicorn amulet Chased TrixieTwilight out of Ponyville and seized power. The latter has found shelter at Zecora. After she has poured out her heart to the zebra, Zecora offers to teach her. Shortly afterwards, Fluttershy arrives and reports that Trixie has strengthened itself with the unicorn amulet. Zecora advises Twilight to forget about magic and let the Six defeat Trixie. Twilight comes up with an idea and devises a plan. Zecora accompanies them on their return to Ponyville. Twilight's plan works and Trixie puts down the amulet, now Rainbow snatches it from her and gives it to Zecora for safekeeping. What she did with it is not known. In any case, Trixie's rule over Ponyville is over.

In Jewel cake and pets Spike takes care of the pets of Mane 6 for a fee while they are in the Crystal Kingdom on business. However, Spike has his problems with the animals. Then Zecora appears and offers Spike her help in exchange for one of his diamonds. Reluctantly, he pushes a Raus that Zecora donates to a scout association. She has recognized that the gemstones are more important to him than the animals and advises him to free himself from his greed. Spike gets that later too.

Season 4 Edit source]

In Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1 Zecora was driven from her hut by the looted vines. To solve the puzzle, Zecora contributes a magic potion, but to complete this you need at least unicorn magic that Twilight creates. It works and the princess finds herself in the castle of the two sisters.

In Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2 Twilight looked into the distant past with Zecora's potion but found no answers to the current situation. Zecora recommends another sip to look back even further. In fact, Twilight finds the answer and the Mane 6 can make the looters disappear.

In Flutter vanilli Big McIntosh, bass singer for the Ponytones, lost his voice over a turkey roll just before a gig. To help him bring Rarity and Fluttershy to Zecora. The zebra can help but your means takes time that the ponytones don't have. Then Zecora thinks of the story with the poisonous sneaks (see: The strange zebra). She can make an elixir that would make Fluttershy Flutterguy again, with the perfect bass voice. Fluttershy is hesitant but then agrees.

Season 5 Edit source]

In Having fun with Discord Twilight has concerns because her friends and Discord suddenly get along so well and fears that he has bewitched them. So she asks Zecora for a potion that breaks the spell. The zebra is skeptical about magic, but gives Twilight a bottle from the shelf. Spike wonders what is actually cooking in the kettle. Zecora tells him that the brew should only create the right atmosphere.

In The beauty mark duel - part 2 Starlight Glimmer changed the past so that Twilight and Spike land after a jump in time in a reality in which the Mane 6 never became friends and so could not help stop the changing ponies that now rule all of Equestria (see: Wedding in Canterlot, part 2). After they land, Twilight and Spike are arrested by rebels whose leader turns out to be Zecora. To determine whether they are dealing with change ponies, she smeared a magical ointment on the prisoners, which shows that they are not changers.

On the way to the rebel hideout, Twilight tells Zecora the story of how she came from and is surprised even though Starlight has done the same thing in the past, the story develops differently. Zecora explains to her that time is a river and can react very differently to changes. A pony change attack occurs in the camp. Zecora takes on Chrysalis to give Twilight and Spike a head start. They get to the time portal and can correct the story.

Season 6 Edit source]

In On your marks ... Zecora lets the beauty spots club, who is looking for a common hobby, try mixing magic potions in her hut. While Apple Bloom manages an apple sapling, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle only get new hairstyles.

In A griffin with a beauty mark Zecora has difficulty stirring a rather chewy brew. Until the GriffinGabby helps her.

Season 7 Edit source]

In The most beautiful mane from Equestria Pinkie Pie smothered the snack and Rarity's mane with streamer spray, which to top it all off is the extra sticky kind. When Pinkie wants magical removers, Rarity comes up with the idea. Shortly afterwards, Zecora brews the desired funds simultaneously. Zecora also notes that only soaps help with manes. It's very difficult with magic, it could tell stories. Just mentioning a few details gives Rarity such a shock that she accidentally knocks the vials off the table. Fortunately, they stay intact. Rarity quickly grabs the one she thinks is the shampoo and disappears. Pinkie would like to be a little silly but Zecora says she has to go now and explains that only a few drops are enough, the remedy is highly concentrated. However, Rarity's mane almost completely falls out of the supposed shampoo. Rarity quickly rushes to Zecora, who immediately sees that she has taken the cleaning agent. Unfortunately, Zecora cannot quickly serve with a remedy if there is one at all. So Rarity should first take care of the shoot. A little later, Zecora comes to Rarity without any good news. She can't restore Rartiy's mane before the photo op, but it grows back over time. Fortunately, with the help of her friends, Rarity can come to terms with her condition and her mane is growing back again. Incidentally, her friends talked a little with Photo Finish and explained to her how beautiful they find Rarity, both inside and out. And while Rarity was shining from the inside, Photo Finish secretly photographed her. Rarity is very touched, but she doesn't have to say anything. Her handle speaks for itself as it adorns all of Ponyville.

