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Very good quality, partly elegant design, 30 years guarantee

Outrageously high prices

Hello everybody,

Tupperware's plastic products are certainly widely known and used. We also have two cupboards full of these - partly useful, partly superfluous - items, most of which my wife procured (how could it be otherwise ...).

Nevertheless, I am now also enthusiastic about Tupperware, because the over 20 years of experience with it have been very positive. An example: When I started my studies in 1986, I "inherited" a few used tup bowls from my parents and bought a few more containers from another manufacturer cheaply. Today, 15 years later, the Tuppers are still in use (albeit in the children's room), the other brands have long since made their way to the garbage dump.

Why is that so? Quite simply because the Tupperware products are of high quality and indestructible. I mocked it for a long time, but was taught otherwise. And since the design has become more elegant than it was 15 years ago, you can hardly complain about that either. I think it's impressive how the products have developed, and a 30-year guarantee on every part speaks for itself that the company trusts its products.

I can't describe the Tupperware range here, it's too extensive. I would like to describe it like this: Pretty much everything that you need in the household in terms of containers and little helpers or could need at some point is included in the range. Each article has a playful name and often surprisingly well thought-out details. For example, there are bowls of all sizes, containers for jam and honey, mixing cups, cutlery, cake scoops and cheese graters, it is simply indescribable.

However, the prices are just as indescribable. At first glance they are extremely high, at second glance and after a few product explanations they are "only" high. Simple bowls cost 30 or 40 DM, larger items can easily exceed the 100 DM limit, and that often for things that are available in the supermarket for relatively little money.

In such circumstances it certainly makes sense to only sell the products directly. You will not find Tupperware in any store, because this company sells all its articles exclusively at Tupperware parties, at which a Tupperware consultant presents the products in a small group and makes them palatable to potential buyers. For the sake of my wife, I went to a few Tupperware parties and was always amazed how women who had vowed not to buy anything go home with thick order forms - the concept seems to be working.

This is also no wonder, because both the hostess and the guests present receive small gifts, the hostess can, depending on the turnover of her guests, get a lot of money with little effort. So it's easy to buy something from the nice consultant ... "I could still use that, and that too, and that too ...", I heard sentences like this often. Since I, as a man, are quite distant from activities of this kind and also know this from other men, I think that the sales concept is very cleverly structured specifically for women. Or could someone imagine a Tupperware party just for men that also generates a lot of sales? So not me.

But does this speak against the products? Certainly not. As I said, I've now gone from being a Tupperware opponent to being a Tupperware skeptic and becoming a Tupperware lover because the company's quality and service have convinced me. My mother-in-law actually managed to "destroy" an older Tupper bowl (built around 1980). Normally you would have thrown the part away and bought a new one in the nearest supermarket, but with Tupper it is easier: A short phone call with the responsible advisor was enough to receive a brand-new replacement product free of charge after a few days. What more do you want?

My conclusion:
Quality and service have their price! I recommend Tupperware, but not everything has to be made of plastic from this company, because that would be too expensive. I would buy standard products (e.g. cans for freezing frozen food) in the supermarket and special products from Tupperware. Then you don't need too much, you save money, and you can still enjoy some selected Tupperware specials. Overall, I consider a good rating to be appropriate; I give four points.

Best regards

Written on: Nov 13, 2001, 11:12 pm by: Andreas.Wilhelm

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