What's the best steakhouse in Miami

PM Fish & Steakhouse


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With citrus-soy sauce, shallot, capers, avocado dices and cherry tomato

With a mustard-lime soy sauce, capers, avocado and our secret

Lettuce, spinach, avocado, tomato, hearts of palm, mushrooms and goat cheese, with our special French dressing

Lettuce, tomato and onion with olive oil dressing, vinegar, salt and pepper

Prepared with the traditional recipe

Tender octopus cubes with avocado, tomato and onion, dressed with oregano and parsley vinaigrette

Chorizo ​​(Argentine Sausage)

Homemade. Served with lettuce and tomato

Thick Slice of Provolone Cheese charcoal grilled with neapolitan sauce, olive oil and oregano

Seasoned at your table

Green Lentils in a vegetable broth, crispy bacon and a touch of pineapple

With fresh tomato, scented with basil

In a tomato sauce with meat seasoning, spices and a red wine-vegetable reduction

Prime quality steaks

We achieve the highest quality in each cut with our unique aging process, thus optimizing both taste and tenderness for you to enjoy. Served with french fries or mixed salad

Great flavor

Two strips of tasty bone-in cut

The tenderest cut

Great texture and flavor

Tender with intense flavor


with your choice of mashed potatoes or mixed salad

Breaded tenderloin fillet

Breaded chicken breast supreme


With your choice of french fries or mixed salad

Accompanied with Provencal sauce

With sea salt and dill. Served with season steamed vegetables or rice

Grilled Octopus (Gulf of Mexico)

Seared in a touch of olive oil, sea salt and Cayenne pepper. With baked and olive oil grilled potatoes

Delicious PM specialty


With sour cream, crispy bacon, chives and fresh pepper

With cheese

With the traditional Argentine recipe

Crisp puff pastry layered with caramel, covered with pecans and sprinkled with powdered sugar

Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, Strawberry, Vanilla

Classic cheesecake with berry coulis

Wine Argentina - Mendoza

At the foothills of the Andes Mountain range, with a privileged location and various climates and terrains in its distinct areas, Mendoza possesses a natural geography that excels in its conditions for the harvest of vineyards. Producing unique grapes that enable the creation of high-end wines, expressing great personalities. Truly the heart of the Malbec

Hileras del Sol, Chardonnay
Hileras del Sol Reserva, Malbec
Hileras del Sol Gran Reserva, Malbec
Finca de Los Andes Barrel Select, Viognier
Finca de Los Andes Barrel Select, Blanc D´noir
Finca de Los Andes Barrel Select, Merlot
Finca de Los Andes Barrel Select, Malbec
Finca de Los Andes Barrel Select, Syrah
Lagarde Guarda, Cabernet Franc
Lagarde Guarda Doc, Malbec
Gran Lorca Poetico, Petit Verdot


By the glass $ 9, small pitcher $ 22, large pitcher $ 38

Henry, Moscato Bianco (Lagarde, Mendoza)
Saurus, Pinot Noir (Schroeder, Patagonia)
Amicorum Gran Vino, Chardonnay
Amicorum Imaginado, Malbec - Bonarda
Amicorum Gran Vino, Malbec - Syrah
Amicorum Gran Vino, Malbec - Cabernet
Cassone, Rosado Cabernet Sauvignon
Cassone, Cabernet Sauvignon
Cassone Reserva, Cabernet Sauvignon
Cassone Reserva Coleccion, Malbec
Cassone Reserva de Familia, Malbec

Land of extremes, shinning skies, endless horizons, natural meltwaters, frequent winds, wide temperature range and long luminous days that along with pure, stony and low humidity vineyards make of Patagonia one the great Argentine regions

Puestero Select, Sauvignon Blanc
Puestero Select, Pinot Noir
Saurus Select, Pinot Noir
Familia Schroeder, Pinot Noir