In On the trail of the remedy collect Fluttershy and Zecora in the Kreuzquermoos swamp. A large herd of oxen is expected in the Sweet Feather Refuge for the next few weeks and the moss will make their fur shine. Then Zecora falls into the swamp and comes into contact with a sea lily that creates lots of orange spots on her fur. Zecora is quickly brought to Doc Top. He found out that Zecora was infected with swamp fever. A disease that is so rare is not even Zecora, a healer, who has heard of it. Unfortunately, only the symptoms are known about it. Patches of fur, bladder coughing, shock sneezing, confusion and, last but not least, you transform yourself into the trees from which the pathogenic flowers originate. Unfortunately, no cure has yet been discovered. Since the news is hard to cope with, the doctor prefers to leave them alone. Fluttershy blames herself for Zecora's condition and would like to help her, maybe there is someone who knows. Then Zecora remembers the old legend of the mystical mask. A healer who has cured completely different diseases. Unfortunately, it disappeared many years ago. Fluttershy has heard of her too and decides to find her. She already knows exactly who can help her, Twilight. After a long night of research, Fluttersyh finds out that the mystical mask is the healer Mage Meadowbrook, who lived in the Hayseed Swamp. Healers used to wear masks in order not to get sick themselves. A little later, Fluttershy Zecora reported their discovery. The zebra's condition has since deteriorated. She no longer rhymes and sneezes lightning. Fluttershy and Twilight immediately set off. After some back and forth they find the remedy, the honey of the lightning bees, with which Zecora, which is already growing branches, becomes completely healthy. However, Fluttershy is still sorry that Zecora got sick because of her. But Zecora can reassure her there. Fluttershy has also learned that you have to take care of yourself when you want to take care of other ponies. Fluttershy would have rested like Twilight suggested she would have thought of using Mages mask much earlier. Doc Top, who was also infected, looks in there, but that's not a big deal.

Season 8 Edit source]

In The dandruff change effect changed the scales at Spike, a normal development phase for dragons. But they come with some inconvenience. Painful stone scales, a kind of dragon pimple, fire burps, the volume of the voice cannot be controlled and a bestial stench. Which is extremely embarrassing for Spike.

Deeply dejected, Spike goes to see Zecora. She sits down on her nose against the stench of clothespins. Unfortunately, she can't help him because the change of dandruff cannot be cured. But she is confident of what can be done about the stench. Spike has problems with his voice again. Whereupon Zecora prefers to stuff cotton wool in her ears and think of something for Spike. At this moment, a belch of fire announces itself. At the last second, Zecora can point Spike at her kettle, which doesn't care who you heat it up. To make matters worse, Rarity is now loudly announcing itself. In no case Spike wants that of all people to see him that way and begs Zecora not to tell her that he is there.

A little later, Spike is hidden and Zecora lets Rarity in. She has lost her hearing but has no idea how. Rarity says that one minute she sews phoenix feathers on a dress and the next she can't hear her own voice anymore. Which is clear for Zecora, Phoenix horses can in rare cases cause a blockage of the ears in ponies, but she can fix that. While Rarity waits, she notices a bestial smell coming from Spike in his hiding place. Zecora quickly has the remedy for Rarity ready. On the occasion she asks for an ointment for Spike. With which the voice goes through what Rartiy can already perceive again. Zecora quickly distracts her and gives Spike enough time to sneak out of the hut.

After Rarity has withdrawn, Zecora wants to devote herself to Spike again. Although she thinks it's best to keep going outside. She finds Spike hiding under one of her mask, because a Roc is there. Spike had completely forgotten that the scale-changing stench attracts predators. The roc tries to catch them both. They can barely avoid him and try to escape.

