Do you love Greece as much as I do

Environment and animal protection in Greece

In this project you support conservationists and marine biologists in their daily work underwater, on the water and on land. The research stations and your accommodation are located on an idyllic island on the west coast of Greece. Environmental protection is a very topical and explosive topic. Participation in this project is your chance to stand up for our nature on land and in the water in order to protect, research and preserve it. Do you like to work outside and love nature? Then this project is the right place for you.

The non-profit organization, which has existed since 2014, works together with the local volunteer program to preserve the environment. Your agency also works to stop the environmentally harmful processes and to suppress them in a peaceful way so that traditional forms of environmental protection can be restored. Your agency is an independent organization that is not affiliated with corporate interests or political parties and that openly protests the way in which the area is to be divided up.

You actively support a team consisting of biologists and environmentalists. The activities are extremely diverse and range from expeditions at sea to animal welfare on land. The activities are always based on the current agenda of environmentalists.

The goal of the conservationists is to preserve a still completely intact environment on a Greek island in the Ionian Sea.