What is the best unusual vacation spot

10 unusual holiday ideas for nature lovers & water rats

You don't want to go on run-of-the-mill package tours on the beaten tourist path and are looking for really unusual holiday ideas, for holiday destinations for nature lovers and water rats where extraordinary experiences await that not everyone experiences?

Then you've come to the right place, because In the following article we have compiled a list of our best holiday ideas for you, which we find particularly exciting as permanent travelers and globetrotters and which we have already done ourselves.

With our list, we made sure that all of our suggestions are manageable for everyone - therefore you do not need any prior knowledge for the following extraordinary holiday ideas, just a little courage to try something completely new on vacation.

As full-time travelers, diving instructors and outdoor enthusiasts, we ourselves travel around the globe all year round, always looking for fantastic and unusual nature experiences that fill us and fascinate us - Therefore, through our personal experiences on trips, we have become something like travel experts for extraordinary experiences and unusual vacation ideas for nature lovers.

Why extraordinary holiday ideas enrich your life

Simply book a package tour in a travel agency or on the Internet, then yourself somewhere for two weeks "popping" at the beach in the sun or "combing" a country superficially on a round trip with dozens of other vacationers, Anyone can do that - but such a vacation is certainly not a real enrichment for your life, is it ...?

On the contrary, you not only let the true fascination of foreign and distant countries slip through your fingers, but also waste your vacation time and also pollute the environment for things which you could probably do like this, or at least a very similar one, right on your doorstep.

Clear It is nicer to experience something extraordinary that is so concise that you will never forget it - something that puts a smile on your face when you think back to these holiday experiences in the stressful everyday life.

Life is nothing more than the stringing together of your experiences and it is simply far too short for you to come up with the usual off-the-peg vacation ideas wasting.

When you are not how we travel the whole year as full-time travelers and globetrotters, then your vacation time is certainly limited to a few weeks a year and that's why you should use this time particularly intensively to experience something unusual. To implement an extraordinary holiday idea that really enriches your life and where you can get out of the hamster wheel.

Our holiday ideas for nature lovers & outdoor enthusiasts

Therefore we have you in the following our 10 best and most unusual holiday ideas for nature lovers & water rats, just as we are, compiled in a detailed list.

No matter if you are yours If you prefer to spend your vacation on the beach or in the mountains, whether you want to be particularly active in sports or just let the surroundings have an effect on you and want to relax - our holiday ideas have a suitable proposal for everyone ...

Egypt as a holiday idea offers ideal conditions for your diving license.

Holiday idea # 01:

Get your diving license in Egypt

Nowhere else you get as close to exotic and wild animals as on a dive in the oceans, therefore it is almost a must for nature lovers on vacation to get a diving license at some point and to get up close and personal with such unique creatures as manta rays, turtles or even sharks.

A special one a good travel destination for this is Egypt, which is only a few hours' flight from Europe the Red Sea is home to a unique diving area that is “teeming” with life.

Even more information on the subjects of "getting a diving license" and diving in Egypt - you can find this article on our blog:

If you like this holiday idea and you decide to travel to Egypt to get your diving license, then you should make sure that you look for accommodation a little further south - because there the reefs are much more beautiful and intact than in the catchment area of ​​the tourist stronghold Hurghada.

A very good address to get your diving license in Egypt, are the diving schools of the German team of "Diving.de" and "The Oasis" Resort, which is managed in cooperation with the renowned diving schools of Werner Lau and Sinai Divers.

More information about the two dive operators in Egypt that we personally recommend - you can find here:

You should consider yourself a nature lover decide for this extraordinary holiday idea and, just like us as diving instructors, succumb to the "diving virus",Let's always wish you good air and extraordinary dives at the best dive sites in the world.

The Grand Canyon only reveals its real charm during a hike.

Holiday idea # 02:

Explore the depths of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one the best known and most visited national parks in the American Southwest, but most visitors miss the Grand Canyon's real charm during their visit.

Most of the visitors drives exclusively by car from the viewpoints of the canyon for a few photos or, when it comes high, flies over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter - but the real one You will only experience the fascination of the canyon if you explore it as an unusual holiday idea on foot and descend into the depths.

Basically, there are several ways you can do this with a "Backcountry Permit" You can even go into the depths of the Grand Canyon for several days and spend the night there - but for that you need some experience with wilderness hikes.

But also As a beginner, you have the opportunity to safely descend into the Grand Canyon via the "Bright Angel" Trail - On this managed hiking trail you will also find enough drinking water and shady shelters. If you get one of the coveted places, you can in the depths of the Grand Canyon on the Indian Garden Campground or stay overnight in the cabins of the Phantom Ranch.

All important information about a hike on the "Bright Angel Trail" and the easier "Rim Trail" along the edge of the Grand Canyon, which offers very special insights into the canyon - you can find in this blog article:

You will see for yourself when you yourself take the time to view the Grand Canyon at different times of the day and from different perspectives,then it moves again into a completely different picture and above all reveals its actual dimensions.

Hiking through alligator holes is a very unusual holiday idea.

