What do the Greeks want from their country?

11 reasons for a vacation in Greece

Are you wondering which holiday destination is right for you? Save yourself hours of googling and browsing through an infinite number of travel guides! We deliver 11 powerful arguments for you Greece vacation speak. We firmly believe that your next trip will take you to beautiful Hellas!

No matter what type of vacation you are, whether you are a beach lover, party-goer, active vacationer or those seeking peace and quiet. In Greece everyone can do their own thing personal dream vacation spend. We have been traveling to Greece for over ten years and from the first minute we were immediately drawn to the magical Mediterranean country. Here are our 11 reasons why you too will be amazed by Hellas!

Table of Contents

  1. Surprising diversity between mountains and sea
  2. Where the sun never stops shining
  3. Paradise is only a three-hour flight away
  4. Unlimited bathing fun on beautiful beaches
  5. The Greek way of life is contagious
  6. A story you can touch
  7. The Greek Wine & Udo Jürgens
  8. Greece as a safe holiday destination
  9. The Mediterranean diet as a culinary fountain of youth
  10. An inexpensive dream vacation
  11. A land that touches the soul

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# 1 surprising diversity between mountains and sea

Of all the countries in the Mediterranean, Greece has the most islands. It should be around 3,000 large and small islands, of which over 130 are inhabited. The country thus manages around 80 percent of all islands in the Mediterranean. So perfect for extensive Greece island hopping

But did you know that Greece is not a pure island nation? But on the contrary! Around 80 percent of the area of ​​Greece even consists of Mountains. After all, Mount Olympus, the country's highest mountain, measures 2,917 meters in all its glory. It is only 50 meters below the Zugspitze in Germany.

There are even very well developed ones Ski areas in northern Greece, where you can ski and snowboard at a real economy price compared to Austria & Co. In addition to the popular Peloponnese peninsula and Chalkidiki, there are countless regions on the Greek mainland that are still very untouched and want to be discovered!

Especially Northern Greece with the regions Epirus and Macedonia scores with lush nature and has a high biological diversity. There are said to be over 5,000 different plant species in Greece. Did you know that, after Madagascar, Greece is the country with the most native herbs and medicinal plants in the world?

# 2 Where the sun never stops shining

The Greek islands are considered to be sunniest region throughout Europe. With 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, Rhodes even has the most sunny days of all European holiday destinations. Berlin, on the other hand, only manages 1,600 hours of sunshine. Corfu and Crete are also among the top 10 sun-drenched places in Europe. Closely followed by many other Greek islands.

The weather in Greece is perfect for a summer vacation! No more worrying about whether the vacation you have booked will fall through. A vacation in Greece means Pure sunshine in the summer months! From mid-June to mid-September there is hardly a single drop of rain in the Greek islands. It can sometimes look very different on the North and Baltic Seas in August ...

# 3 Paradise is only a three-hour flight away

Greece is closer than you think. Even if it is almost 2,000 kilometers by land that separate you from your holiday destination Greece, you can reach most of the Greek destinations in Greece by plane not even three hours. Almost every major Greek island has an airport.

The shortest flight to Greece starts from Munich and flies to the island of Corfu. In exactly two hours you will be in the blue and white paradise. It takes five hours by car from Munich to Lake Garda in northern Italy. From Hamburg to Rhodes you need 3 hours and 20 minutes by plane. Incidentally, this is the longest direct flight to Greece.

over ten airports in Germany offer direct flights to Greece. No matter if Hamburg or Munich, Düsseldorf or Dresden. In every region in Germany there is the possibility to start a vacation in Greece in a completely uncomplicated way. More information on the subject can be found in our article Flights to Greece.

# 4 Unlimited bathing fun on beautiful beaches

With 13,700 kilometers of coastline Greece has the second longest coast in Europe after Norway. That is almost as much as New Zealand (15,000 kilometers) and almost twice as much as the length of the coast of Italy (7,600 kilometers).

On a holiday in Greece on Mykonos, Corfu & Co. await you dreamlike bays, picturesque beaches and turquoise blue sea. But not only the Greek island world enchants with paradisiacal beaches. The best example of this are the beaches of Karpathos.

The Greek mainland can also be described as truly Caribbean. It is not without reason that the region in the west of the country around Syvota and Parga is called the Greek Caribbean. There is one turquoise bay after the other along the Ionian Sea.

And what about the quality of the beaches and the sea itself? Good news! Greece also ranks second in Europe when it comes to bathing quality. In 2019 alone 515 organized beaches in Greece were awarded the seal of approval "Blue Flag" excellent. Ascending trend! Did we mention that there are hardly any dangerous animals like sharks or poisonous jellyfish in the seas of Greece?

# 5 The Greek way of life is contagious

The Greek way of life is unique, you just have to experience it yourself! If you are on holiday in Greece for the first time, you will soon find out that there are worlds between Germany and Hellas.

It's the mentality and the way the Greeks shape their lives and their everyday lives. True to the motto: "Live today like it was your last day." The Greeks attach great importance to family, friendship and sociability.

"Of all nationalities, the Greeks dreamed the dream of life most beautifully." (Goethe)

The hospitality the Greeks are looking for their equal. The word “stranger” does not exist in Greece, everyone is welcome. You don't judge someone by their appearance, but by their intrinsic values. Sitting in the tavern with your sweatpants or baggy sweater? Nobody cares about that in Greece.

Extensive partying and being together every evening with enough wine and singing are an integral part of Greece. The focus is always on the simple and happy life. We call it Deceleration for the soul. Isn't that exactly what you need on vacation?