Spike has an idea. Since the Roc is after him, he wants to distract him, Zecora should get help. In short, they split up and the Roc actually chases after him. Spike hides in a tree, the top of which the Roc leaves. Now Zecora comes back, she worries about Spike and expects better chances whoever he's on the ground. When she tries to help Spike down, the roc grabs her. At that moment Spike begins to glow and his rash worsens. But he can't be surprised about that for a long time, because the Roc sets up a new attack on him.

Spike tries to escape and runs into Rarity.She is on her way to Zecora because questions about how to use the ear drops have arisen. Unfortunately, her hearing is not yet good enough to understand Spike's warning. She only sees Spike's stone scales and takes out the ointment that she has from Zecora. Then Roc comes who catches her and Spike, but only at the tip of his tail. When the Roc tries to eat Spike in flight, a burp of fire escapes him and the bird drops him. Fortunately, Spike's fall will be slowed down by some tree branches and something along the trunk. But then his rash gets worse and glows again. At that moment, Twilight appears. Closely followed by the Roc. Twilight can just conjure himself and Spike out of the way, so that the bird just catches the tree and travels out.

Twilight explains that she just wanted to go to Zecora to get an ointment for Spike. She had no idea what was going on here. Then the Roc attacks again. Twilight can barely push Spike out of the way. Spike tells her that the bird has Rarity and Zecora in its claws. Now Twilight takes up the dogfight.

Twiligth covers the Roc with magic shots. Meanwhile, Rartiy tells Zecora that this is not her first time in the clutches of a giant beast, but she doesn't make it any easier either. (Please refer: Spike gets greedy) All Spike can do is watch and scratch himself. Suddenly the itching subsides and a stone shell forms around the spike. Only a few moments later the shell explodes and Spike finds himself on the ground and is completely surprised to find that he has grown wings. But it cannot be happy for long. The dogfight is still raging. Twilight lands a hit on the Roc's claw, causing it to drop its prey. Zecora and Rarity could just hold on to him. Immediately Spike flies to help them.

When Spike joins the dogfight, Twilight is completely baffled that he can now fly. New plan for Spike to distract the Roc while Twilight saves her friends. Spike manages the dizzy bird to fly and gives it a burp of fire. As a result, Rarity and Zecora lose their footing and crash. At the last moment, Spike and Twilight can catch them and bring them to safety. The Roc pulls off scorched.

On the ground, Zecora and Rarity thank Spike for the rescue. Twilight is happy for Spike, she never thought he would grow wings and wonders if it has something to do with the dandruff effect. When asked, Spike becomes gloomy. He tells that dragons get their scales when they grow up. He wishes he could stop it and wants to go. Spike explains that with the dragons the scale changers are thrown out at home, that is the scale change effect. Twilight holds against that they are not here with the dragons. And change or not, she doesn't want Spike to leave. However, Spike is concerned that worse things will happen as he continues to develop. Twilight makes it clear to him that Spike will of course grow up, but he's always stout. Whatever happens, they'll get through it together. Then a hug. Now it's time to go home, where Spike, out of habit, sits on Twilight. She notices that she no longer has to carry him since he now has wings. But Spike doesn't want to overdo it with the new wing.

Season 9 Edit source]

In She's talking to Angel come dr. Fauna and Zecora to the Sweet Feather Refuge. Where Angel started a little riot. Fauna assures Zecora that it looks chaotic, but thanks to Fluttershy everything works here, even if Angel intervenes. Zecora decides to help them understand each other before something bad happens. Shortly afterwards, Fluttershy has the situation under control. Dr. Fauna tells her that Zecora brought a little gecko to the practice, but she thinks he is better off in the refuge. The problem is that the gecko is emitting smoke. Zecora has not come across anything like that yet and she hopes Fluttershy knows the species, but this is new to her too. Dr. Fauna suspects that it is due to the gecko's diet and wherever it is there it can take care of the due examination of the animals. Fluttershy takes the gecko out of the transport box and fasts it so they can see if the smoke is coming from its food.

Fluttershy assures Zecora that she doesn't have to worry, and Angel imitates her. Zecora offers to help them both. Fluttsche says they are both fine. She just doesn't always have enough time to spoil him, but they're best friends. Zecora notes that even the best of friends sometimes need help, if Fluttershy changes her mind, she can just come to her hut. In fact, the trouble between Fluttershy and Angel is so great that they go to Zecora.