Holiday idea # 03:

Discover the Everglades on foot and by canoe

Also the Everglades National Park in southern Florida is one of the better-known parks and nature reserves in the United States. With its "seemingly" endless swamps, which actually consist of a very slowly flowing river, it attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Especially The national park is known for the fact that you can experience alligators up close all year round and that is why most of the tourists go on loud “airboat tours” in the swamps to see these extraordinary creatures up close.

But the The real attraction of the Everglades for nature lovers is to explore the marshland on foot or by kayak and to take a guided tour with a guide through the alligator holes - that is not only much better for the environment, but also this unusual holiday idea gives you an even better insight into the flora and fauna this breathtaking national park.

A detailed article about our hike and canoe tour through the Everglades, as well as the tour operator we chose for our tour back then - you can find here:

We did then not only saw a lot of alligators swimming almost right around our legs, but also snakes, imposing owls and many other animal inhabitants of the Everglades and at the end of the day we enjoyed a wonderful sunset from the kayak.

Long-distance hiking is the ideal vacation for nature lovers.

Holiday idea # 04:

Start a minimalist long-distance hike

Hiking has grown in popularity in recent years, so much so that in the present many shorter hiking trails are totally overcrowded and the hikers therefore sometimes leave a lot of damage to nature. Therefore Many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts long for long hikes in remote areas and of course that is also a kind of fancy holiday idea.

Instead of just hiking through nature for a few hours or a day, try a long-distance hike over several days, Weeks or maybe even months.

The attraction is not just that You can discover almost untouched nature on a long-distance hike in many areas, but also in the fact that you learn to get along with the few things in your backpack during this time.

A detailed article about what makes a long-distance hike so special and why it is worthwhile, for example, to run the Appalachian Trail on the east coast of the USA completely - you can find here:

Of course it has to not be a 3,500 kilometer hike on the Appalachian Trail, There are also many shorter routes that are ideal as a holiday idea and as an introduction to long-distance and long-distance hiking.

The Maldives is one of the best snorkeling & diving spots in the world.

Holiday idea # 05:

Snorkel the most beautiful reefs in the Maldives

The Maldives are undoubtedly one of the most dreamy holiday destinations on our blue planet and even if the steadily growing tourism is changing the originality of the small atolls in the Indian Ocean, The Maldives are a really worthwhile holiday idea, especially for water rats and sun worshipers.

The tourism in the Maldives has increased over the years not only let the prices on older island resorts shrink significantly, But with private holiday homes of the Maldives and some larger hotels on the surrounding island of the capital Male, some cheap alternatives for a Maldives vacation have been created.

More information about the Maldives and the underwater world - you can find here:

In addition to the beautiful beaches and lagoons that most of the Maldives islands offer, Above all, the underwater world impresses with its colorful diversity - which makes the Maldives a true paradise for snorkeling.

Many of the unique islands have beautiful house reefs just a few meters from the beach, which with a snorkel and diving mask offer a unique insight into the hidden world under water - Again and again you will come across larger sea creatures while snorkeling like mantas, turtles or whale sharks.

If you particularly like this unusual holiday idea, but you do not yet have your own snorkel set - We have put together all the information you need here:

As diving instructors and full-time travelers, we spend a few weeks in the Maldives almost every year and have visited countless islands there, two particularly beautiful barefoot islands that are ideal for snorkeling - we have presented you here in detail:

Both islands have a beautiful house reef and are ideal for snorkeling and if you feel like it, you can combine your trip with one of our other unusual holiday ideas and Get your diving license in the Maldives, to experience the underwater world even more intensely.

The smooth slot canyons are a great destination for a fancy hiking vacation.

Holiday idea # 06:

Hike alone through beautiful slot canyons

As fans of North America, we are there as full-time travelers every year, far off the beaten track, “on tour” and also Right now, as I write this article, we are on another 3 month trip to Canada & Alaska towards the far north.

It is important to us above all, to experience the pristine nature far away from the usual tourist destinations, which we like to explore on long lonely hikes. We have been particularly impressed by this in recent years the remarkable slot canyons in the southwest of the USA, among which there are still real insider tips that are hardly visited by tourists.

So if you like to be out in nature and are looking for a really unusual holiday idea, Then slot canyon hikes like this are exactly the right thing for you.

A report on one of our last hikes through the beautiful and lonely Leprechaun Canyon - you can find here:

Incidentally, such slot canyon hikes are best discovered on a detailed and individual road trip through the southwestern USA. If you don't have any experience with this yet - Here are some helpful tips from us:

If you have a lot of time for your trip, the hikes in the slot canyons can of course also be combined with some of our other extraordinary holiday ideas - e.g. with a hike into the depths of the Grand Canyon.

For those looking for peace and quiet, the San Blas Islands are a great vacation idea.

Holiday idea # 07:

Experience the beauty and solitude of the San Blas Islands

For all lovers of lonely beaches and island paradises we still have a very unusual holiday idea in store - a visit to the San Blas Island in front of the beautiful and calm Caribbean coast of Panama. The autonomous archipelago, officially known under the name of the indigenous people "Guna Yala", has not yet been developed to a very large extent for tourists.

