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Consultation of the Historical Archives catalog is free for all and is accessible from the pages of this website.

You can scroll through the catalog and select the brand (SAME, Lamborghini, Hürlimann, DEUTZ-FAHR ...) or the category that interests you most (e.g. photo material, technical publications, advertising catalogs, technical drafts and drawings ...).
For a simple reimbursement of costs, you can also request certain types of technical documents (operating and maintenance instructions, workshop manuals, spare parts catalogs) by selecting the individual documents and paying the corresponding amount (€ 15.00 for each publication) by credit card. Fill in the fields with the required information.

As soon as your payment has been credited: If available in the shopping cart, you can download the desired file as a PDF directly from the website.

Copyright digital objects

The downloadable files are in .JPG, .PDF, or .DOC format, depending on the type. They can be read on all types of computers.

The documents contained therein are and will remain the property of SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Italia S.p.A.that holds all rights of use. Possession of these files only authorizes their consultation and does not imply any authorization for printing, copying, translating, adapting and distributing all or part of the contents. Approval for such activities may from time to time at the express request of SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Italia S.p.A. may be given in writing at the sole discretion of the company. Even in the case of authorization for reproduction and use, this is always combined with the obligation to include the note "SDF Archivio Storico e Museo - Treviglio (BG)" next to each document and with the prohibition of changing content, symbols and images.

SAME DEUTZ-FAHR Italia S.p.A. declines all responsibility for the use of the content of the files (even if this has been approved).