In her hut, Zecora advises the two of them first to tell each other what is bothering them. Angel is too impatient for Fluttershy, even if he knows she has to work. Angel finds Fluttershy ignoring him. Which makes her think he doesn't care about her obligations. As Zecora can see, the two are stuck in a dead end, but she has already brewed a potion for it. Zecora knows that if the trouble is boiling it is wrong to insist on your right and just stick to your opinion. Fluttershy and fishing are supposed to go home and have the potion there. It turns out to be a body swap potion. Assuming that Zecora has made a mistake, Fluttersyh sets off on the difficult path for the bunny to her hut.

There Zecora wants to know how it went, just stupid that she doesn't speak hare either and advises her to go to the only pony that she understands. Zecora explains to her that if the two apologize to each other, the spell will be lifted. Fluttershy thanks Zecora. In fact, Fluttershy and Angel manage to reconcile after some back and forth, whereupon the magic loses its effect and they return to their bodies.

A little later, Dr. Fauna Zecora the gecko. As it turns out, he's never had a problem since he's not a gecko but a fire lizard. Fauna had completely forgotten that you can only distinguish them by breathing fire. Incidentally, Faune has since found out about the body swap and asks Zecora never to do it again. Zecora blinks at her.

Comics Edit source]

In The return of a long-forgotten enemy helps Zecora defend against the nightmare forces with Ponyville.

In Zen and the art of repairing a pavilion Zecora and Big McIntosh, who is looking for nails in town, meet at the summer loading party and take him the last bit to the hardware store. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a fireworks load from the Beauty Mark Club. To make matters worse, there is a note on the door from the owner, Lugnut, saying that he is somewhere at the party. Zecora advises Big Mac to just have fun and disappears into the crowd. They meet again by chance towards evening. Zecora notices Mac's frustration, he couldn't find any nails, and asks if the day was really that bad. Mac looks back over everything and realizes that the day was great. Zecora encourages him to have a nice evening, which he does.

In To tame the beast Zecora wants to cast a special magic and transforms into a ghost. She roams time and space to get Fluttershy a carrot muffin. With which she can lighten Angels' terribly lousy mood.

In The root of all evil the Mane 6 are having a picnic on the edge of the Everfree Forest when Zecora storms past the hoes with two timber wolves. After the beasts have been scared away, the endless tendrils sprout from the forest. They also chased Zecora out of her house, then the wolves ran over her. Since the tendrils are already overgrowing Ponyville, a message is quickly sent to Princess Celestia. She replies that all cities in the Everfree Forest are reporting similar things, tendrils and trees are sprouting up everywhere, the greenery is even on the way to Canterlot and she and her sister are just indispensable. Celestia assigns Twilight to go to Everfree Forrest and find the heart of the forest. Even Zecora can't figure out what this is supposed to be. Rainbow Dash knows a scary story in which it is said that the heart should be a demon with horns and hooves eight ponies high. Pinkie knows the story too and controls the demon ponies to bite off the beauty mark. But don't worry because you have orders from Celestia. Zecora is supposed to stay in Ponyville and see what she can do, the Mane 6 go looking. But in the meantime, Zecora can't do anything against the plants. After succeeding in saving the Everfree Forest, Zecora befriends the roe deer, who helps his fellows to clean up.

In Rainbow Dash and the really bad day tells Zecora about the day the Grummles showed up in Ponyville. It got off to a really good start for Rainbow Dash, with "Daring Do and the treasure of the Sattle Madre" coming out today. So Rainbow sets off with Tank. She is really looking forward to the nice time when she crashes into the sky against a brick wall made of special clouds. This makes her angry and the first grumble, a small gray cloud over her head, appears. Since she is now unfriendly to the construction worker, the grumbling and thus the bad mood spread over Ponyville. The worse the mood of the ponies, the stronger the grumbling and the easier it is to keep the ponies in a bad mood. Zecora sees the grumble spread and advises Tank that he should give her consolation while she waits. But since he needs something to get to his mistress, Zecora speeds things up a bit. Tank collides with Rainbow, who then explodes and yells at Tank. The shock breaks out in tears. At the sight, Rainbow realizes what she has done. Her bad mood, including grumbling, suddenly gives way to her guilty conscience. With her friends, her sympathy for Tank suppresses the grumbling. Rainbow apologizes to Tank and wipes his tears with Rarity's mane. Now Rainbow sees that all the other ponies are in a bad mood too. Zecora only needs one look to remind Rainbow of the reason. She also advises her to apologize to the ponies. With every apology, happiness returns to the ponies and the grumblers disappear. Now that everyone is in a good mood again, everyone will find a Daring Do book that suits them and still have a nice day. Zecora advises the reader that even if you are seething, you should remain friendly to others. Because otherwise the displeasure wanders from one to the other. Unfortunately, Plumb Bob has been forgotten who still has a grumble over his head. But it's only a matter of time.

