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By bike to work

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AOK participation campaign in cooperation with the ADFC from May 1st to August 31st

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the big summer campaign for more fitness in everyday life
Promotion period: May 1st to August 31st

The big summer campaign for more fitness in everyday life

For more than 19 years the motto in summer has been “By bike to work” - more than a quarter of a million professionals are already there.

The action sequence at a glance:

Participation in the “By bike to work” campaign is completely free of charge. After your one-time registration, you will find your “campaign calendar” on the participant's page in the login area. Here you can maintain your active days and keep an eye on your performance.

Colleagues can also form a virtual team for mutual motivation. Of course, everyone continues to cycle their own route. If there is no team, you cycle as an individual participant.

If you subscribe to the Infoletter, we will remind you in good time of all important dates such as the starting shot or the final entry deadline for the raffle of the material prizes.

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The campaign period will be postponed this year due to the current situation (current Corona information). From May you can record your active days in your campaign calendar online. It will apply during the promotional period at least 20 days cycling to work.

Long-distance commuters simply combine their commute with public transport. Partial routes also count, for example for the way to the train station and back.

Whoever achieves the 20-day goal and their achievements before the completion / submission deadline on September 18, 2021 in the promotional calendar automatically takes part in the raffle for the prizes.

Pleasant "side effects":
As an active participant, you will win in any case, because more exercise in everyday life will effectively strengthen your health and wellbeing. Regular cycling protects against lifestyle diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Participating companies also benefit from cycling employees. Because your company gains high-performing employees.

The 100-second explanatory video for "By bike to work"

Video statements for the start of the campaign year 2021

Effects of Corona / COVID19 on #MdRzA

We keep going - but for sure!

The cycling campaign will take place as usual in 2021 - again with "Extras".

The last year has proven:Responsible cycling is also and especially in times of Corona / COVID-19 a great asset. It prevents a lack of exercise, provides fresh air and is extremely valuable for body, soul and well-being.

#MdRzA adapts flexibly for you again: If necessary, the campaign period will be adapted to the circumstances, as it has already proven itself in the previous year.
And this year too: Also trips around HomeOffice counting!

Important: Please heed the official requirements, prohibitions and recommendations. Have a good trip & stay healthy!

Your MdRzA campaign team

Ranking of the teams

The position results from the days per participant

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The # MdRzA microsites - an offer for interested companies

Carry out “By bike to work” as a company-wide employee campaign under your own flag. You will get everything you need from us.

With the # MdRzA microsites, we take into account the wishes of large companies with many participating employees who have repeatedly approached us with corresponding requests in recent years. The microsites now give you the opportunity to set up an attractive employee campaign with little effort.

More information about the # MdRzA microsites

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