Samsonite luggage comes with a lifetime guarantee

Samsonite repair

Samsonite suitcase repair

The vacation is over and unfortunately some Samsonite suitcases did not survive the long journey unscathed. What to do?

In principle, the following applies: Damage is not the same as a guarantee!

Samsonite makes a vehement distinction here:

In the event of flight damage, you should contact your airline immediately. You are insured with your ticket and Samsonite does NOT regard transport damage as a guarantee. The airline often has contractual partners who take care of the repair of your suitcase.

As Transport damage Damage that occurs when loading other transport service providers (shipping, bus companies, etc.) also applies. As with flight damage, you must contact the transport company to claim the damage.

Additional insurance for transport damage is available, for example. for credit card holders. Depending on the credit card, your luggage is insured up to a certain value. In order to determine the value here, an expert opinion must be prepared. Here the appraiser decides whether the case can be repaired or is irreparable. In most cases, the appraiser can perform a vulnerable repair himself.

Normal wear is not considered a guarantee. This is especially true for zipper and wheel wear. Each case is individual, so we recommend that you contact your Samsonite dealer if you have any questions.

Now that it has been clarified who will pay for the damage, the question still arises, WHERE can I have my suitcase repaired?

If you are at home in Vienna, the best thing to do is to come to us:

Michael Alexander Konopitzky
Hütteldorfer Strasse 135
A-1140 Vienna
Tel: +4319824174

In the event that you are traveling abroad, you can easily look for the nearest Samsonite dealer of your choice on the Samsonite website. All dealers with telephone numbers and addresses are stored in the register.

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