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Sound only from one ear? Reasons, problem and solution

I've also encountered the problem that the sound only comes from one ear of the Bluetooth headphones. That is why I have recorded my experiences and possible solutions here for you.

Problem 1: When connecting via Bluetooth, the sound only comes from one ear, both ear cups work with a cable

3.5 mm jack cable
3.5 mm jack input

The first phenomenon occurs as follows. If the headphones are connected by cable, the sound comes out of both ear cups. If, on the other hand, it is connected via Bluetooth, the sound only comes out of one ear. Here it indicates that the jack socket or the plug is dirty or that a mechanical switch is hanging in the jack socket.

Info: If you use the wrong plug, you may damage the jack socket. So make sure that the plug is no longer than that of the original cable.

Problem 2: Sound via cable only from one ear

Here the sound only comes from one ear when the headphones are connected by cable. This indicates that the cable / plug or the jack socket is defective.

Solution approaches - solutions

These approaches apply to problems 1 and 2.

Info: First of all, always restart your smartphone and reconnect the headphones. Also resets the headphones to factory settings, if this is possible with the model.
  1. Check whether you have activated a balance control in the smartphone / player! If this is on the far right or far left, a tone will only sound from this side!
  2. Test with a different audio cable. Make sure that the connector is exactly the same length and thickness!
  3. Clean the connector. I took a clean cloth and alcohol
  4. Blow air into the jack socket. Don't spit!
  5. Carefully clean the jack socket. Alcohol with Q-Tip worked fine for me.
Jack socket
Jack socket on the auricle

In my case it was so that the sound worked via cable and the sound via bluetooth only came from one ear. But then it occurred to me that the sound comes out of both auricles again when I easily plug the jack plug into the jack socket of the headphones. This made it clear to me that something was wrong with the jack socket.

There is a mechanical contact / switch in the jack socket, which is activated by inserting the blade connector. This contact ensures that the sound is then transmitted via cable and no longer via Bluetooth. However, if this contact hangs, then the problem mentioned occurs.

Here you can try the plug in and out several times and then the contact may loosen. If this is not the case, the jack socket must be replaced.

Info: If the contact loosens, it is possible that plugging in the jack plug again will jam it again. So remember the problem.