Why does my girl break her promise

Support when mom breaks her arm

It was actually a completely normal visit to the parents' farm. Sandra Pleßl from Puchkirchen am Trattberg had promised her daughters Anna (5) and Katharina (2.5) to get the kittens from the hayloft. But the search for the cats ended for the mother with a broken arm and an injured shoulder in the hospital. With the support of the Caritas Mobile Family Services, everyday life continued. In the event of an accident involving the parents, part of the costs will be reimbursed by the accident insurance of the Upper Austria family card - if the youngest child is under 5 years of age.

“Right at the hospital, I thought about how the care of the children could be organized in the future,” recalls Sandra Pleßl. “My husband Matthias was on nursing leave while I was in the hospital - he then had to go back to work as a site manager in civil engineering. And I knew that I would need support, especially in the morning: with just one arm, I couldn't change my little one, nor could I prepare breakfast because I couldn't hold anything with my left hand. A temporary move to my parents' house was out of the question - especially in the morning they had their hands full in agriculture. Then I remembered that I had recently read about family help in the newspaper. "

A huge support

After she found the Caritas family services number on the Internet, everything happened very quickly. The very next week the Caritas employee came into the house in the morning. “We didn't have time to say hello,” laughs Mama Sandra. “Because Katharina was changing diapers - and the family helper just took off her shoes, took Katharina and changed her. It worked without any problems straight away. The children did not stranger and immediately accepted the two employees, who took turns. Both were super nice and also implemented my rules, e.g. that the children have to say hello or say please and thank you, which is simply important to me. We were really, really satisfied. For me it was a huge support. "

Childcare and housework done

The 24-year-old Sofie Neuwirth has been part of the Caritas Mobile Family Services team in Gmunden and Vöcklabruck for two years. At the Pleßl family - alternately with a colleague - she did not only childcare but also all the housework that Sandra Pleßl was unable to do after the accident. “I tried to involve the children in my activities so that, for example, they passed me the pegs when hanging up the laundry or stirred while cooking. Of course, the girls also liked it when I just read them a story or played with them. "

Caritas employee Sofie Neuwirth also involved the children in the housework.
Anna and Katharina enjoyed listening to the stories of Caritas employee Sofie Neuwirth.

The 24-year-old Sofie Neuwirth from the Mobile Family Services team involved the children in household chores and read to them. © Caritas Linz

Thanks to physiotherapy, Sandra Pleßl's arm got better from day to day. Thus, independence returned - and the assignment was ended. “In general, I am a person who finds it difficult to get help. But if you need help immediately after an accident, then you are very grateful that it is there. The Caritas employees were so nice and great at dealing with the children - it was very easy for me to accept the help, ”reports Sandra Pleßl. When she was a child herself, her mother also had a family helper to support her on the farm after a break: “I still have fond memories of that. And my children will probably keep fond memories of this time with their family helpers. "

Information and tariffs

Caritas offers mobile family services on behalf of the social welfare association. The cost contribution for the family is staggered socially. The remaining costs are covered from public funds by the social welfare association with the support of the social department of the state of Upper Austria.

The tariff calculator and more information can be found at www.mobiledienste.or.at

Source: Mag.a Maria Knapp | Caritas Linz

(af), published on November 19, 2020