What's your experience with mlm

Criticism and experiences on multi level marketing

"Who wouldn't want it? - Lie on the beach, get a tan and passively earn money.

2 years ago it got too much for me. Tired of the daily stresses of my job, I decided to look for an alternative income.
I came across the MLM company "Vemma" on the Internet, which gave me the opportunity to build up a second mainstay.

Getting into the business was easy!

At a lecture organized by Vemma I found a business partner who recruited me as a partner and introduced me to the business.
The fantastic thing about it was that I was able to get started without any financial outlay or prior knowledge.
Through the weekly workshops that were organized by my upline, I was able to constantly expand my skills and make my MLM business more and more successful.

But even in MLM, success is associated with a lot of effort and perseverance. Many potential business partners have to be approached and convinced in order to expand their own team and thus the passive income. And of course that doesn't happen overnight.

The reason I chose MLM is simple:
I was able to start my own business without any risk or investment. "

Johannes Maier
Accountant from Munich