What are some examples of transactional communication

TranspromoThe combination of billing and advertising

Michael Bucka, Managing Director of the German branch of GMC Software Technology GmbH, knows that Transpromo currently mainly uses industries such as (mail order) retail, energy and financial service providers and telecommunications providers. On www.crmmanager.de he writes that the industry is slowly catching up and is also making increasing use of transpromo.

Bucka points out the technical side of Transpromo and comes to the conclusion that the technical possibilities for Transpromo are available. The individualized approach in advertising is always better to implement, due to increasingly extensive address and customer databases as well as the increasingly cheaper digital color printing available.

Today's option of full-color printing enables significantly higher response rates to be achieved, because images, variable and individual offers and regular information can be combined in a targeted manner. Bucka's advice is: “Those responsible in IT, sales and production would do well to rethink together in order to uncover the hidden treasures that are hidden in their own inventory. After all, existing customers are the company's most promising customer potential. In the past, millions of dollars have been invested in customer loyalty and customer satisfaction programs. The time is certainly ripe to then systematically collect the new business that is hidden in this valuable customer group. "

Existing customers are also particularly open to advertising because they already know the company. There is a certain amount of trust and sympathy because customers have already been encouraged to buy.

If, for example, an invoice is sent, it is more of a "nuisance". But if the customer now receives an attractive offer, perhaps even with a discount, then it makes him feel positive again and that in turn strengthens customer loyalty.