With small planes you can reach the San Blas Islands of Panama City and for real adventurers there are also offers that take you off-road through the jungle to the east of Panama.

From the respective airport island or the east coast of Panama Then we go by boat to the respective island, all of which are very original and offer little comfort - just right for adventurers looking for peace and quiet.

A detailed experience report about our visit to the San Blas Islands and a link to the official website of the island that we visited there - you can find here:

Also this vacation idea by the way, can be combined with the snorkeling presented above, because the San Blas island has a charming and intact underwater world, in which scuba diving is not allowed until today.

The crystal clear cenotes offer ideal conditions for water rats.

Holiday idea # 08:

Dive into Mexico's crystal clear cenotes

Whether you already have a diving license, enjoy snorkeling or just do it want to swim in the crystal clear water of the cenotes in Mexico - the Yucatan Peninsula is exactly the right place for this. The Caves filled with crystal clear fresh and partly salt water are a unique natural spectacle and many of the cenotes also have beautiful bathing lagoons in which you can go swimming.

A detailed report on our dives in the cenotes and a few more tips on what you can experience on a holiday on the Yucatan Peninsula - you can find here:

In addition to the cenotes, it's also worth it to take a detour to one of the islands off the Yucatan Peninsula. The largest of these is e.g. Cozumel, which is located directly in front of Playa del Carmen and attracts visitors with very beautiful beaches and diving areas.

Also this extraordinary holiday idea can be perfectly combined with getting your diving license while on holiday. Both in Playa del Carmen and on Cozumel you will find many renowned diving schools that offer diving courses at fair prices.

Anyone who travels a lot in lonely nature is always on the right track with a survival course.

Holiday idea # 09:

Learn how to survive in nature with a survival course

If you are more likely are looking for an extraordinary holiday idea where you can also continue your education, then we have just the thing for you here - a survival course in which you learn how to survive in nature.

Such You can book courses in many interesting places and holiday destinations and on our blog you will find a detailed report from Barbara, who completed such a course in Mallorca.

This experience report and a detailed list with the best outdoor first aid tips - you can find it here:

Such a Survival training is not just a particularly unusual vacation idea,but also helps you as a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast to be safer in the great outdoors in the future.

Bear watching is the ideal vacation for nature lovers.

Vacation idea # 10:

Observe imposing & wild bears in the wild

As mentioned above we are currently on a 3 month trip through Canada and Alaska and in the first 3 weeks on Vancouver Island we already have seen several dozen black bears on our hikes. That is why the tenth and last of our unusual holiday ideas should also be about watching bears in the wild, which has fascinated us again and again in recent years.

Right here In the higher latitudes of North America there are basically ideal conditions to observe black and brown bears, On the islands off Alaska you can even spot the unique Kodiac bears on special tours.

Even if there are good chances of seeing bears all year round in Canada and Alaska, so The period from July to September is particularly suitable here, as the salmon then move north in the rivers, which is a real feast for all bears who then increasingly gather at the rivers.

Another very a good place to watch black bears is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the southeast of the USA, there the chances are good, especially in April and June, when the bears wake up from their hibernation and “feed” themselves back to their fat reserves in the snow-free valleys.

A detailed report on our experiences in the Smoky Mountains National Park and a list of the best places to see bears here in British Columbia, Canada - you can find here:

By the way, our unusual idea about long-distance hiking and the Appalachian Trail can be perfectly combined with watching bears in the wild, because the AT leads over a longer section through the entire Smoky Mountains National Park.

We had extremely good luck on our visit at the time and were able to observe numerous bears, including some mothers of bears with their cubs - a truly unforgettable experience.

Just take a look whether we're just as lucky here with the grizzly bears in Canada and Alaska in the coming weeks, In any case, we will report to you in detail about our further experiences here as permanent travelers here on our feel4nature blog and in our newsletter.

Even more tips & unusual holiday ideas from travel professionals

So ... they were already our 10 extraordinary vacation ideas for your next trip And of course we hope that our list also includes the right idea for you.

As a full-time traveler we are on our diving trips and outdoor adventures all year round And of course we experience countless unusual experiences, so it was not that easy to choose ten unusual vacation ideas for this list.

Furthermore this list is limited to holidays for nature lovers, as we ourselves spend most of our trips in nature, Therefore, of course, this article lacks tips and ideas for city trips or other travel destinations far away from nature - but we don't want to withhold them from you.

Some detailed articles and great lists of other vacation ideas that we ourselves find very informative and exciting. - you can find it under the following links:

If you have other holiday ideas yourself, if you have already gained your own experience with one of our suggestions, or if you have any questions about it, see this we look forward to your comment under this article ...

If you just as we are interested in diving, long walks in nature and the trips that go with it, then take a look at our feel4nature outdoor, travel and diving blog - As permanent travelers, we report here regularly about our adventures and share our best tips with you as diving instructors, globetrotters and nature lovers.

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