In Dark water ponies the dark side of Mane 6 was awakened by magical water, who then tyrannized Ponyville. Princess Celestia sends her sister Princess Luna to help. The beauty mark club instructs Zecora to consult. In the Everfree Forest, the three Fluttershy anger their animal army on their necks. You could just save yourself in Zecora's hut. The situation is quickly explained and you can think about how to overcome Fluttershy's fur army. Zecora has a plan. She lets Fluttershy and the animals in. Then Apple Bloom, who is hiding behind the door, throws a smoke bomb and in the confusion he escapes. But now Fluttershy sees the ponies as a real threat to the forest. In Ponyville, a fight between Luna and Rarity escalated through Pinkie Pie and destroyed a theater when the beauty spots club arrives with Zecora. Before she can help, Zecora has to understand what the exact cause is. During the meeting, Luna falls on Spike, who also bathed in the spring and didn't get angry. Zecora concludes that the source does not affect everyone and wants to investigate Spike more closely. Suddenly Rarity reappears and attacks Luna. Then Twilight reports via her hologram to prohibit the two from fighting. Rarity immediately leaves Luna to tackle Twilight, as she claims the right to rule for herself. In the distance, the war drums of Fluttershy's army can be heard.

To make matters worse, Pinkie starts throwing water bombs from the theater ruins at the ponies, which are filled with spring water that the friends have brought with them. Everyone who is hit immediately becomes angry. One of the bombs hits Luna of all people, who then turns back into her evil me Nightmare Moon. Pinkie is really looking forward to the chaos that Nightmar will cause and cheers her on. But Nightmare targets her, as there will be no room for merriment under her rule. Meanwhile, Zecora and Spike hide under an overturned car. In the mess, Spike was able to grab one of Pinkie's water bombs filled with nasty water. Zecora thinks that the most logical reason why Spike hasn't changed due to the water is that he's not a pony. To test her theory, she plucks a pair of scales from him and adds them finely ground to the water. A powder used by Zecora shows that it works and that the dark magic is neutralized. In the meantime, Nightmare succeeds in meeting Pinkie, who remains lying unconscious. Now Nightmare wants to take care of Rarity and Twilight. Fortunately, Zecora realizes that nothing has happened to Pinkie and gives her the cure whereupon she becomes normal again. Now the friends want to save the others too. Applejack is cured first and then Rainbow Dash is cured. The latter inoculates some clouds with the healing water and lets it rain. So the whole town will be saturated and all the ponies will go back to normal. Apart from Twilight and Rarity, who were not reached by the rain in the castle and are now fighting for supremacy.

Princess Luna, who has also been healed from the rain, disguises herself as Nightmare Moon and tries to give the two of them the cure as a drink. Rarity gets her but Twilight sees through the trick and takes Luna prisoner. Now the others join in, but Twilight is not worried. She has thought everything through with her newly tricked super intelligence. She knows that the water has changed her and doesn't want to be changed back. Equestria is hers alone. When she leaves, Twilight announces that none of them can stop her. But the smartest pony of all time didn't count on the bucket full of healing water over the door. Pinkie hung it up knowing that Twilight was getting smarter but not more humorous.

After all damage has been repaired in Ponyville as best as possible, the friends travel to the spring whose water made everyone evil. Zecora can neutralize the dark magic with one of her potions. To test if it worked, Pinkie pushes Twilight back into the water. Who pulls her friend right behind. Not because Twilight is bad, but because it's just funny.

In The end of the end - part 2 Zecora rushes with everyone else to help Mane 6 in the fight against Chrysalis, Cozy Glow and Tirek. They all remind Twilight of the true power of friendship with which she defeats the villains once and for all.

Appearances [edit | Edit source]

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HAppearing in the background or an occurrence where the character is not in focus.
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