GameStop employees receive a discount for the store

Gamestop employee unpacks: "Eleven years of hell"

The video game retail chain Gamestop has repeatedly made negative headlines in the past. For example, in 2016 there were reports that employees were systematically lying to customers. Now another former employee has unpacked and tells in a video on YouTube of unfair business practices that he is said to have come across in the eleven years with the company. Despite some good experiences and nice employees, he describes his employee life from 2007 to 2018 as "hell" and "nightmare".

According to the former branch manager with the username Camelot331, the system with bonus cards is set up in such a way that shops benefit from being dishonest with customers. "A good example of something unfair that happens 99 out of 100 cases at Gamestop: Let's say you go into business to Red Dead Redemption 2 to buy. And let's say it's on sale for $ 39.99 right now. As new. The PowerUp Card (a credit card with a bonus program) has no other effect than collecting points. I don't know of any employees who didn't say, hey, if you take that PowerUp credit card, the game will only cost you $ 39.99 and you will save the cost of the card and you will also save yourself $ 5 off the actual retail price " "says Camelot331." I saw this five times a day in every branch I worked in. "

Another example of such practices are pre-orders. "I've seen people go into the reservation lists and identify customers who failed to pick up a reserved game that they paid $ 60 for. Then they canceled the reservation and either put the refund money in their own pockets , or posted ten new reservations on a transaction to revalue their numbers for the day, "says the former employee.

It is important to mention that such practices were encouraged by the system: "These employees had to do this. That is the procedure that higher management presses. This is the environment that they created. You have to submit to it, otherwise you lose you the job. "

No recognition

Furthermore, Camelot331 tells how he was cheated out of promotions under his branch manager in his early years. A man to whom he would like to dedicate a separate video. Nevertheless, the Gamestop employee finally made it to the branch manager and brought his business to one of the best-performing stores in the USA. The big drop in motivation, however, came when Camelot331 realized that economic success, despite strict performance evaluations, was ultimately not recognized. Instead, he was warned in internal emails to all branches that the signs were not perfect. The regional manager then explained that economic success does not necessarily make you a good branch manager.

Cheat customers

That was the time when the group had completely changed its management style to negative reinforcement. In addition to arbitrary criticism, there was also the constant threat of dismissal. This mentality eventually culminated in the introduction of the Circle of Life program, which eventually pushed employees to cheat customers.

In addition to constant threats of termination, Gamestop began to switch its branch managers to contracts that required overtime if they wanted to get their previous salary. "If you worked 40 hours, you actually earned $ 80 less a week than before. That ultimately demotivated every store manager in the country," said Camelot331.

Drugs and sex

According to Camelot331, this was only the downside in terms of business management and personnel technology. In the future, more videos are to follow in which he tells of incidents in branches. Among other things, drugs were allegedly sold under the hand and managers had sex with prostitutes behind the counter during opening hours. The fact that he had waited so long before resigning could only be explained by his tendency to masochism. (red, December 19, 2018)