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Flower symbolism - These flowers are suitable for burial

Flowers are an important part of the culture of mourning. They are often used as coffins or grave goods, especially at funerals. Flowers reflect at the same time the beauty and uniqueness of life, but also the transience. You can see an overview of the flower symbolism in this article.

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The rose symbolizes love and devotion. Dark red and black roses also stand for passion and love, but also for despair. Roses in a lighter color, on the other hand, express tenderness, restraint and purity (white roses) or friendship (yellow roses). Often roses are combined with gypsophila.
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Carnations stand for friendship, generosity, but also for divine and human love and loyalty. In the color white, the carnation stands for hope and loyalty, in red or pink, on the other hand, for friendship and love.
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Tulips are symbolic of happiness, beauty, transience, but also for affection and love.
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Daffodils are the symbol of spring and fertility, sleep and death, bride status (white daffodil) and Christ's victory over death. The daffodil heralds spring. It is the messenger of the spring light and thus a symbol of the overcome winter.
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Ivy is a symbol of immortality, resurrection hope and friendship. It is a frequently seen plant in cemeteries and is therefore often used in grave planting.


Lilies stand for innocence, hope, purity of love and of the heart and death. But they also embody grace and forgiveness.
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The calla has always been regarded as the flower of the dead and, in the floral symbolism, stands not only for immortality but also for elegance and beauty, devotion and seduction.
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In flower symbolism, sunflowers stand symbolically for harvest, growth, development, but also for happiness, freedom and good wishes.
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The gerbera is often used in funeral flowers, even if it is not actually a symbol of mourning. It stands for warmth, strength and intimate love and is therefore often used as a sign of hope.
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The chrysanthemum stands for love beyond death, sincerity, fate, but also for a long life.
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The orchid stands for beauty, wealth and power. The cut orchid expresses admiration for its counterpart. Their diversity of species and their strong will to survive also symbolize a kind of cleverness.
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The violet is discreet and reserved, which of course is also due to its graceful appearance. It stands for modesty, innocence and also for secrecy.
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forget Me Not

The forget-me-not already has its meaning in the name: farewell, loyalty and memory in love.
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The (weeping) willow has strong roots in moist soil and water. It is a symbol of grief in cemeteries, and yet it exudes humility because it bows. Some graves are roofed over by it and thus appear particularly protected.
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