You can find even more interesting facts about the country and its people in our Greece wanted poster

# 6 A story you can touch

History is not for everyone, we agree! Dusty facts and dry numbers from yesteryear can hardly impress anyone these days. But in Greece it is something different. The history of the country is immediate linked to Europe and omnipresent in all of Hellas.

After all, it is said that Greece, especially Athens, is the cradle of democracy. Be it the imposing one acropolis in the heart of the capital, the mysterious oracle of Delphi, the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Olympia and the many other ancient places on the mainland. Hardly any other country is as closely linked to its history as Greece.

Thousands of years have passed and the mighty temples and places of worship are still present and attract millions of people year after year. Lots cultural customs and traditions the Greeks have been able to preserve over the centuries. In the monasteries of Meteora and Athos, monks have lived day in and day out according to strict custom for over 1,000 years.

The Greeks are proud of their identity and embody this with body and soul. That is exactly what makes a holiday in Greece so authentic. And every dance grouch swings his legs to the Sirtaki song! But did you know that besides the famous sirtaki there are 4,000 other traditional dances in Greece?

# 7 The Greek Wine & Udo Jürgens

"Greek wine is like the blood of the earth" sings Udo Jürgens in his hit from the 70s. The wine growing belongs to Greece since ancient times. More than 2,000 years ago, people were amazed at the abundance of different grape varieties across Europe. Today, in very rural regions, wine is sometimes still produced for personal use in the same way as it was hundreds of years ago.

Nevertheless, many people still have prejudices against the good drop from Hellas. "Too sweet, heavily resinated, causes a headache and has no taste" we often get the answer. But the old days when people thought of Greek wine only as Samos, Imiglykos or Retsina are over.

What very few people know: The Greek wine culture has developed enormously in recent years and some Greek drops are now among the world's Top wines. Even on Samos, sweet wine is no longer pressed.

The formerly very common red wine cultivation gives way to the white grape varieties piece by piece. Malagouzia and Assyrtiko, the trend varieties of the last few years, are already making some Rieslings look old in terms of taste. Udo Jürgens described his hit "Greek Wine" as a hit back then.

He already knew before it was released that the song would be a success! And if you are on holiday in Greece in a cozy Tavern the sunset with a glass of Greek wine, you will find that it doesn't take much to be happy.

# 8 Greece as a safe holiday destination

We have been touring Greece for over ten years and have each other always felt safe. Several times we have accidentally left our rental car including GPS, laptop and smartphone open or forgot our credit card in a tavern. However, nothing has ever been lost.

On small, unknown islands, the locals leave the key in the front door straight away. Sometimes cell phones and wallets are all alone on bistro tables. No local would attack that.

A holiday in Greece is safe, you don't have to worry about your safety or that of your family. Especially the Greek islands are considered true Paradise on earth. Children play peacefully on the streets until late at night. People dance and laugh until the early hours of the morning without having to worry about anything.

Nobody would give their neighbors a hair, as long as they didn't hurt their honor. Crime, especially against tourists, is alien to the Greeks. Mutual respect and appreciation for each other's property is one thing Question of honor.

Many celebrities also appreciate this peaceful coexistence. Stars like Lindsay Lohan, Christiano Ronaldo and top model Alessandra Ambrosio spend their holidays in Greece every year.

Of course, smaller criminal offenses can occur in large cities such as Athens, Thessaloniki or Patras. As in most major European cities, you should take care of your valuables here. Nevertheless, Greece is considered to be one of the safest countries in all of Europe!

# 9 The Mediterranean diet as a culinary fountain of youth

When you think of Greek food, do you immediately think of souvlaki, gyros and the like? Do you think there is only meat on the plate in Greece? Then unfortunately we have to disappoint you or if you are a vegetarian or vegan, we have positive news for you!

Of course, many meat dishes are advertised in the taverns and restaurants, but the typical Greek cuisine is far more varied. In fact, it is like that exceptionally versatilethat it is considered a true fountain of youth for the Greeks.

The secret recipe is Mediterranean diet, too Mediterranean diet called. In principle, this type of diet includes traditional Greek cuisine, which was originally largely low in meat. Plenty of vegetables, salads of all kinds, legumes, goat cheese, freshly caught fish with local herbs and lots of olive oil are served on the plate.

Nutrition experts believe this diet is the healthiest in the world. Traditionally, meals are in the form of small starters (Mezedes) served. In addition to fried aubergines, tomatoes, zucchini and potatoes, delicious tzatziki, skordalia (garlic dip) or fava (pea puree) are served.

The Greeks cannot miss fish, ideally freshly caught every day. If necessary, there is also baked cheese (Haloumi or Saganaki) and if you like it, a piece of grilled chicken or goat with it.

The typical Greek cuisine paired with one or two glasses of Greek red wine should be a long life promise. After all, people in Greece are getting particularly old. On some remote islands like Ikaria, 100-year-olds are not uncommon.

Whether it's the wine or the food, not even the ancient Greeks themselves know that. But you can definitely try it out on your next holiday in Greece!

# 10 An inexpensive dream vacation

Greece has been one of them for many years most popular vacation destinations in Europe. Before the introduction of the euro, you could go on holiday like a king in Greece with the then currency, the drachma. With the euro, of course, that changed.

Nevertheless, Greece as a holiday region is compared to many other European travel destinations relatively cheap. What matters is exactly where you spend your vacation. Especially in less touristy regions like Northern Greece and on unknown Greek islands you can save a lot of money in terms of accommodation and meals. Usually it is more relaxed here and you can still enjoy some lonely bay without being disturbed.

Greece is cheaper than a holiday in Spain

The Price differences are enormous, especially on the individual islands. In the summer months, for example, are on the popular Greek island of Mykonos