What is the Google AdSense Policy Violation

Tips on how to monetize your website with Google AdSense

There are many ways to generate income with Google, such as monetizing your website with AdSense. Here's what to look for in order for your website to qualify for AdSense.

Are you ready to start generating revenue with Google? Then your website should also be ready before you register with Google AdSense and place ads on your pages. If your website does not meet the requirements, your registration request may be rejected. You can find out whether your website is ready for Google AdSense with the following checklist.

Does the website offer a positive user experience?

Regardless of whether you run a blog, forum, or purely informational website, you need to present your website in a way that visitors will find it to be of high quality. The website must therefore offer appropriate content that is relevant, visually appealing and interesting.

In addition to the quality criterion, Google also pays attention to elements of the user experience, including transparency, trustworthiness, easy navigation and short page loading times. The website should have easy-to-find contact details (at least your name, a contact form and an email address) and a clear navigation bar. It should also load quickly.

Test your website to see how fast it loads and what factors may be affecting page load times. With the help of our tool, you can see how the website behaves on desktop and mobile devices and can make any necessary improvements so that users do not have to accept restrictions.

What kind of content is provided on the website?

Google AdSense is a family-friendly advertising network. Our publishers trust the Google Advertising Network to deliver quality branding advertisers, high CPC and CPM revenues, and a wide range of topics. The trust of publishers as well as advertisers in our network is supported by our program guidelines. For more information on the types of content that are not allowed on our network, see the general Google AdSense guidelines or the Google AdSense content guidelines. If your content violates our guidelines, you will not be able to monetize the website using AdSense.

Does the website meet the Google Webmaster Guidelines?

When looking for ways to monetize, some website owners follow incorrect advice on how to display ads on their website. If you want to use Google AdSense to generate income with Google, you must follow Google's guidelines for webmasters.

These guidelines set a standard for website owners and help them advertise their website the right way: using Google tools (such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics), high quality content, and natural linking instead of link exchange programs.

Does the website contain a privacy policy?

Some website owners only think about a privacy policy when asked for it. It is a website where visitors can find out how their data is processed or used, for example in connection with programs such as Google AdSense, Google Analytics and other services that collect personal data.

Google recommends that you disclose in your privacy policy how data related to Google services are used on your website, or that you place a clearly visible link on the website through which visitors can access the page with information on the use of data by Google. In addition, you should disclose in the data protection declaration which third-party providers, including Google, use cookies to serve ads, and inform users that they can opt out of third-party ads being served.

The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) is recommended as a source of information for creating your own data protection declaration. In the FAQ, for example, you will find answers to the question of how detailed the data protection declaration should be.

What best practices are helpful in following the Google AdSense guidelines?

Below are some best practices to avoid some of the most common policy violations so that nothing stands in the way of monetizing your website with Google AdSense.

  • Do not click on Google AdSense ads yourself or encourage website visitors to click on these ads.
  • Make sure the website is not receiving traffic from certain sources, including programs that offer payment for clicks, send unsolicited email, or serve ads using automated software applications.
  • Don't make any changes to AdSense code to artificially increase ad performance.
  • Avoid placing too many AdSense ad units on a page or using AdSense for specific purposes such as pop-ups, emails, or software.
  • A visit to your website must not lead to the user experience being impaired in any way, for example by redirecting you to unwanted websites, starting downloads, spreading malware or pop-ups that make it difficult to navigate the website.

If you think your website meets the requirements to generate income with Google AdSense, you can register here. Learn more about getting started with AdSense in AdSense Help.