Learning French will improve my career opportunities

Learn languages ​​online with the Randstad Academy

Almost every modern commercial job requires basic to business fluent English skills. Those who can communicate in the business language navigate more easily through the global world of work. Language courses are therefore more popular than ever. With the e.learning offers from Randstad Germany, employees can improve their language skills conveniently from anywhere.

Many things are easier with English

Conversations or presentations in a foreign language are still a challenge for many. Brushing up on language skills or learning a completely new language is also important for the employees at Randstad Germany. Markus Ehrnböck is one of them. As a procurement engineer, the Randstad employee is responsible for the purchases of an international company when working with customers. Whether in video conferences with colleagues or e-mails to suppliers from Asia, he regularly uses English in his job.

That is why Markus Ehrnböck uses the Randstad Academy's online service to improve his language skills. He has now completed two English language courses and can now discuss business fluently. That pays off twice for him - at work he appears more confident and when traveling he can communicate almost anywhere.

Completely online, completely self-determined

The Randstad Academy offers employees an extensive catalog of e.learning courses. Interested parties can choose from over 300 further training courses on IT applications, subject-specific topics or soft skills such as presentation techniques and conflict resolution. Language courses are booked particularly frequently. In addition to English, Italian, Spanish, French and German are available as a foreign language. Those interested in learning work out their skills and abilities in a joint discussion with their consultant and book a suitable course free of charge if required.

e.learning is good for learning vocabulary and practicing pronunciation. But in order to lose the fear of speaking, you also need face-to-face communication.

Markus Ehrnböck, Procurement Engineer - Randstad employee in customer service

All online offers can be called up on a computer or laptop, and most of them can also be accessed on the go on a tablet. Markus Ehrnböck practices vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar for the English course. Since the best way to learn languages ​​is to use them, he always gets the opportunity to apply what he has learned in everyday and professional scenarios. Everything is available online, at any time, from wherever he wants. He does not have to adapt to the level of performance of a group and can repeat individual lessons as often as he likes. Nevertheless, contact with fellow learners is not lost. Some learning units can be completed in a virtual classroom so that participants can practice conversation among themselves. “E.learning is good for learning vocabulary and practicing pronunciation. But in order to lose the fear of speaking, you also need face-to-face communication, ”says Markus Ehrnböck about the mix of methods.

Oriented towards global standards

With the online language training from Speexx, Randstad offers the opportunity to sustainably increase foreign language communication skills and career opportunities - at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. With the flexible online language course, personal trainer and active communication training in the virtual classroom, communicative competence in a professional context is improved and expanded.

All Speexx courses and the final certificate are based on the globally recognized GER / CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Close contact with certified, native speaker trainers who can demonstrate proven success in language adult education motivates learners. Just like Randstad, Speexx is AZAV certified and approved by the Federal Employment Agency and the job centers.


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