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§ 26
deadlines and appointments

(1) Sections 187 to 193 of the German Civil Code apply accordingly for the calculation of deadlines and for the determination of deadlines, unless otherwise specified in paragraphs 2 to 5.

(2) A deadline set by an authority begins on the day following the notification of the deadline, unless the person concerned is informed otherwise.

(3) 1If a period ends on a Sunday, a public holiday or a Saturday, the period ends at the end of the next working day. 2This does not apply if the person concerned has been informed of a specific day as the end of the period with reference to this provision.

(4) If an authority has to provide services only for a certain period of time, this period also ends at the end of its last day if it falls on a Sunday, a public holiday or a Saturday.

(5) The deadline set by an authority must also be adhered to if it falls on a Sunday, public holiday or Saturday.

(6) If a deadline is set in hours, Sundays, public holidays or Saturdays are included.

(7) 1 Deadlines set by an authority can be extended. 2If such deadlines have already expired, they can be extended retrospectively, in particular if it would be unreasonable to allow the legal consequences resulting from the expiry of the deadline to exist. 3The authority can combine the extension of the deadline according to § 32 with an ancillary provision.

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