Why do retirees prefer VRBO over Airbnb

Hey, has anyone had any experience with Home Away?

Hello, who has experience with the English fraudsters who rip off people with Moneybookers escrow accounts?

I have received the following emails: 1) Hello, Thank you very much for your interest, I bought this apartment for my son while he was studying, but now he is back home permanently in the UK so I do too. Renting the place for an unlimited time Before we go any further, I want to know something about you, how many people you intend to live in the apartment, what your job is, how old you are and how long you will stay. The apartment is fully furnished and renovated exactly as in the pictures. Also very important are the utilities for water, electricity, heating, gas, internet, cable, dishwasher, garbage disposal, included in the price of € 250 per month and I think it's convenient for both of us. All bills will be paid by me and you only have to pay the rent money every month. The deposit is € 500 and you get it back if you decide to let the apartment (you have to give me at least 1 month's notice). You can use my furniture or you can make your own if you prefer. I am a neuro-oncology doctor from the UK. I can make arrangements to rent the apartment from here quickly and easily. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best Regards,

2) Hello, Thank you for your prompt reply and for your kind email. If you are still interested I agree to rent it to you. I promise you will love the place. You seem like a nice person and I can assure you we won't have any problems. Obviously, you have to see the apartment before talking to more details because you are not renting an apartment that you have not yet seen. I am ready to give you the keys so that you can visit them and it suits your needs. The delivery time for the keys (apartment keys, intercoms, alarm) and viewing permission keys (signed by me) will be via an authorized courier and with a Moneybookers Escrow account to ensure that we can trust each other. Using Moneybookers Escrow comprises three parties: me as the owner, you as the potential tenant and Moneybookers as the responsible authorized third party to properly conduct the transaction.Please click on the link on the Moneybookers website where you will find the procedure stated: https: // www. moneybookers.com/app/help.pl?s=escrow&l=EN Here is the procedure: The Moneybookers escrow account works in the same way as the escrow account on which you pay the deposit when you rent an apartment, with the exception that instead of a bank, we use Moneybookers. Of course, no one can touch that money until you have returned the keys.