How can I set up research collaborations

Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

How can you work with the Martin Luther University?

  • Give our university a research assignment for work that your company needs but cannot do itself.
  • Take advantage of technologies that have been developed by scientists at the through licensing, cooperation and contracts.
  • Use our university infrastructure, devices and services for the development of your company.

Do you already have a specific request? To the inquiry form.

The cooperation between your company and the Martin Luther University can take different forms:

Research collaborations

The implementation of common research interests of scientists and companies can be achieved through targeted, direct research cooperation or through collaborative research. The protection and exploitation rights of the research results lie with the partners of the research cooperation.

Contract research and scientific services

Contract research

The basis for the research work on the contract research is defined by the client's objectives. The rights to the research results usually remain with the client. Research contracts are subject to VAT and are subject to full cost accounting.


Whether as part of routine tasks or by means of specifically adapted tests - the researchers at the analyze, check and evaluate the client's materials without own research achievement.

The client remains in possession of all rights to the intellectual property of the provided item.

If available, it is also possible to use the university's premises, scientific equipment and infrastructure for a fee.

Research information

You can find an overview of the research areas worked on at Martin Luther University on the Research Information page.

Research portal

Research projects in which scientists from the university are involved can be researched on the website of the “Research Portal Saxony-Anhalt”.

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